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X-Men Legends Revealed

In honor of the X-Men’s new movie opening this weekend in the United States, we decided to spotlight past editions of Comic Book Legends Revealed that have featured legends related to the X-Men over the years!

Check them all out below!

How did Alan Moore’s concerns over the copyrights of his Marvel UK work dramatically alter plans for the X-Men for years?

Why did Marvel ask a court to rule that the X-Men were not human?

Did an injury to Dougray Scott seriously lead to Hugh Jackman getting the role of Wolverine in X-Men?

Was Kitty Pryde originally created as part of a brand-new team of X-Men?

Did a fan win a “create a Marvel character” contest that almost got the character to become an X-Man – but instead the character didn’t appear for nearly thirty years?

Did Chris Claremont secretly return to writing X-Men for three issues between his departure in 1991 and his official return in 2000?

Was Psylocke originally going to be killed off in the PsiWar?

Was Wolverine at one point going to be revealed to be an actual wolverine genetically altered by the High Evolutionary?

How did reprinting an issue of X-Men in the Essentials format inadvertently reveal nudity in a panel?

Had Chris Claremont not left the X-Men in 1991, was he planning on killing off Wolverine?

Was Storm’s mohawk haircut originally intended as a joke by Paul Smith?

Was the X-Men villain S’ym really based on Dave Sim?

Did Chris Claremont write a year’s worth of X-Treme X-Men stories with Beast as a member before learning he couldn’t have Beast on the team after all?

Did a fan online give Grant Morrison the idea for using Emma Frost in New X-Men?

Was Steve Seagle going to have Jean Grey become the Phoenix during his run on Uncanny X-Men?

Did the first X-Men vs. the Avengers have to be re-written at the last minute to dramatically change the ending?

Was an issue of Uncanny X-Men altered from having Stacy X sleeping with Rudy Giuliani to Bill Clinton, instead?

Was Storm originally going to be killed off during The Magneto War?

Did Academy Award winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman once write an X-Men parody comic?

Where did Scott Lobdell walk into that ended up with him becoming the writer on Uncanny X-Men for years?

Did an issue of X-Men sneak the word “sex” into the background repeatedly?

How close did we come to a Cerebus/X-Men crossover?

Did Barry Windsor-Smith completed a THIRD LifeDeath story starring Storm that he turned into an independent comic book?

Was Lady Mastermind invented because two X-Men writers were each using the other female Mastermind at the same time?

Did Chris Claremont kill Psylocke in X-Treme X-Men with the intent to bring her back right away, only to run afoul of Marvel’s then “no returning from the dead” policy?

Did Steve Vai seriously do the music for the X-Men Animated Series?

Do Cyclops’ eye beams come from another dimension?


X-Men Legends.

Good game.

Brian Cronin can you do an X-men legends revealed about if Chuck Austen was going to have Nightcrawler have two penis’s ? i’ve heard that rumor before but i can’t believe that it would be true.

X-Men Legends II.

Good game too.

X-Men Legends III.

Fantastic game.

Emmett Furrow

May 25, 2014 at 10:09 am

Did a fan pay tribute to, or insult, the X-Men with this?


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