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75 Greatest Batman Writers and Artists Master List

In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman, we’re doing four straight months of polls having to do with Batman, culminating with the official celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary on July 23rd. The last installment will deal with Batman stories, but this month will be about Batman’s writers and artists.

Here is the master list of all the creators featured. Click on any creator’s name to see a description of their work on Batman, a few pages from one of their Batman comics and comments from other readers about that creator.


40. Mike Parobeck

39. Matt Wagner

38. Lew Schwartz

37. Darwyn Cooke

36. Dave McKean

35. Klaus Janson

34. David Finch

33. Mike Mignola

32. José Luis García-López

31. Chris Burnham

30. Jock

29. Tony Daniel

28. Dustin Nguyen

27. Gene Colan

26. Graham Nolan

25. Sheldon Moldoff

24. Alan Davis

23. Alex Ross

22. Dick Giordano

21. Andy Kubert

20. J.H. Williams III

19. Bob Kane

18. Kelley Jones

17. Don Newton

16. Frank Quitely

15. Jerry Robinson

14. Carmine Infantino

13. Brian Bolland

12. Bruce Timm

11. Greg Capullo

10. Irv Novick

9. Dick Sprang

8. Tim Sale

7. Marshall Rogers

6. Frank Miller

5. Norm Breyfogle

4. Jim Lee

3. David Mazzuchelli

2. Jim Aparo

1. Neal Adams


35. France “Ed” Herron

34. Paul Pope

33. John Wagner/Alan Grant

32. Alan Brennert

31. Neil Gaiman

30. Brian Azzarello

29. Bruce Timm

28. Peter Tomasi

27. Don Cameron

26. Frank Robbins

25. Marv Wolfman

24. Matt Wagner

23. Peter Milligan

22. Gerry Conway

21. Len Wein

20. David V. Reed

19. Archie Goodwin

18. Bob Haney

17. Jim Starlin

16. Mike W. Barr

15. Ed Brubaker

14. Greg Rucka

13. Gardner Fox

12. Alan Moore

11. Scott Snyder

10. Chuck Dixon

9. Doug Moench

8. Alan Grant

7. Jeph Loeb

6. Paul Dini

5. Steve Englehart

4. Grant Morrison

3. Bill Finger

2. Frank Miller

1. Denny O’Neil


Very surprised Bernie Wrightson and John Byrne didn’t make the artists list. I’m not a huge Mazzuchelli fan and would have had him lower and Breyfoggle in the top 5 but otherwise very solid list.

Was thoroughly engaged by the progressive reveals of the accumulated results and appropriate commentary. Lots of food for thought. Nice one, Brian!

Steve Leavell

June 23, 2014 at 3:54 am

A mostly very solid list, The major names I’d say are missing are Bernie Wrightson on art and John Broome among writers.

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