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Flippin’ through Previews – May 2014

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DC actually makes a dick joke in Previews #308! What’s going on over there at 1700 Broadway????

Let us not speak of their story from Uncanny X-Force!

Let us not speak of their story from Uncanny X-Force!

Dark Horse:

On Page 36, The Authentic Accounts of Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities Omnibus is offered. Man, that’s a mouthful. I read one of the mini-series, and it wasn’t bad, so I might dive into this. It’s only 25 bucks for over 300 pages, and Eric Powell’s story is pretty decent while Kyle Hotz’s art looks groovy. (10 September)

Peter Bergting draws an arc of Baltimore on page 38. Baltimore is the only Hellboy-verse comic I’ve never tried. Maybe I should. (30 July)

Leaving Megalopolis shows up on page 44. I’m curious to read this, because I like Gail Simone’s writing and Jim Calafiore’s art, so I’m glad it’s coming out in a format that I want. Like I have time to back all these Kickstarter projects! (10 September)

Bill Reed probably backed this sucker!

Bill Reed probably backed this sucker!

Groo vs. Conan #1 is offered on page 45. I just love the fact that Aragonés is drawing the Groo parts and Tom Yeates is drawing the Conan parts. That should make the book look unique, at least. I’ll probably wait for the trade, but I’m sure this will be fun. (23 July)

Even the cover is funny!

Even the cover is funny!

On page 48, we find the Usagi Yojimbo Color Special, which should be neat. I’ve read some of these pages, but not all of them, and if you still want to support Sakai and his wife, do yourself a favor a check this out, because Sakai stories are always pretty good. (9 July)

I don’t know how old Red Moon (page 49) is, as Carlos Trillo has been dead for three years, but he and Eduardo Risso made some cool comics together, so I might have to pick this sucker up. It’s about a young girl who embarks on an adventure to save her father. I imagine it will be keen. (17 September)

I don’t know if the new ongoing of Ghost is any good, but the first four issues get collected on page 53. I’m shocked – SHOCKED – that Ryan Sook didn’t last very long on it. (10 September)

On page 58, The Complete Silencers shows up, with the old Moonstone series, the Image one-shot, and other stuff thrown in. I knew this existed, and I thought I had read some of it, but maybe I haven’t. I’d have to check. Anyway, it’s Fred van Lente and Steve Ellis, which isn’t a bad team, and it’s about super-powered mob enforcers, so I might get it. (17 September)

We can only hope to be as cool as those people

We can only hope to be as cool as those people

Finder: Third World shows up in a collected edition on page 59. This was serialized in Dark Horse Presents, so I’ve already read it, but it’s quite good, so I’m torn about getting the collection, especially because I’m one of the weird people who happens to dig Carla Speed McNeil’s annotations. We’ll see. (3 September)

I am adverse to the idea of buying comics based on video games, but I’m not totally against it, so I might have to check out the trade of The Witcher on page 62. It’s by Paul Tobin and Joe Querio, so I imagine it will be pretty neat. Gadzooks, I hate video games. Yes, I went there. (10 September)

So Previews is doing some sort of “Women in Comics” thing to celebrate that … there are women in comics? I guess? Anyway, I mention it only because Deep Gravity (page 63) by Mike Richardson, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, and Fernando Baldó gets a “Woman in Comics” emblem, while the description – about a man in a “savage world … where gravity can turn your bones to powder” – makes it sound like the woman is a fairly typical damsel in distress. Um, yay? (30 July)

Well, this is weird. On page 72, Dark Horse offers the final volume of The Manara Library. So far, so good. It’s Volume 6: Escape from Piranesi and Other Stories. Again, fine. Here’s the rub, though. Dark Horse already solicited volume 6 of The Manara Library back in September, and it wasn’t this collection. The Borgias never came out (it was due in January), and it’s not on Dark Horse’s web site. Did something happen with the rights to those stories? Why would they have? So not only did it never come out, it’s as if they never existed. Very weird. I’m curious to find out what happened. (10 September)

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Something is rotten in Milwaukie!

Something is rotten in Milwaukie!


I’m mildly curious about Grayson #1 (page 80), because I dig spy comics, and I especially like spy comics set in a larger, superhero universe. The team of Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin isn’t the greatest, but it’s still nice that DC is giving this a try. I’ll probably get the trade of the only arc before it gets cancelled, but we’ll see. (2 July)

If only we could judge books by their covers, because that's a cool-ass one

If only we could judge books by their covers, because that’s a cool-ass one

I love how DC claims they’re not going to go all Marvel on us with constant reboots, and then on page 82, we get … a reboot, in the form of New Suicide Squad, which looks suspiciously like the “old” Suicide Squad. I mean, why relaunch this so soon after cancelling it? Anyway, I dig how in the DCnU, the “most dangerous and unpredictable place in the world” is Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Not Gotham City, where the murder rate is probably higher than Honduras’s. Not any of those fictional countries ruled by actual super-villains. Yeah. (9 July)

DC is also rebooting Teen Titans on page 83, and for the occasion, they’ve chosen a totally inoffensive cover. Nothing to see here, people!

More like Teen TIT-ans, amirite?  Hey, is this thing on?

More like Teen TIT-ans, amirite? Hey, is this thing on?

Speaking of covers, I don’t think any artist has ever, in the history of comics, referenced the Pietà before. This could start a trend!

I don't get the fascination, honestly - I mean, it's not even particularly clever anymore

I don’t get the fascination, honestly – I mean, it’s not even particularly clever anymore

On page 122, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio have an open letter to retailers, explaining that they need to order “3-D Motion” covers for their Futures End tie-ins that ship in September, the big anniversary month for DC these days. This is in response to those covers from last year, which weren’t available to everyone because the demand was so great. That’s nice that DC is doing this to make sure everyone gets what they want, but I can’t help but be depressed that they have plot synopses for these comics but have no creative teams listed. This implies a few things. One, of course, is that people will buy these solely for the funky covers, no matter what is inside the book. Second, that it proves DC’s editorial is in charge of their comics, as they already have the plots of these comics laid out even though they have no idea who’s writing or drawing them. Third, if they do know the creative teams, which is why they know the plots and it’s not editorially-driven, they think so little of creative teams that they don’t bother to list them. I mean, these are some depressing thoughts. But as long the machine stays turned on, who gives a shit, right?

Page 143. Words fail me.

This new collectors set includes the critically acclaimed tale DEATH OF THE FAMILY from the superstar #1 New York Times best-selling team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo.  Now, this seminal Batman trade paperback graphic novel is paired with a replica hand-painted vinyl latex mask of The Joker that features sewn-on hair and a white elastic band.  It’s a must-have for any fan of Scott Snyder’s groundbreaking work!

This new collectors set includes the critically acclaimed tale DEATH OF THE FAMILY from the superstar #1 New York Times best-selling team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. Now, this seminal Batman trade paperback graphic novel is paired with a replica hand-painted vinyl latex mask of The Joker that features sewn-on hair and a white elastic band. It’s a must-have for any fan of Scott Snyder’s groundbreaking work!

DC solicits the Forever Evil hardcover for September (page 145). They’re awfully confident that David Finch will have the final issue done by then! (3 September)

For $125, you can get Absolute Batman, Incorporated on page 154. DC really should begin releasing nice, $30-Omnibus editions of Morrison’s entire Batman run in order rather than piecemeal, like they’re doing. Still, this is probably a pretty good deal, depending on how much you like Morrison. (26 November)

Also on page 154, there’s The Flash Omnibus volume 1 for $99.99. This is the beginning of the Silver Age stuff, and I’m very, VERY tempted to get this, as I’ve only read Showcase #4 and I’m woefully behind on my 1950s and 1960s comics stuff. (24 September)

Bodies on page 157 sounds pretty damned cool. It’s a story about four detectives in four different time periods solving four murders, but they all take place in London, so it sounds like they’ll be connected somehow. It goes from the 1890s to the 1940s to the present to 2050, and it’s written by Si Spencer and illustrated by four different artists – Dean Ormston, Phil Winslade, Meghan Hetrick, and Tula Lotay. Man, this sounds neat-o. (30 July)

If there's not a 'BLOOD ON TITS' tumblr yet, there should be

If there’s not a ‘BLOOD ON TITS’ tumblr yet, there should be

The trade of Trillium is offered on page 163. I thought it was a very cool comic, although maybe others didn’t. But here’s your chance to make up your own mind! (6 August)

Mr. Punch gets a 20th anniversary edition on page 164. It’s been a long time since I read this – I should drag it out and re-read it. I didn’t get it when I read it, but that might be because I’m not very bright. Still, it’s a neat-looking comic. (3 September)

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On page 180, Ragnarök #1 shows up, which is nice. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, and I’m glad it’s here. Walt Simonson continues to be a superb artist, and he’s a good writer, too, so this should be cool. I like how IDW is desperate to get us to buy the single issues – the “first trade paperback will not be in stores until late 2015!” Well, shit, I better get it now!!!!

If John Workman isn't lettering this, my universe might not make sense anymore

If John Workman isn’t lettering this, my universe might not make sense anymore

Ben Templesmith’s fascination with squids continues, as he gives up all pretense of anything else and just calls his latest book The Squidder (page 183), which is about a soldier in a post-apocalyptic world fighting against tentacled alien monsters. Yes, it sounds like so many other comics of the past, but Templesmith’s art is always cool to see, and he’s a sneakily hilarious writer, so I might have to check this out.

Tom Scioli is drawing Transformers vs. G. I. Joe #1 on page 184. God. Damn. It. Because I really want to spend more money. Maybe I can make sure to get the Rob Liefeld variant cover, because why would I want Scioli’s or James Stokoe’s when I can have Liefeld’s????

TF-GIJOE01-cvr-4f931 TF-GIJOE01-cvrSUB-1026a TF-GIJOE01-cvrRIB-99baa

I mean, honestly, it’s kind of unfair.


On page 218, we find Low, which is the latest collaboration between Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini. Their last work together, as far as I know, was the arc on Uncanny X-Force that was not very good, but they did The Last Days of American Crime together, which was. I don’t quite trust Remender as a writer, but he’s a good idea guy, and this book – in which a space probe returns to an almost-destroyed Earth after tens of thousands of years – sounds pretty neat. Let’s keep our fingers crossed about it! (30 July)

Warren Ellis is rebooting an old Image character with Supreme Blue Rose on page 222, which should be pretty cool. Tula Lotay, whose profile is skyrocketing these days (deservedly so), provides the keen art. I suppose I’m down for this, at least to see what’s what. (23 July)

A few years ago, I thought John Bivens would be a good artist to work in my New DCU. Now he’s working on Dark Engine, a weird-sounding series about someone sent into the past to kill her creators’ enemies. The preview pages are small but look phenomenal. I knew Bivens would fit in my DC! (10 July)



There’s Warrior Chicken Poyo on page 236. Even if you don’t buy Chew (and why not?), you should check out the Poyo specials, as they’re even more insane than the regular series. (9 July)

You won't be disappointed!

You won’t be disappointed!

Hey, it’s the Bad Dog trade on page 238! Isn’t that nifty? I do like how they have the balls to call it “volume 1,” considering how long it took the six issues to come out. But there it is! (9 July)

Richard Starkings is apparently redoing the Elephantmen trades, this time in chronological order, as Elephantmen Mammoth volume 1 shows up on page 239. It’s well over 450 pages for only 30 bucks, which is a pretty good deal. I’m not the hugest fan of releasing things in chronological order when they weren’t originally presented that way (see: The Godfather movies), but if you’ve never read Elephantmen, this is a good way to start, certainly. (9 July)

It’s been a while since I read Murder Me Dead so I can’t really say much about it, but David Lapham’s noir tale gets reprinted on page 239 if you’ve never read it. I remember liking it, but that’s about it. (16 July)


So there I am, flipping through the Marvel catalog, and I turn the page and get a full blast of this:

I hope those are registered as deadly weapons!

I hope those are registered as deadly weapons!

Now, if that was, you know, a real person, this might not be an unpleasant experience. I do like how Marvel puts them front and center, because they know what sells, man! Moving on from the fact that the boobs are the focal point, the solicit for Thor: The Tenth Realm (page 6) claims that Angela – a character created in a series published by a completely different comic book company, is really the “sister Thor never knew he had.” That just made me laugh and laugh.

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Skottie Young is probably the perfect person to draw Rocket Raccoon (page 18), but it’s still depressing that instead of advertising that fact more, Marvel chooses to make sure we all know the series is “in-continuity.” Sigh. (2 July)

Peter David is back writing Spider-Man 2099, but of course Miguel has to live in 2014. I mean, there’s a serious lack of Spider-Man derivatives running around the Marvel Universe these days, so I’m glad they’re rectifying that! (9 July)

All of the “100th Anniversary Specials” from Marvel sound pretty missable … except for Motherfucking James Stokoe writing and drawing the Avengers one (page 28). Holy crap, I’m all over that one. (23 July)

Holy.  Shit.

Holy. Shit.

So, on page 36, we find a solicitation for the thirteenth issue of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Okay. However, in last month’s Previews, the “penultimate” issue of the book was offered, and it was issue # … 14. So, um, what’s up with this? I don’t expect Marvel to use restraint in their solicits, but now they’re just straight lying to us? Oh, Marvel, how could you?

Daredevil #0.1 (page 42) tells the story of Matt Murdock’s cross-country journey from New York to San Francisco. I would pay twice – no, thrice the $4.99-price tag if it’s just Matt Murdock sitting quietly on an airplane while two guys he hired as movers have an uneventful four-day drive on I-80. That would be the best comic ever. EVER!!!!! (2 July)

Joe Madureira made it three issues into Inhuman (page 49), while Adrian Alphona made it five whole issues into Ms. Marvel (page 55). Yay? (23 July and 16 July)

cat yronwode wrote some of Miracleman (page 62)? What the heck? When did that happen? (2 July)

Ms. Marvel Masterworks volume 1 shows up on page 90. That’s kind of neat. (15 October)

It’s the back of the book! Yay!

On page 276, you can pick up the softcover Strangers in Paradise Omnibus for $100. This is two books containing 2128 pages, and I really want to get it, but I’m wary about giant collections and how they’re bound. I love the 41-issue Stray Bullets collection, but it’s not bound very well, and I hope this is. Maybe I’ll contact Moore and see if he’ll be at San Diego, so I can see the giant thing before I drop $100 on it.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Noah van Sciver (yes, I know I’m a heretic), but his Youth Is Wasted shows up on page 280 from Adhouse Books. Maybe I’ll pick it up and give him another chance!

It does crack me up that he's Ethan's brother, though

It does crack me up that he’s Ethan’s brother, though

I like how everyone is making somewhat of a big deal about the “death” of Archie in Life with Archie #36 (page 290). I mean, it’s neat that they’re doing it, but no one is pretending that Archie Comics is going to stop publishing Archie Andrews comics, and it’s weird that anyone would care about this more than any other regular Archie story.

Boom! Studios:

On page 311, we get RoboCop #1 by Joshua Williamson and Carlos Magno. It’s an ongoing following from the first movie, which could work, I suppose. Anyway, good for Boom!

Meanwhile, on page 313, we find Black Market by Frank Barbiere and Victor Santos. A down-on-his-luck medical examiner working in a funeral home gets a visit from his criminal brother, who proposes a scheme to find the cure to all disease, a cure which happens to exist in the DNA of superheroes. So I assume that means they have to kill the superheroes. Who knows? Anyway, that’s not a bad idea, so we’ll see how it goes, shan’t we?

Science makes my head hurt!

Science makes my head hurt!

Boom! is firing up Steed and Mrs. Peel once again on page 315, which is nice. Ian Edginton is writing it, which might mean it’s probably going to be decent, and the description seems to imply that they’re going to end up in The Prisoner’s village, which I happen to know made Greg Hatcher’s head explode with delight.

Day Men gets a trade on page 317, and it’s only ten dollars. I was waiting for the trade, and now I have to decide if what sounds like a somewhat dull vampire story is worth it for the Brian Stelfreeze art. Oh, what to do?!?!?

Story continues below

Burlyman has a trade of Doc Frankenstein on page 331, if you’re interested. Has this ever been collected? I might have to get this.

Jeff Smith has a new book, Tuki, on page 331. That’s always nice. It’s about the “first human to leave Africa.” Okay. I might have to get this in single issues, even though Smith takes a long time between each issue. But I might have to check it out.

I wish I had a sabertooth

I wish I had a sabertooth

Over at Dynamite, Doc Savage comes to an end with issue #8 (page 355). This has been a solid comic, with some very nice art from Bilquis Evely, who should really get more high profile work based on her stuff in this comic. We’ll see if she does! (30 July)

Meanwhile, on page 357, Kings Watch gets a trade paperback. I was waiting for it, so now I’ll have to pick it up! (30 July)

Fantagraphics has Hip Hop Family Tree volume 2 from Ed Piskor on page 366. I should probably get volume 1 first, but there it is!

Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew bring us The Shadow Hero from First Second on page 369, and I am all over it. Yang is a very good creator, and the origin story of the largely forgotten first Asian American superhero sounds really keen.

He should put some pants on!

He should put some pants on!

I haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s novel The Graveyard Book, but HarperCollins has a graphic adaptation drawn by a bunch of cool artists, so I might have to pick this sucker up.

Hermes Press has the trade paperback of Howard Chaykin’s Buck Rogers series, in both hardcover and softcover. I don’t have much interest in anything Chaykin is doing these days, but if you were waiting for the trade, here it is!

Oni Press:

Joshua Hale Fialkov has a new comic called The Life After on page 383. It’s about a man who goes “through Heaven and Hell to save us all.” There’s not a ton about it in the solicits, but Fialkov is a good writer, so I might have to check this out. (9 July)

I wasn’t sure if The Auteur was an ongoing or a mini-series, but issue #5 is solicited on page 384, so I guess it’s an ongoing. The first trade is right above it, and I’m considering getting it, based on some of the things I’ve heard about the book. Anyone want to chime in with a recommendation? (10 September for the trade, 16 July for issue #5)

Foster is collected on page 390 from OSSM Comics, which is nice. Foster was coming out in single issues, but it went away for a while, so it’s nice that it’s back. It’s not a bad comic – Brian Buccellato has a pretty good idea about a strange world stuck in the 1970s and a demon chasing a young boy – and Noel Tuazon’s art is nicely done.

Speaking of comics that never finished, on page 400 we find Sparks from Sideshow Productions. A few years ago, Sparks came out with 4 (?) of 6 scheduled issues, and I think the final two were published digitally but not in the real world. It wasn’t bad – it’s about a noir superhero caught in a murder mystery – and JM Ringuet’s art is pretty good, so it’s nice that it’s finally getting a collection. I guess it’s been made into a movie? That’s neat.

Almost two years ago, Titan Comics solicited a new hardcover version of Claremont and Bolton’s Black Dragon, and it’s back again on page 408. Maybe it will actually come out this time!

Also from Titan, on page 410 we find Void, by Henrik Hanna and Sean Phillips. I’m going to assume this is an older book, but who knows. It’s a science fiction thriller, and we know how awesome those are! (It’s for fans of Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly, according to the solicits. Why is it never for fans of Outland? Outland was the motherfucking bomb, yo.)

I mean, Cliff Clavin's mom was in it!

I mean, Cliff Clavin’s mom was in it!

You can get the complete collection of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century from Top Shelf on page 412. This started off pretty well and went completely off the rails when Voldemort starting raping people. I’m glad Alan Moore isn’t obsessed with rape, or else we might see it a lot more in his comics. Phew – dodged a bullet there!

Page 455: The Big Butt Book 3D HC. The world is a glorious, and gloriously weird, place.

How could they make this '3D' ... no, I mustn't think that way, because that way lies madness (and pre-ordering)!!!!!

How could they make this ‘3D’ … no, I mustn’t think that way, because that way lies madness (and pre-ordering)!!!!!

If you thought that nothing could top a book with a butt on it, I give you … Female Freddy (page 548):

And you people wonder why I don't go beyond the comics section in Previews!

And you people wonder why I don’t go beyond the comics section in Previews!

Gaze upon it! Let it infect your darkest and most uncomfortable nightmares!!!!!

Hey, have a good day, okay? Be excellent to each other, as you know you should be!


Re: Pietà : Harbinger (1992 series) #14.

Wait, was that sarcasm I failed to detect?

The Manara Borgias book is listed on Amazon with a Nov 25, 2014 release date, for whatever that’s worth.

Chris: Yeah, that was sarcasm. Sorry – it doesn’t always come through on the computer!

Interesting about the Manara book. When it wasn’t listed on Dark Horse’s web site, I didn’t even think to check out Amazon. I wonder if it’s really coming out, or if they haven’t changed the listing yet. We shall see …

I’m looking forward to “Low” and “Void”, and am very sad about “Doc Savage” ending.

I, too, think I will wait for the trade of “Grayson” (great line about it most likely being the ‘only’ one).

As if I needed to spend any more $ with comics related stuff in the past 2 weeks:

But Warrior Chicken Poyo and Ragnarok (seriously thanks for the reminder about this one) were added to my July pre-orders.

All three of those Transformers v. G.I. Joe covers look like their drawn by talented 6th graders.

Talk about “inoffensive covers,” how come there is no mention of the similar Angela in THOR: THE TENTH REALM?
Or is Marvel beyond reproach?

Kenozoic: Well, if it’s any good, I hope I’m wrong, but DC’s track record with non-superhero books recently hasn’t been great. I love that they try them, but no one buys them!

Sue: No problem! I’m always trying to get people to spend more money on comics!

Nu-D: Seriously? Okay.

Bat Hombre: I’m not sure what you’re talking about, as I did pick on the Angela cover a bit.

Hey, it’s Dick Grayson with a gun! Bet Bruce will just love that!

Boom! is firing up Steed and Mrs. Peel once again on page 315, which is nice. Ian Edginton is writing it, which might mean it’s probably going to be decent, and the description seems to imply that they’re going to end up in The Prisoner’s village, which I happen to know made Greg Hatcher’s head explode with delight.

Julie’s too. i showed the news article to her and, my hand to God, she giggled with sheer delight.

The first two, specifically looking at the faces and poses of the human characters, look flat and misshapen–like a “Where’s Waldo” book. Then Leifeld’s cover just is kind of dull, and the character in the foreground looks weirdly proportioned.

Pretty sure Nu-D is just a troll, but I have to admit that there’s something to his statement. I can see how to some people all of those covers would look rather crude or even amateurish. And yet both the Scioli and Stokoe covers are awesome, as is pretty much everything they draw. I think superficially their art may have a crudeness or simpleness to it, but the dynamism and craft lift it above those surface impressions.

Uh-oh, I think Greg’s Year of the Artist posts might be rubbing off on me.

And let me preemptively apologize for calling Nu-D a troll. The first post was just one line bashing the covers, and seemed kind of troll-ish, but I obviously was out of line as he came back and elaborated on his point. Just because I disagree with him doesn’t mean I should be a dick about it. Sorry.

@Jazzbo — no worries.

“Leifeld’s cover just is kind of dull, and the character in the foreground looks weirdly proportioned.”

A Liefeld character looks weirdly proportioned? The hell you say!

Nu-D: Fair enough. I don’t completely disagree, but it doesn’t bother me, especially because, as Jazzbo points out, the dynamism carries it a lot. Neither is the best work by Scioli or Stokoe (I think Stokoe’s cover to the Avengers book is much better), but I still like both of them.

cool arrow: I know! It’s crazy! :)

Weird as these words are, I must say that Liefeld’s cover is by far the best of the three.

Granted, it doesn’t look much like Liefeld’s style. But still, I’m disappointed by the two others.

Luis: You’re dead to me!!!! :)

Bat Hombre: I’m not sure what you’re talking about, as I did pick on the Angela cover a bit.

Welcome to the fine world of DC truthers.

Duff McWhalen

May 6, 2014 at 5:14 am

Disappointing. Doc Savage was a pretty fresh breath of air where superhero comics go.

I like Marvel’s new Loki title, but this crossover sounds dumb as shit, and by delaying the regular title for its release, they’ve lost me there.

Jake Earlewine

May 6, 2014 at 5:33 am

Yeah, all this time Thor had a sister we didn’t know about the last fifty years.

We also don’t know Thor had a gay lover we don’t know about, and a grandmother we don’t know about., and he’s behind on alimony payments to the wife and five children we don’t know about.

You can check out Tuki right now on Jeff Smith’s website. This is just the print version of a webcomic he’s been running for a few months.

Duff McWhalen

May 6, 2014 at 5:40 am

Funny thing, I now remember wanting an Angela toy when I was a kid, and I think I would have come up with the same story except with Wolverine since there weren’t any Thor figures.

The Witcher videogame series is based on a Polish book series so a comic book based on that would presumably have the books to draw from so the Witcher comic might be better than most comics based on games.

As far as Miracleman goes, the solicit says it reprints the Eclipse Miracleman #7 & 8. Issue 8 was a fill-in issue caused by the town Eclipse Comics was in getting flooded. It had a page or two of framing material of cat yronwode introducing an old Marvelman reprint. It seems really weird that Marvel would reprint that but that explains why yronwode is listed as an author.

The Liefeld cover does not look bad to my eyes either. I think Snake Eyes looks sort of Alan Davis-esque. Maybe the figure is swiped. Scarlett’s uniform is a bit different, I do not think I like the pockets.

I will also point out that every one has feet, except the robots.

Female Freddy is interesting. Anyone else notice how often in ‘geek’ culture a male character gets remade as a sexed up female version and (some) guys go wild for it?

I like how everyone is making somewhat of a big deal about the “death” of Archie in Life with Archie #36 (page 290). I mean, it’s neat that they’re doing it, but no one is pretending that Archie Comics is going to stop publishing Archie Andrews comics, and it’s weird that anyone would care about this more than any other regular Archie story.

I take the opposite view: why does every story have to “matter” in order for people to get excited for it or to be a classic? It’s like “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” Up front, that comic said that it’s an “imaginary story,” and not canon, but people didn’t mind and were fine with it. If anything it gave the book more freedom. I think people are just excited to read a new type of Archie story.

don’t get the fascination, honestly – I mean, it’s not even particularly clever anymore

You just answered your question. If it’s not particularly clever anymore, creatively DC is all over it. The 90s aren’t particularly clever anymore either, for example, and their whole line is a regurgitation of it.

Duff: Yeah, delaying Thor doesn’t seem like a big deal, because it’s Thor. Delaying a new title is different. If you’re not buying Loki, will this mini-event make you want to get it?

Jake: Thor has a vast secret life, it seems!

Michael P: Yeah, I know. I refuse to read it on-line! :)

jccalhoun: Good to know. I was probably going to get it anyway, but that’s nice to know.

I didn’t know that about Miracleman. The trades don’t have any of that stuff. It’s weird that Marvel would reprint it, but it’s their toy now, so they can reprint what they want!

kdu2814: I think the Liefeld cover is inked and/or colored differently, which makes it have a bit more texture than your usual Liefeld drawing. I noticed it too. Not enough to like it, but enough to notice the difference!

T.: I still haven’t read Life With Archie, but if I were to read an Archie comic, I’d read that one. I’m with you, as you know – as long as it’s good, I’ll read any kind of story. I’m just wondering why the media is even talking about it, as they should know by now that these are “imaginary” stories. I suppose I shouldn’t have high hopes for the media, but you’d think they’d figure these things out eventually.

Good point about the Pieta. Even if you’re a DC hater to say so!!!!

So , Beginning of the ‘All year with Groo’ .. Walt on Nornes mytho
2-3 others things to look at…

3D butts may look cool..but i have real ones at home..

And Female Freddy has Fishnets !!!!!!!!

I totally missed Ragnarok on my first scroll-through. Walt Simonson doing classic mythology redhead Thor? Fascinating! I’m there. I agree, it would be perfect if Workman lettered. My third favorite letterer behind Orzechowski and Sam Rosen.

By the time I’d heard about Leaving Megalopolis on Kickstarter, it was closed, or I’d have dropped a stoopid amount of money on it. I was fortunate to get it for a good price on eBay a month or three ago. It’s not as snappy as I’d hoped, partly because the bad guys are all new, so some of the impact of the plot is lost. However, Simone did a good job with the protagonist and action, and it looks as purty as can be. I swear I wrote a review of it on comicbookrealm, but I can’t seem to find it.

Oh gawd, those DC and Marvel covers. I guess if I was still collecting T&A mags, they would be worthy additions to the collection. It’s weird enough walking out of my LCS with a nondescript brown paperbag without people thinking I have books like those in it. Good thing I’m only actually walking around with Crossed.

And in conclusion, now I’ve got Baby Got Back stuck in my head. Thx.


May 6, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Thanks for these posts, they are my second favorite behind the Legends ones. Conan vs Groo does indeed look awesome.

About those Marvel 100th Anniversary book, you might to check the one drawn by Gustavo Duarte. Brazilian artist that does silent stories (check out Coo, Taxi…)

T.: Yeah, I have really high hopes for Ragnarok. I hope they’re not dashed!

joshschr: Thanks for the info about Leaving Megalopolis. As for songs stuck in your head … hey, that’s why I’m here!

AverageJoeEveryman: You’re very welcome. Thanks for the nice words!

ArnaudXIII: Oh, sure, make me want to get more comics! I’m not pre-ordering any of those because my store gets plenty of Marvel books, but I will definitely check out the Guardians of the Galaxy one. Thanks!

What is a DC truther?
I really like the “Flippin’ though Previews” now that my shop is charging for it.
But, how come you bash so many of the books before you have read them?

Rob L: A “DC truther,” as I believe Brian is using the term, is someone who believes everyone on-line picks on DC but never Marvel. It’s objectively not true, but some people believe that.

That sucks that your shop is charging for Previews now. Their cost is $3 – maybe they’d sell it to you for that much?

I don’t bash any of the books. I’m picking on some things I already know about – the Pieta cover, the bad Titans cover, the ridiculous placement of Angela’s breasts, the fact that I’m not a big fan of Tim Seeley or Mikel Janin, the fact that non-superhero comics don’t tend to sell well – but I’m not commenting on the actual quality of the books. I hope Pfeifer’s Teen Titans book is good, because I like Pfeifer’s writing. I hope Seeley and Janin’s Grayson book is good, because as I point out, I love spy stories set in a superhero universe. Usually, if I bash something (LoEG: Century, for instance), it’s because I’ve already read it.

It was fascinating to me to go back and read Pfeifer’s H-E-R-O series, which was actually really good, because, well, I’m a Wonder Woman blogger, and his WW stuff was atrocious. Most notoriously Amazons Attack!, but also his fill-in issues of Wonder Woman. It’s helpful to remember that writing some dreadful comics does not necessarily make someone a dreadfful writer. Hell, I haven’t even necessarily written James Robinson off, even if the only good thing he’s written since Starman was that Shade miniseries. If someone were to tell me his FF or All-New Invaders is actually worth reading, I might be inclined to check it out.

buttler: Pfeifer’s Catwoman run is quite good, too. So I too have hope!

I’m currently re-reading Starman (it came up in the rotation!), and yeah, it just reminds me how good Robinson can be. One of the foreword writers in the Omnibus editions praised his writing on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and I wanted to tell that dude, “Man, don’t remind us he wrote that!”

Oh man, I had no idea he wrote that screenplay. Well, OK, maybe now I’ll have to write him off after all.

All-New Invaders is okay so far, 1-2 do not really give you much to go by. The Human Torch is the most explored character so far, with about six or seven pages of him in his new ‘normal’ life.

Fantastic Four is okay too, except the over arching plot, the FF breaks up, is of course nothing new. Issue three deepens the initial mystery and makes it more interesting.

Valeria is spending time with Doctor Doom, so either Robinson is going in for more of the ‘eccentric uncle Doom’ or something bad is going to happen.

So… what was the dick joke? I’m assuming it has something to do with Grayson #1, but you never know.

The Borgia book will likely show up in Dark Horse’s upcoming books section when the company gets to uploading its November releases.

At one time, when it showed up on the DH website, it was supposed to be volume 6 in the series of 7, then it was decided to make it a stand alone book (i.e. not part of the regular Manara Library or the Manara erotica series).

In so doing it was moved down the line to November, and the Manara Library proper was capped at six volumes. An additional 3 volumes comprise the erotica series.

I always love Flippin through Previews Greg.

MonikerNV: Yeah, I probably should have noted it. The solicits say “You may think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick!” Obvious, but kudos for DC for being a bit salacious.

benday-dot: Huh, that’s weird. I wonder why. That’s good to know, because I was looking forward to it, but I wonder why.

Thanks for the nice words!

How many companies have not published Robocop by this point? It’s gotta be a shorter list than the ones that have.

Travis Pelkie

May 7, 2014 at 1:36 am

Man, I should totally be all over this post, but I just am tired. Maybe I’ll go nuts later or tomorrow.

Wow, that’s a downer, huh?

“first trade paperback will not be in stores until late 2015!”

Great strategy to help out the customers. This way I can completely forget about the comic in the year + some months until it’s released if it doesn’t build any buzz and not spend any money on it.

Pedro Bouça

May 7, 2014 at 6:37 am

“Void” is a fairly recent book, it was published last year in France.

It was part of a larger themed collection (“The Great Escape”), but, as usual, only the Seann Phillips book should be translated.

Andrew: Yeah, it gets around.

Travis: Come on, man! That is a downer!

Joseph H: I get that companies want you to buy the single issues, but that does seem a bit counter-intuitive!

Pedro: Good to know. At least they’re trying to stay current. That sucks about the other stuff. How can I catch up on European comics if everyone is so selective about translating them? The answer, of course, is that everyone should just write in English. Problem solved! :)

Travis Pelkie

May 7, 2014 at 6:20 pm

OK, I’m here, I’m back.

Comments on your piece:

The Women in Comics emblem is both for female characters and for female creators, so since Corrina Bechko is one of the creators on Deep Gravity, that’s why that gets an emblem.

I actually thought out of all the stuff that used the emblem, DH did the best job overall, with a lot of spotlights on female creators and a good back list page.

I’m totally on for Groo vs Conan (cool that Groo gets top billing!), although I haven’t yet decided if I’m doing singles or trade. Probably singles. And I hear a new 12 issue Groo series is coming after that. Woo hoo!

I’m on board for that Usagi special as well, as well as the reprint offered by Fanta (on their pages). Just got volume 3 today and it looked pretty good (didn’t flip through it yet, though).

I got to tell this to Steve Ellis at a con, but because of the Silencers one shot from Image, I discovered Fell. The way the credits were listed on the cover of Silencers, it had Ellis first, so I thought it was a new Warren Ellis thing. Then I took a look at the book and the back cover had an ad for Fell, and the shop happened to have a copy. So I passed on Silencers for Fell. I should make up for it and get this book. Steve Ellis was quite animated about it when I brought that up, so I think it’s a book that he was happy with. Maybe there’ll be more if this does well (if the story allows for more, that is).


Is “you don’t know Dick” really a dick joke, though?

I actually think the Grayson team sounds good (but why do he use his last name?). I got interested in this when I heard Spyral would be involved, which sounds like it could be cool to me.

My guess with the Futures End books not having creative teams listed is that while yes, it’s editorially driven, it’s quite likely that creative teams will change, and I think if they change enough, it could render the books returnable, and what better way to get rid of a bunch of books you can’t sell than to say “this wasn’t what was solicited!”

The one thing in all the hubbub last year about the 3D covers that I didn’t hear was that the effect was really rather lame. The only one I got that had a really neat effect was the Dial E one, but, y’know, Bolland. (And the inside sucked!)

Why is Batman the Return not included in this Absolute Batman INC? It’s the prelude to the series and doesn’t really fit in well at the end of the “middle arc” of GMozz’s run. The only place I know it’s reprinted is in the back of Finch’s first Dark Knight collection. WTF, DC? Plus, I’m a little put off that Burnham’s redoing the pages he couldn’t get to when the 52 version of Inc was coming out. It’s not like it was really monthly anyway!

I’d wait on the Flash Omnibus. The JLofA one that just came out apparently didn’t include a solicited issue (the Adam Strange x-over), reprinted exactly from the older Archives books, and was iffy otherwise (I forget all the complaints). So at a hundred bucks, it’s probably best to wait or get it online.

I think I’ll wait to see if DC does a deluxe trade of Mr Punch. 35 bucks is a little pricey.

More crap later!

Pedro Bouça

May 8, 2014 at 1:45 am

Greg, YOU should learn french! Besides the local production, pretty much all of the world’s best comics are translated in french. Including far more manga than in english and all US comics worth menioning.

French is, by far, the most useful language for comics readers…

Travis Pelkie

May 8, 2014 at 1:52 am

Je ne sais pas, Pedro. Seems like French wouldn’t quite capture that…je ne sais quoi of some comics, and depending on the translation things might be comme ci comme ca. But maybe you’re right and we should expand our horizons. C’est la vie!

Quelle heure est-il?

And that uses up ALL of the French I can remember from high school, and quite possibly some French that doesn’t even exist.

Stephen Conway

May 8, 2014 at 8:12 am

While I think we all remember all the shit that was flung over that Teen Titans cover, I think the Angela one is a million times worse. The composition of the piece focuses the eye directly at Angela’s breasts and scantily clad body.

Rocafort’s cover’s only real sin was giving a teenage girl a reality defying chest, whereas the Original Sin piece downright objectifies Angela.

Stephen Conway

May 8, 2014 at 8:21 am

Also re: Grayson, I like the idea of DC doing a James Bond-ian, Steranko/Nick Fury style book but I hesitate at the notion of a Batman acolyte turning into a gun wielding renegade, especially as Red Hood/Jason Todd already fills that niche. The press releases also say that Batman basically made Dick take on the role also raises my hackles a bit.

Still, I could see it go the route of Chuck Dixon’s Bludhaven cop era Nightwing, and have Dick only carry a gun for appearances sake.

Ethan Shuster

May 9, 2014 at 8:38 am

I’ve seen the covers and the previews for this new G.I. Joe and Transformers. It’s by a very unique writer and artist, doing something that just looks really weird to me. It’s got crazy art, seems to be half comedy and parody. I guess I don’t get it. I like my Joes and Transformers a little more “traditional”.

On Page 36, The Authentic Accounts of Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities Omnibus is offered. Man, that’s a mouthful.

For Billy’s times, that’s pithy… compared to the original two-line title of David Copperfield! (Or the four-line title of Robinson Crusoe.)

I might have to check out the trade of The Witcher on page 62. It’s by Paul Tobin and Joe Querio, so I imagine it will be pretty neat.

Well, I got Witcher #1 for a feeling: on the one hand, the issue ended before entering the house so I don’t know how the actual story goes; on the other hand, the quiet chats between the witcher and the sad-tale fisherman were well handled. Synthesis: I’m trying the trade. (Pricing’s a bit steep, but I reckon rightsholders are leaning heavily.)

This new collectors set includes the critically acclaimed tale DEATH OF THE FAMILY

Is that DC’s subtle comment on gay marriage?

Bodies on page 157 sounds pretty damned cool. It’s a story about four detectives in four different time periods solving four murders, but they all take place in London, so it sounds like they’ll be connected somehow. It goes from the 1890s to the 1940s to the present to 2050

Did some DC editor read LOEG: CENTURY and ONE SOUL then assigned someone to refurbish them for a different customer base? U D-Cide!

Ragnarök #1 shows up […] I like how IDW is desperate to get us to buy the single issues – the “first trade paperback will not be in stores until late 2015!”

Maybe not as desperate as DC, which used to adorn its solicits with loud proclamations that a trade wouldn’t be solicited before at least six month after the end of an arc — though I suppose their point was more about avoiding retailers getting cold feet over unsaleable backissues if a trade was to come out too soon.

But IDW’s proclamation sounds more disingenuous if you do the math: that first trade is liable to collect six issues and it’s a bi-monthly, so #6 shouldn’t be in stores before May 2015 at the earliest; they could then immediately solicit a trade in June, wait July for orders to get in, and wait about 4 months for cheap overseas printing and slow-boat shipping: that would put the trades in stores around November 2015 at the earliest anyway!

the solicit for Thor: The Tenth Realm (page 6) claims that Angela […] is really the “sister Thor never knew he had.”

It also claims, “Hell hath no fury like a sister scorned”: is that Marvel endorsing incest?

there’s a serious lack of Spider-Man derivatives

Just get AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 SIGNED BY STAN LEE, that Dynamic Forces let you steal for a simple $700! (Didja know that “toupee” comes from French “toupet”, which means both “a tuft of hair on top” and “the cheeky nerve”?)

no one is pretending that Archie Comics is going to stop publishing Archie Andrews comics

Considering how they can offer a 1000-page, full-color ARCHIE 1000-PAGE COMICS EXPLOSION TP for a fit $15, they seem pretty unstoppable!

Jeff Smith has a new book, Tuki

Is that the plural for Tukus? And why does the cover look like it’s drawn by Kyle Baker?

I give you … Female Freddy

Be there next month for… Fat Freddy (brandishing his infamous cat in lieu of claws).

Page 455: The Big Butt Book 3D HC

I think this got you a bit distracted, Greg, cuz there was an awful lot more good stuff, like:

– The softcover of Harvey Pekar’s memoir NOT THE ISRAEL MY PARENTS PROMISED ME (p. 374 from Hill&Wang) — one of the last two Pekar books we’ll ever get.

– The new collection of DIESEL SWEETIES VOL. 3 (p. 389 from Oni) — the first two collections were good (and often remastered or expanded from the webcomic originals) and made for excellent one-pagers to read on the toilet.

– Jason Shiga’s new serial DEMON #1 of 21 (p. 400 from Shigabooks) — at long last a new Shiga! It’s the print version of his new comic (also a free webcomic at http://www.shigabooks.com/index.php?page=001 with 70+ pages already) and he wants to self-publish this one to be free of editorial interferences and go crazy(ier). The site also offers the web version of his excellent MathGyver-trapped-in-a-booth FLEEP at http://www.shigabooks.com/fleep.php (as well as the funny uchronic procedural BOOKHUNTER and the pick-your-path puzzle MEANWHILE).

– Wayne Vansant’s new graphic history book THE RED BARON: THE HISTORY OF RICHTHOFEN’S FLYING CIRCUS (p. 434 from Zenith) — sort of the flip side to his very good BOMBING NAZI GERMANY of last year. (Bit steep price here too, but each page is packed as with Gonick’s CARTOON HISTORY; besides, last year’s book was the same price and page count yet was a lengthy and satisfying read.)

(Another Vansant book is KNIGHTS OF THE SKULL (p. 331 from Caliber) collecting a “trilogy of tales of the German Panzer divisions, the Waffen SS, in World War II” — I’m less sure about this one, but trying anyway.)

– Jeffrey Brown’s new cartoon comedy GOODNIGHT DARTH VADER (p. 456 from Star Wars) — after his hilarious and adorable DARTH VADER AND SON and VADER’S LITTLE PRINCESS, this one’s a given. (And for anyone who missed out, there are four sample pages at http://io9.com/5905812/jeffrey-brown-explains-why-darth-vader-would-have-made-a-great-dad along his interview.)

– Last but not least, one I’m not getting but that seems scrumptious is the giant 13×17″ edition of WINDSOR McCAY: THE COMPLETE LITTLE NEMO HC (p. 408 from Taschen) — I already own the normal-sized, normal-priced Taschen (actually I have three editions of Little Nemo, plus the sequel) so I won’t splash $200 on this one, but for anyone looking for a master treat of a masterpiece, Taschen’s production values are excellent.

Travis Pelkie

May 12, 2014 at 2:18 am

More comments, but fairly subdued. Skipping most of the crap. I actually noted each time that a (using this ironically, of course) “Kelly fave” cover/ad/solicit showed up. Mostly that Chastity book from Dynamite. “For the ladies!”

My first comment when seeing the “ask your retailer about the Liefeld cover” for the Transformers vs GI Joe solicit was that I would ask “why the fuck would I want the Liefeld cover for this?”

I see Umbral is popping up to 3.50 an issue with #7.

Re: Superior Foes, I was wondering about that penultimate business since you pointed it out last time, but I gotta say I liked that Goblin with the doll pic.

Marvel pg 56 New Warriors are facing off against Mister Whiskers and Jake Waffles. Apparently it’s a savage attack of LOLcats.

They’ve been offering that SiP omni every few issues, so it’ll probably come up again.

Oy vey, the 90s are back again, because on 281 we’re told about Zombie Tramp nude covers. Where’s Hellina when you need her?

Did you ever review Where Bold Stars Go to Die? (pg 283)

289 — Alex Ross’s Archie and the gang — GAH!

In looking up that Day Men trade on the amazon that the kids all like, it lists the cover price as 14.99, so be aware.

Wow, Previews usually blacks out the naughty words, but they totally forgot to block “shit” in that Devilers preview on 335.

Hip Hop Family Tree is supposed to be getting a slipcase edition, so that might be in next month’s book. If you can’t wait, v1 is on 367. And man, cutting the Fantagraphics stuff was so hard, because there is so much awesome on those 2 pages. I’m probably getting the Usagi reprint vol 6, since 3 that I just got looked pretty good (although I haven’t flipped through it yet). Cosplayers 2 is a maybe, because it IS Dash Shaw, but the first one was…meh.

Gaiman’s Graveyard Book is pretty good stuff, so this 2 volume comics version should be pretty cool. Hope the library gets it.

376 — Robot Clown Mob. The mind reels.

400 — that Jason Shiga book sounds neat, but 21 issues is pretty ambitious. Hope it works out well, though.

And yeah…or something. One more post with a few highlights for me.

Travis Pelkie

May 12, 2014 at 3:07 am

May I point out a few things that should be highlighted:

pg 332 Barbarian Lord GN — I got the first issue a few years back at Boston Comic Con, and thought it was great stuff. Matt Smith has a clean cartoony line and this was amusing stuff, as I recall. There was also a BL story in a FUBAR issue from last year. I’m glad to see the GN offered and hope I can get it signed at this year’s Boston Con.

pg 334 And Then Emily Was Gone 1 of 5 — I can’t remember if I read the solicit in full after seeing the writer’s name, but it’s written by John Lees, who’s done a great job with another ComixTribe book, the Standard (which has 2 issues left, where are they, Lees!?!) and there are 2 great covers, one by Riley Rossmo, and I’m torn on which one to get.

pg 363 Benson’s Cuckoos sounds delightfully askew. I hope I can fit this one into my final list.

pg 366 DKW — a tribute to Ditko, Kirby, and Wood seems too neat to pass on.

pg 408 — Complete Johnny Nemo HC by Milligan and Ewins! Shit yeah! I think there’s even a few pages by Steve Dillon in there. I do have Strange Days and the Johnny Nemo magazine that Eclipse put out years ago (I…think…better check!), and a few issues of Dark Horse’s Deadline USA, which is an awesome anthology from the late 80s which seems to be the only other stateside appearance of Johnny Nemo. Think of a noir Hellblazer, I suppose. Since I do have a lot of this, I may have to wait to find it cheaper some day.

414 Swamp Men Muck Monsters of the comics — a new thing from Comic Book Creator and TwoMorrows, with an obvious theme. Someday I’ll get this.

466 for the history nerds, Alter Ego 128 has a neat sounding feature on Wertham and his apparently altered SOTI research, and Back Issue 75 is highlighting 80s indies, including my fave Cerebus and Concrete (and maybe Love and Rockets? I forget. After Cerebus, I was in regardless so I don’t remember what else there was).

Ok, hope this one doesn’t get moderated. comics rule!

Simon: I didn’t mention the Pekar book because I’m pretty sure I already did, back when it was first solicited. I try to avoid resolicits.

I’ll have to check out those Vansant books. I saw the Richthofen one and then didn’t mention it!

I’m not as jazzed by the Brown Star Wars books as I want to be, unfortunately. They’re cute, but I don’t love them. If my daughter wants one, I’ll get it for her, but she saw one at a book sale last year and didn’t seem interested.

I skipped the Nemo book because of the price. I mean, I’d love to get it, but not for that amount.

Travis: I’m really behind on my reviews, as I’m trying to get back a buffer for my daily posts. Plus, people keep sending me stuff that I want to get to before the stuff I buy. The upshot is that I haven’t reviewed Where Bold Stars Go To Die yet, even though it’s the very next book on my pile. I suck!

I guess I’ll wait for the slipcase version of Hip Hop Family Tree. Thanks!

Thanks for the info about all those other books. I saw some of them but didn’t know much about them, so I skipped them (like Barbarian Lord). I might get some of them, but I’ll definitely pick up Johnny Nemo. I’m surprised I missed that!

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