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You Decide – What Live Action TV Superhero Would You Like to See Batman ’66 Meet Next?

With Batman ’66 meeting Green Hornet this week, we figured it’d be fun to see what OTHER live action TV superhero you’d like to see Batman ’66 meet!

Read on for the choices!


No Ultraman? Because that would be epic.

Travis Pelkie

June 10, 2014 at 8:48 pm

Blade seems…not right.

But then I scroll down and see Greatest American Hero! ohhhhhhh! Believe it or not!

Did you know that the Green Hornet’s live action show was different in tone than the Batman show?

why no, travis, i did not. pray tell indulge my now piqued curiousness w/ a spoonful of pelkie fun fact, if you d be so kind .

There are some fun choices there. But they are not Lynda Carter and therefore invalid.

Except for the one that is her, I mean. I’m not saying she’s not there, just that she’s the One True Choice.

No Ultraman? He’s even from that era..

No Automan?!?!?! 8-o

You know, this could be a The Line It Is Drawn topic. “Suggest people for Batman ’66 to team up with!”

AUTOMAN!!! KAM, I just had a rush of memories just hit me. That show was amazing! Though I saw it on the SciFi Channel when I was quite young – so I’m not sure it would hold up.

I think about MANTIS all the time! I really need to see that show again, as that is another one that I have fond memories of that I think about regularly and no DVD to refresh myself with.

I can see Adam West and Dean Cain getting along nicely.

Wait, what about Max Smart?

Superman ’52 would be awesome. George Reeves’ Superman (pretending to be an every-dad while boozing the night with his mistress and the woman playing Lois Lane) seems like he would’ve enjoyed life on the Batman ’66 set.

How about the characters from the “Legends of the Superheroes”? Like the Green Hornet and Kato, these heroes actually DID team-up with West & Ward’s Dynamic Duo on TV.

I didn’t mind the actors or the costumes for the most part, but the writing and jokes were terrible. A decent comicbook writer could probably do something cool with these characters, maybe show us how they all came together.

Retired-man and Ghetto-man can tag along too, if they want.

The Mantis TV movie was amazing. The series less so.
Get Smart would be an awesome crossover.
Legends of the Superheroes, lord that was a mess. See Mordru run from the Dynamic Duo! See Solmon Grundy work as a grease monkey! And I seem to recall Huntress showing an astonishing amount of cleavage.

Jay-w, be sure and get your idea royalties when after Green Hornet is a success they do just that. I mean, isn’t the next Batman tv show crossover the natural next step? Spot on.

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