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Congrats to Kelly on Her Movie Deal!

Kelly’s book, The Girl Who Would Be King, has been optioned as a film!

What awesome news!

Congrats, Kelly!



July 18, 2014 at 12:27 pm

That’s awesome! Congratulations Kelly!

That is awesome! If they need a minor background thug, I may know a guy…

But wait! Girls can’t do comics and you have no right to an opinion unless you put in the hard work! Sez me!

Joking, obviously. Congratulations! Maybe this will shut up some of the yahoos. I’ll buy the book this weekend so I can be only slightly behind the curve (too late to get ahead of it now).

This is all kinds of awesome. It’s a fantastic book and will make for a thrilling movie. To anyone who hasn’t read it yet… WHY??

Congrats on the movie!

Annoyed Grunt

July 18, 2014 at 1:33 pm

Holy crap, congrats Kelly!

Has there ever been another movie optioned off a Kickstarter project? (aside from movies that were kickstarted, obviously)

Well…congrats Kelly. Eventually all this CBR stuff will look to be small time to her.

This is really cool. Hopefully we’ll be seeing trailers by this time next year! (which, I know probably will not happen, but you know, it be neat.)

Congrats, Kelly

Congratulations and good luck!

That’s awesome! I’d like to think that my commenting was what spurred her to greatness. All I ask in return is for some small compensation. I mean, it takes like two minutes to think this stuff up. That’s valuable time.

Anyway, the point is, don’t forget the little people when you’re cashing dem checks, Kelly! Congrats!

Way to go, Kelly! Sadly, this won’t stop trolls from attempting to counter a well thought out SHE HAS NO HEAD article by going, “Dur, why don’t you try making something yourself”. We certainly need more pure talents like Thompson’s breaking that glass ceiling and providing more to our pop culture narrative.

Wow! Good News!

Fantastic news, Kelly! Love to see your hard work pay off!

When this becomes a monster hit, you can show them that Wonder Woman script you keep in the drawer….

Woohoo! Muchas congratulations!

So cool

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