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In Space, No One Can Hear Deadpool Scream

Uncle Woofie missed out on the alien-themed week of The Line it is Drawn a few weeks back, but he recently finished the piece he planned on doing then, so I’ll just post it now, along with his piece for this week’s Line (technical issues delayed his entry, so I didn’t get to add it until late in the day so I imagine many people missed it).

I dunno who suggested Deadpool versus Aliens, but I bet it was a bunch of people…


And now, for this week’s piece…

p_keely suggested

Superman travels to the Image Universe to stop the raping of Invincible

This one was drawn by Uncle Woofie.


Thanks, Woofie!


I’m not happy that Deadpool is suddenly becoming popular. I love the character, but it makes me wonder whether it becomes too popular to like the character. If the character becomes a meme, then it’s a big loose.
Deadpool is sort of a inside joke.

So Doctor Bong runs a fast food joint infested with aliens. Nice

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