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You Decide – Which Famous X-Men Storyline Would You Most Like to See Adapted Into an X-Men Film?

With X-Men: Days of Future Past following in the footsteps of other X-Men films by adapting a famous X-Men storyline (like how “Gifted,” “God Loves, Man Kills” and others have been adapted over the years), we thought it’d be interesting to see what famous X-Men storyline you’d most like to see adapted into a film.

Read on for the choices!


Consider this my write-in for “In the Shadow of…Sauron.”

While it’s not the greatest, or most popular storyline, who can deny that X-tinction Agenda would be a very cinematic and kickass movie?

Mutant Massacre would be my vote. However, I worry that much of the darkness of that storyline would be muted due to test audiences.

I picked Inferno to be funny.

As an aside, I’d have preferred to omit AoA, which I knew had to be #1, but “Your pick – other than AoA, which is being excluded only because it will obviously win” seemed to be a bit weird.

Maybe it’s included and I don’t know what name it’s under, but the story where the X-Men and Shi’ar were fighting the Skrulls seems like it’d be a good one. From when Jim Lee was the artist. I know they’re different studios, but it could kind of piggyback on Guardians of the Galaxy and the other Marvel space stuff.

Maybe it’s included and I don’t know what name it’s under, but the story where the X-Men and Shi’ar were fighting the Skrulls seems like it’d be a good one. From when Jim Lee was the artist. I know they’re different studios, but it could kind of piggyback on Guardians of the Galaxy and the other Marvel space stuff.

That’s “Crossroads.”

Travis Pelkie

June 3, 2014 at 9:41 pm

I loved the part of that one where Robert Johnson made the deal with the devil to be able to kick ass on guitar.

Or is that something else?

I always thought Giant-Size X-Men #1 might translate pretty well to the big screen.

I think you could have gotten away with not including AoA because it’s already confirmed to be the next movie: “What X-Men storyline would you like to see teased at the end of Age of Apocalypse?” or something like that.

Honestly, I’d like to see faithful adaptations of Inferno or the Brood. But I know there’s no way they’re putting magic in the X-Men movies, so we’d end up with some barely recognizable thing where all the demons are replaced by mutants or machines or something. And it’s slightly more likely they’d add aliens (they’re at least sciencey) but they’d probably have to completely overhaul the Brood to make them seem less like Xenomorph ripoffs, much like the way the animated series completely changed their appearance and behavior. So ultimately I voted Mutant Massacre.

Heck, if you squint just right, you could claim X3 had elements of the Massacre – Archlight, Morlocks in all but name being mowed down by people working for a geneticist, Angel getting his wings messed up (at the beginning), Psylocke is around but barely does anything.

The next movie will FEATURE Apocalypse, but it seems highly unlikely that it will be an adaptation of Age of Apocalypse.

Nitzan Rotschild

June 4, 2014 at 12:19 am

The Onslaught Saga

Count my vote for “Obnoxio vs. The X-Men”!!

Drama! Pathos! Pies!!

Went with Proteus, not just because it’s one of my favourites, but because it’s a nice, striaght forward self-containted saga. Mutant Massacre was not my favourite story, but I think would be served well as a film adaptation.

My first thought was “Brood Saga”, but then I thought that’d be weird, mixing X-Men and Aliens in a movie…now that I think about it, that would be pretty amazing to mix X-Men and Aliens in a movie!

Went with “Green and Pleasand Land” because I think the X-Men liberating a slave society might be a nice change of pace from bombastic cackling super villians. X-Tinction Agenda would work, though the character design for Hodge would have to change.

My second choice was the Brood Saga – straightforward MacGuffin story set in space with lots of disposable targets to blow up.

Dancin’ in the Dark would be a good first act for another story, but it’s not enough by itself. The Morlocks could be adapted to be the Genoshan version of the Underground Railroad. That might work.

The Proteus Saga would be awesome, but the visuals would have to be extraordinary. I think it would be butchered.

Which one was Chuck Austen’s exploding mass wafers storyline? Because that one just screams boffo box office.

The next movie will have to be more The Twelve than Age of Apocalypse, I’m just saying.

I was tempted to vote for Brood Saga as it is the start of the Paul Smith run (and the end of the Cockrum run) but I had to vote for Dancin’ in the Dark. But one will lead into the other so nicely! I want a Paul Smith run inspired trilogy or tetralogy!

Gah! So many great choices! I can’t really pick. Especially since some of them would be perfect if combined together, like Green and Pleasant Land and X-Tinction Agenda.

I suppose they could do Age of Apocalypse after the next movie with Apocalypse, but I’m not sure the movie going public will think it creative to do two “stop these alternative futures” movies in three tries. So could have omitted Age of Apocalypse on the basis that you’re going to get your big Apocalypse movie in the next one.

So I voted for Mutant Massacre. Would fit the movie mythos, could be a chance to do something like X-Men 3 well, has a new big bad for the movie, while still featuring know characters like Sabertooth, as well as some new disposable villains.

And besides, we need a 90’s movie to take place after the 80’s Apocalypse movie.

Battle of the Atom

Massacre because it doesn’t involve really knowing anything about the X-Men other than “X-Men good, Marauders bad”. That makes it an ideal plot for a Hollywood audience, and they could throw a few alterations in to make it work for the current cast/plot lines (like the Brotherhood investigating part of the massacre instead of X-Factor and actually coming across the X-Men, which may give the film universe an opportunity to reform Mags for a while).

I stand corrected. I though that the next movie was actually called “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse” but according to IMDB it’s just “X-Men: Apocalypse.” That makes me happy, because doing two time travel movies in a row would probably be a bad idea (although if they want to use both versions of Prof. X and Magneto again, they could do All New X-Men, swapping out Cyclops, Jean, Hank, Bobby and Warren for Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, etc., just like First Class did).

I’d vote for the Dark Phoenix Saga. I don’t care what was shown in “The Last Stand”. That does NOT count as an adaptation.

I understand Apocalypse makes a good summer blockbuster villain, but Genosha fits kind of perfectly in the time period of first class and Cameron Hodge is actually a pretty underrated villain. You can do Magneto vs a full army and have beast and the younger team be fugitives on the run.

Even if they did do the Age of Apocalypse storyline, they wouldn’t call it that, because “Age of Ultron” beat them to it. Which is funny, since the comic story title was aping the original X-Men story title.

But I change my vote to Chris G’s. Would anyone complain if they did a do-over on Dark Phoenix?

@M-Wolverine — Mutant Massacre was not in the ’90’s. Far from it. And while Apocalypse debuted in the ’80’s, he really took off as a grade-A villain in the ’90’s. Did you get your decades reversed?

I was actually surprised that my vote was such a popular one. I thought “Mutant Massacre” would be kind of a dark horse, but I guess everyone else thinks that would be awesome onscreen too.

I knew “AoA” would win, though I think a lot of people aren’t thinking it through. Aside from the problem a few commenters have already said (that AoA has basically the exact same story concept as the movie they just did), I just feel like it’s waaaaaayyy too big for one movie. There’s so many characters, there’s so much going on, and all of it is new and would have to be explained. I just don’t see it happening in any satisfactory way. And this is coming from a huge fan of that particular crossover.

@Nu-D. – I’m talking about the movies. New Class took place in the 60’s, DoFP took place in the 70’s, and they’ve already said that Apocalypse will take place in the 80’s. (Subject to change, at this early stage, I’m sure). So if they follow suit the one after that will take place in the 90’s, and the make up of the team could start fitting for Mutant Massacre by the 90’s. It really wouldn’t make much sense any earlier than that, because the next film might introduce character like young Cyclops and Jean Grey and Storm. So you really can’t have it be an effective tale until those characters have (chronologically) been around for a little while. No impact if it’s with totally new team members.

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