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You Decide – Other Than Captain America, Who is the Best U.S. Patriotic Superhero?

As you celebrate the Fourth of July fireworks, we figured we’d check to see which U.S. patriotic superhero is your favorite?

Read on for the choices!


I’m giving the nod to the Jeff Mace Patriot because I loved that Karl Kesel miniseries from a few years back.

Travis Pelkie

July 4, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Wow, I did not think that Jack Flag was going to be even that high when I voted for him. I guess the use that Ellis put him to in Thunderbolts got a few other people intrigued by him.

I mean, they didn’t vote for him based on his ’90s appearances, did they? Oy.

I’m torn between the two original patriotic heroes–the Shield (who has the power to turn triangular shields into round ones) and Uncle Sam (who as the living spirit of America pre-dates even the Shield, if not in comics). And of course, the four-color Uncle Sam was created by Will Eisner.

This is pretty hard…Kurt Busiek’s Silver Agent would be my choice for the name alone. How clever is this guy?

None of the above! It’s a contest between Captain Canuck and Guardian from Alpha Flight!

Happy Independence Day, Americans ;P

I would vote for Commander Steel! I love that Don Heck :)

No American Maid?

American Eagle could be interpreted a few different ways. I took it to mean Jason Strongbow, who’s a personal favorite of mine. But there are other heroes named American Eagle: a Golden Age Nedor Comics hero revived in Terra Obscura, a funny animal character in Captain Carrot comics, and one in the Squadron Supreme.

I wasn’t the only one to vote for the Spirit of ’76 for his snazzy costume and the way his name rolls off your tongue.

Neither American Maid nor Captain Liberty, so the Tick twice fails to get any representation.

No Iron Patriot?

I liked the Ostrander Patriot (a recreated Uncle Sam intended to embody an America that wasn’t defined by white males) but I don’t think anyone else does.

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