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Birthday Contribution to the Line it is Drawn’s #200!

John Trumbull’s birthday is the same day that the Line turned 200.

Read on for John’s contribution to the anniversary event!

John used a therealastrozac suggestion of

Tarzan, Tom Strong, Doc Savage, The Phantom, The Shadow


Here is John’s website.

Happy Birthday, John!


I would totally buy that.

Happy Birthday, John!

I want that series NOW!!!!!!!!

Great work, John! That would indeed be an awesome comic book.
By the way, though, isn’t Dynamite already doing a book with some of these characters (not Tom Strong, obviously) teamed up?

Thanks, folks!

Dynamite did a mini with a bunch of pulp characters teaming up, yes. It was called MASKS and it was an expanded version of an old Spider novel, I believe. Greg Hatcher could probably give us more detail on that aspect.

Brain, shouldn’t this be tagged under TLIID instead of the “General” label?

Yeah, Dynamite currently has all of these characters except Tom Strong. There hasn’t been one series with all of these particular ones, but they’ve done a variety of team-up series involving each of them.

Went to the source and checked Dynamite’s site, because I remember seeing an announcement for this a few months ago, and now I see it’s already into its third issue. Pretty close.
Now all Dynamite has to is run a follow-up series, adding the Phantom and Tarzan to the line-up. I know the perfect artist… ;)

Was this an old suggestion? I didnt get any suggestions in this week… But a fine piece…

Edo: The first issue of Justice Inc. is not yet out–it hits the stands later this month. But believe you me, I’ll be snapping that up as soon as it appears. What you’re linking to is a solicit for October. You’re living in the future, man!

The Shadow was in Masks, of course, by Dynamite didn’t have the Doc Savage license yet when that came out.

The Phantom was in Dynamite’s King’s Watch miniseries teamed up with Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician, and he’s currently in the Legenderry series (at least a steampunk version of him, alongside similar versions of random Dynamite licensees like Red Sonja, the Green Hornet and the Six Million Dollar Man).

And Dynamite teamed up Tarzan with John Carter in the recent Lords of Mars miniseries.

This is why Dynamite is getting all of my money nowadays.

Yes, buttler, and the future is so wonderful, yet terrifying at the same time. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen… :P

Seriously, though, I didn’t realize those were just teasers for future issues. Anyway, looking over Dynamite’s catalogue, I can see there is indeed some cool stuff there (as Greg H. has mentioned on a number of occasions). One thing that caught my eye in particular is a new Shadow mini by Howard Chaykin (which is, in fact, in its third issue – I checked the dates this time). Can’t wait for that to get collected…

When DC had the license to both, they did a Shadow/Doc Savage crossover by Mike Barr that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Was this an old suggestion?


When DC had the license to both, they did a Shadow/Doc Savage crossover by Mike Barr that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Yes, “The Conflagration Man”. It was co-written by THE SHADOW STRIKES writer Gerard Jones, as well. I believe they plotted it together, and then alternated scripting it between the SHADOW and DOC SAVAGE books.

The Phantom and The Shadow–winner! :-D

Buttler–The Phantom and Mandrake did a team-up in the Phantom’s Sunday comic strip a couple of months ago. It was good.

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