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Hulk 2099 vs. Batman Beyond and The Contest of Champions Cover Homages!

The CBR mail server went down earlier today so I was unable to access my CBR mail for a while, so I missed out on adding Fernando Pinto’s piece until way late, so I figured I’d give it his own post, along with Brendan Tobin’s late piece!


The first up is Fernando Pinto. Here is his website. His piece was based on a suggestion by BigMike20X6

Batman Beyond vs Hulk 2099 on Batman vs Hulk


Next is Brendan Tobin. Here is his website. His drawing was based on a suggestion by BigMike20X6

Sabra, Captain Ultra, Overmind, El Aguila, Shamrock, Paladin, American Eagle, Sunfire, & Scott Lobdell on Justice League Europe Annual #2


Good stuff, folks!


Travis Pelkie

May 16, 2014 at 9:52 pm

Wowie, that’s some nice stuff. I have to believe that Brian put that JLE Annual in because I mentioned it earlier. And if not, don’t tell me otherwise, dammit!

The Obscurity Legion… there are no words… :D

I would buy that team even more than Justice League Canada.

(And no, I am serious.)

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