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You Decide – Who’s The All-Time Greatest Batman Creative Team?

We counted down your favorite individual Batman writers and artists, but now we’re curious as to what you think is the all-time greatest Batman creative team.

Read on for the choices!

NOTE: Same “don’t be a jerk about creators” rule from the countdown applies here. So no “How can Creator X possibly be higher than Creator Y?” or whatever.


No Morrison & Quitely?

No room.

Does Bob Kane being left out reflect the rather low opinion in which he tends to be held/” fandom villain ” status ?
For whatever it’s worth , I believe that he was an active artist on the comic book in its early years , and on the first 1940s attempt at the newspaper strip , after which , yes , I suppose he may have been more a supervisor/editor on those of the ” Bob Kane Studios ” stories that his studio produced (I believe to DC-selected scripts ?) .

Toughie. I know my favorite, and what I own more of, but don’t think that means they’re the best /most important

Mike Loughlin

June 24, 2014 at 5:58 am

O’Neil, Adams, & Giordano- They set the tone for everything that came after while giving us several classics. I was tempted to put down Miller & Mazzucchelli but they only did one story. Finger & Sprang are one of the great comics teams and I almost picked them but I’ve only read the stories they did that were reprinted in “The Greatest Batman…” & “The Breatest Joker Stories Ever Told” and thus can’t call myself a knowledgable fan.

It’s hard to choose a creative team for Batman, particularly because there’s been very few “stable” writer/artist teams (although there are some classic one-offs, such as Moore/Bolland, which is fabulous). For example: although the Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker runs were quite good and long, they didn’t really have an artist they worked with regularly, at least that I remember, and thus aren’t represented on this list. Maybe Ed Brubaker/Scott McDaniel? Even then, there were big gaps in that run…
Tough choices, may the best one win!

If they had asked for “best” that would have been a tough choice. But the poll says “all time favorite.” That’s dead easy. Haney/Aparo, hands down.

If they had asked, “favourite” I would’ve gone for one of the Miller options, but for “all-time greatest” I followed the lead of the Writer/Artist polls and went with O’Neil/Adams/Giordano. They can’t be beat in terms of quality, quantity and historical impact.

Most important?

I don’t see how anybody who understands the phrase “most important” can ignore the guy who created Batman and 90% of the important characters.

O, wait. Yes, I can see it. All I have to do is look at the results of the poll.

Create all you want, if someone comes in and tweaks your creation to give it more enduring appeal, they’ve got a legitimate shot at being more important than you. You can feel that someone else in the last 75 years had more to do with Batman’s success than Finger and Kane without ignoring them.

@Hoosier X —

The phrase “most important” is not featured anywhere in this poll.

Nobody asked for “most important”. The poll directly asks “who is your favorite”, a much more interesting question with a variety of plausible answers.

Yeah, as for actual favorite, for me it’s Haney/Aparo, no question.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a recent poll with so many choices so close percentage wise. This is an interesting one.

Going with Englehart-Rogers-Austin.

To leave Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger trio needs to be explained.

Sure, here’s the explanation – they’re not popular enough as a creative team to do well on the poll. Dick Sprang finished way higher than both Kane and Robinson as an artist and he, Finger and Charles Paris barely got any support.

We can only pick one rather than a Top 5? You ANIMAL, Cronin. :P

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