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You Decide – Which Upcoming Network TV Comic Book Series Are You Most Excited About?


The network upfronts revealed a few new comic book TV adaptations for the upcoming TV season. Which one are you most excited about?

Read on for the choices!


Who else but me could decide Which Upcoming Network TV Comic Book Series Are [I] Most Excited About?

Even as someone who has near-zero investment in the John Constantine character, I’m still pretty appalled by that promotional image. Take away the smoke effects, and you have a clipping from Kohl’s fall catalogue. John’s outfit could not be more neatly pressed. Where’s the danger and the mystery?

Agent Carter hands down. Most of the rest I may not even look at

Flash. Agent Carter a close second. I won’t get excited about the others until I see them.
Cass, good point.

Only DC spammers are excited about Gotham.

I am more curious about Agent Carter and how that will work. I just want more Marvel shows.

I think Gotham and the Flash look great. I don’t know enough about the other characters to get too excited.

Flash looks like fun. Gotham has some potential, but a lot of potential to try and do too much and be pretty awful too. But Agent Carter is the one that excites me. I doubt it lasts past the 8 episodes they’ve booked, but it’s so different than even its fellow SHIELD show, no more everything else on tv, that it’s fresh. And more Hayley is never a bad thing. (Does iZombie sound like the worst idea to convert to a tv show ever?)

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