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75 Greatest Batman Writers and Artists: Artists #15-11

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12. Bruce Timm

One of the co-creators of the extrememly popular Animated Series adaptation of Batman comics, Bruce Timm soon brought his striking artwork over to the actual comic books. His most famous work is the Mad Love graphic novel where he and writer Paul Dini handled the origins of Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn, a character introduced on the TV series.

I think these pages demonstrate Timm’s unique ability to have an adult flair to what is ostensibly intended to be a an “all-ages” book. Timm, naturally, is a fluid artist and his sequential work is at the top of the line…





11. Greg Capullo

One of the most impressive things to me about Greg Capullo’s current run on Batman is the fact that he helped reluanch the book in the New 52 and has remained on the book ever since, missing very few issues along the way.

Capullo’s art style is incredibly dynamic and stylized. Here is an action sequence from early in his Batman run….





Capullo is currently continuing to impress with the ongoing Batman comic series right now.

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A lot of artists here that were totally off my radar, but I’m glad my Brian Bolland vote is showing up. That really was great work.

Killing Joke was one of the few Alan Moore comics where I liked the art more than the writing.

Frank Milla Batman Gorilla

June 14, 2014 at 9:01 am

Bruce Timm = GOAT.

And of course Bill Finger was telling the truth about the Joker’s design. Just compare the pic of the actor to the original drawing and it’s obvious.

A lot of great artists here. I particularly love Brian Bolland and Bruce Timm.

Wasn’t that Joe Giella inking Infantino? That was one thing I didn’t like about those New Look stories. I also wonder if this is the story from Bats #194, with that great Infantino/Anderson cover of Blockbuster smashing the Batman logo.

Another thing I like about Infantino’s art in this story is the use of his little pointing hand in the caption boxes, even if it isn’t the Flash’s!

I think the top ten is pretty guessable at this point (not the order, necessarily, but who will be in), so it saddens me that we aren’t likely to be seeing Scott McDaniel. I thought he was a bit of a longshot, but I still had hopes.

The Jerry Robinson story is one of a lot of 1940s tales that would have worked perfectly as a Warner Brothers B-Movie. It’s one of the things I love about the Golden Age bats.

Boll and was my #10.

Bruce Timm is great too. I was never a huge fan of Batman TAS, but visually it’s incredible.

You know I remember a lot of complaints about the time about the Batman telling the Joker he didn’t want to kill him. Apparently a lot of fans thought the Batman should be closer to the Punisher in spirit, if not in deed.

Bruce Timm was my #1. Growing up in the 90s, his style simply WAS Batman to me. It also helps that I love the few Batman comics he draws, especially Batman: Mad Love, which may just be my all-time favorite Batman story.

Freep: I’ve got to work this word into casual conversation more often.

“Dont’ ya wanna rev up your Harley?”: Ugh. That is one obnoxious double entendre.

Great list!

One correction: Bolland did the Batman/Black Canary/Green Arrow story in Justice League of America #200 – not #300.

interesting for figured both jerry robison and carmine would not show up till near the very end of the list like the top five. plus nice to see brian and bruce timm show up on this list bruce mostly for he added a little touch and crazyness to the batman mythos that was missing. including creating harley quin who is as crazy as the joker. and figured when brian showed up on the list the story featuring him would be the killing joke.

I wouldn’t have mind to see Capullo in the top ten list.

and Bolland is my 4th pick to make the list (6 to go …3 of which are almost certain to make it)
(and Ian beat me to the JLA correction)

I voted for Timm and Capullo. It’s /really/ sad that Snyder’s probably going to end up higher on the Writers list than Capullo will on artists, because Capullo delivers 98% of the good in that book.

I’m kicking myself for not including Bruce Timm in my list, but I’m glad he’s so high in the list.

I’m also happy that Alan Grant was so high in the writers list.

Jerry Robinson was the first good Batman artist and really developed great storytelling skills and producing real atmospheric work. Look up how creepy his Tweedle bro’s was. He’s essential to early years of Batman, and I think he switched to the funny “Adventures of Alfred” backups that he did quite a lot of to find some freedom from Kane’s grasp.

Infantino helped revolutionize Batman. Those early stories, especially with Fox and Broome before the camp hit, were such a breath of fresh air. I don’t think any other DC artist has ever had as great a sense of design as Infantino.

Brian Bolland, Bruce Timm, and Greg Capullo are each incredible. Timm and Capullo each are so distinctive – and I’m happy people know Capullo’s work now that he’s branched off beyond Spawn. If we take the entire history of Batman, in and outside of comics, Timm is easily one of the most important – probably only behind Kane, Sprang, and Adams.

Bolland & his (few) Larger “KJ” JoKER panels alone are so powerfully defining they deserve A Top 10 spot.
If Not-
B.Timm & his crafty- instantaneously nostalgic Batman art deserve A Top 10.

Bruce Timm’s storytelling is really great.

tom fitzpatrick

June 15, 2014 at 4:42 am

Just started reading Capullo’s run on Batman.

It’s nice to see him get a regular gig on such a high-profile book ever since he left SPAWN.

Also nice that he’s rated as a popular artist.

Good to see Bolland on this list as well.

The rest, well, I haven’t seen their work myself, just only heard of their works on Batman. I’m sure that their standing on this list is well deserved.

From this lis of artists #15-11, I voted for Jerry Robinson (#8), Carmine Infantino (#7) and Greg Capullo (#6).

Is there a page that lists the artists who pencilled and inked under Kane’s name with the issues they were on?

Surprised to see Capullo this high. I haven’t read his Batman stuff yet, but what I’ve seen looks great.

I cosidered Robinson and Infantino for my list, but I think I cut them in the end. Pretty sure I left Bolland on though. Big fan of his stuff, and I think the recoloured Killing Joke looks really good.

Timm is excellent. I probably should have voted for him, but so many great artists have worked on Batman over the years.

So to show off Bruce Timm as a great Batman artist, you post pages in which he didn’t draw Batman- ookay.

Voted for Robinson and Timm. Have no problems with Bolland…just couldn’t do it over basically one comic book. But man, it’s such a great comic book, I can’t fault those who did. Infantino is obviously historically great too.

Actually, Infantino only did odd numbered issues on Detective, Sheldon Moldoff was handling the even ones. So Moldoff was doing 1,5 Bat-books at that time?

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