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You Decide – Which of Peter Parker’s Girlfriends Is Your Favorite?

This is a simple enough question, so have at it!

Read on for the choices!


I love Mary Jane, but mainly from her time as Peter’s wife. I don’t think she’s in any danger of losing anyway, so I’m going to throw my vote to Betty Brant. Stan and Steve did a great job making her an interesting contrast to Peter Parker, being an older working gal to Peter’s budding academic, and the way Spider-Man winds up driving a wedge between them is not only incredibly well-executed, but also sets the template for all of Peter’s future relationships.

PS: I don’t remember Peter ever seeing Liz Allen. She flirted with him, but I don’t think it ever went anywhere.

Where’s Cissy Ironwood? :)

Felicia Hardy, because she was her own woman. The only memorable thing Gwen Stacy ever did was die, not really GF material then. MJ Watson is the best compagnion for PP/Spider-Man. She is his wife, not his girlfriend. They went beyond GF/BF. Compagnion: MJ all the way. GF: the Black Cat.

Bill Williamson

May 14, 2014 at 5:54 am

Mary Jane all the way. She’s the most iconic, the most memorable, the most endearing. I honestly think they should just get married again.

Gwen is mostly a great character for her groundbreaking end, not such a great GF.
Betty was too much of a golden age girlfriend, so no way.
I briefly considered Liz Allen, because she became a HUGE character and I kinda developed a crush on her, but that was long after her relationship with Petey.

So Felicia and MJ. Felicia is way the sexiest girl Spidey ever dated (sorry MJ… but you’re still great!), but that no-Peter stuff and her strange jealousy ruined her character a bit. Close but no cigar.

Thus, even if I was sometimes annoyed by MJ as a wife, her run(s) as Peter’s girlfriend are just terrific: she is a friend, a great woman, she is gorgeous, smart and straight. And figured out Peter’s identity. And told him. Long later.

MJ, no match.

Peter Parker really needs to date Kitty Pryde in the Proper Marvel Universe, and then this poll would be awesome!

I voted for Mary Jane as I loved the Spider-Marriage.

Harry Osborn, definitely.

OOhhh, Kitty Pryde, interesting.

If you were to say who I think Peter should end up with, it’s MJ, duh. But what relationship was the most fun to read about? Black Cat.

Cissy was robbed. Robbed!

Betty Brant. Lee & Ditko got it right the first time. :)

Peter and MJ is, for whatever reason, my favorite relationship in all of comics.

No, I did not take OMD well.

Mary Jane, but it says a lot about Spidey that this is even a conversation. MJ is one of the best, most fully realized characters in comics.

Mike Loughlin

May 14, 2014 at 11:27 am

(ultimate) Kitty Pryde, hands down. I wish their relationship had lasted longer.

Call me a pothead, because I am all about the Mary Jane.

Captain Librarian

May 14, 2014 at 12:55 pm

I considered Gwen because I like the characterization she’s been given in Spectacular Spider-man, but I ended up choosing Felicia because…look…I loved her in the 90s animated series and I was a 14 year old boy at the time.

Yeah, Gwen in Spectacular is where it’s at. MJ? Sorry, Tiger! May Jane’s idiotic party girl shtick form the Romita Sr. days still rankles. Gwen’s hairband alone beats Mary Jane any day of the week!

Travis Pelkie

May 15, 2014 at 12:32 am

Did he Park his Peter in all of them?

Sorry, still carrying over that Batman/Joker boner stuff…

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