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You Decide – What Villain Would You Most Like See Have Their Own Ongoing Title?

With Sinestro and Harley Quinn both having their own ongoing series, which super villain would you most like to see have their own ongoing series?

Read on for the choices!


You really should have the Flash’s Rouges on the list. I know they are a team but still.

Baby Care is right, that would be a GREAT series.

Seriously though, after Superior Spider-Man I’m all for a Doc Ock monthly.

Travis Pelkie

May 12, 2014 at 1:41 am

I’m not sure you could build a one shot out of Viper, let alone a series.

“What does Viper do?” “She Vipes!” HAHAHAHA

Of those, Poison Ivy. Given how he is written these days, Hal Jordan could be a good choice as well. Can we stop having Kyle Rayner stories in exchange?

Bill Williamson

May 12, 2014 at 3:50 am

I think the Joker is due another ongoing.

Of course, they’ll have to do something about that awful ‘wearing his face for a mask’ deal.

Give me Doctor Doom with a side of Latverian politics.

Although Two-Face would work under the current model of ongoing-but-not-really-ongoing-more-like-a-series-of-mini-series-if-you’re-lucky.

Most on that list, though they’re interesting characters (Doom, Joker, Ock, Luthor, etc…) have either had their own short lived series or have had spotlight stories before. The one name that did jump out at me was… Red Skull.
He’s probably the most purely evil character on that list. He has no noble underpinnings or tragic background like some of the others. Is there a writer out there today who could handle an unrepentant character like the Skull?

I went with Riddler since he was one of the few on the list who could handle a straight up villain protagonist (like the Harley series), or an anti-hero/anti-villain role (like Larfleeze or the Red Lanterns), or switch between the two on an arc-by-arc basis, and he’s more interesting than the other handful who could – Ra’s, Mystique, Two-Face, Penguin. (Mystique and Two-Face I’d certainly give a chance, though.)

Brainiac and Darkseid could be interesting looks at the cosmic side of the DCU…except it would either be depressing as we see them destroy world after world, or reduce them as villains as they fail repeatedly.

Red Skull, unless they’ve very much changed his characterization since I last read anything with him, would just be uncomfortable to read as a protagonist.

@Kamino Red Skull, unless they’ve very much changed his characterization since I last read anything with him, would just be uncomfortable to read as a protagonist.

Ah, but that’s what would make the book an interesting read. Looking at the vote tally so far, it’s more of the same. Safe bets. Nothing that would be a creative challenge.

Though, I guess that could sum up most comics coming out from DC and Marvel these days.

TP, she vipes the vindows. Total missed opportunity.

Based on what he did with him in Thunderbolts I’d love a Jeff Parker scripted Juggernaut ongoing.

I went with the Riddler too, but the villain that I REALLY want, is…Carface. He had about three panels in a later Birds of Prey issue, and he was adorable.

I went with Mystique, so much potential with her.

Doom clearly has the most potential. You could do Latverian political stories, mystic arts stories, SF stories (both earthbound and space-spanning), cosmic stories, even gothic horror. Why, you could even delve into Vic’s twisted psyche. He’s varied enough to fight FF, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Thor, and even Squirrel Girl! No other villain lends himself to such flexibility and possibility.

Once upon a time, a Joker ongoing would have been a no-brainer (the one from the 1970’s was great!). But I haven’t loved what they did to the character in “Death of the Family,” so until things come back from the abyss, I’d pass on a Joker series. But no Deadshot option? He’s had two (quite awesome) mini-series!



Other Chris and mrclam said it best. But I’ll throw in he’s the one guy who wouldn’t necessarily have to lose all the time either. He’d had people try and take his thrown, battled demons, and other non-super heroes and won. So it wouldn’t have to be issue after issue of “CURSE YOU RICHARDS!!”

Though I find myself agreeing with Richard J. I think Red Skull works best when he’s the one bad guy who isn’t the hero of his own story, and embraces being truly evil. Doom, Magneto, Luthor are all evil, and do things for selfish reasons, but don’t see themselves as evil, just right. The Skull embraces pain and suffering for it’s own sake. Which makes him really hard to write, and set up for really bad characterization, or trashy writing. What writers out there currently does anyone thing could handle such “uncomfortable” material in a classy way?

most villains won’t work as an ongoing -you need a good angle and/or creator

standard angles are
1) a rogue or honourable anti-hero fighting enemies who are more evil
2) a comedy of inept villains
3) a “fun” villain with a “joi de vivre” revelling in their villainous ways
4) an opposed-villain where readers can root for a heroic character trying to thwart the villain

I picked mystique who could easily be done as 1) or 3)
though I would probably enjoy a Matt Fraction take on Dr Doom

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