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Howard the Duck Legends Revealed

With Howard the Duck #1 released this week, we thought it would make sense to revisit our spotlight of the various installments of Comic Book Legends Revealed that featured Howard over the years.


Did Disney make Marvel change Howard the Duck’s physical appearance (particularly making him wear pants)?

Did Howard the Duck receive enough write-in votes for the 1976 United States Presidential Election that he showed up on national charts for the election?

How did Neil Gaiman’s appreciation for a joke in a twenty-year old issue of Howard the Duck lead to a Steve Gerber Vertigo series?

Did Steve Gerber lose the chance to write a brand-new Howard the Duck ongoing to coincide with the then-new Howard film due to Gerber wanting to erase everything that had happened to Howard since he first left the book?

Was the secret identity for the Howard the Duck villain Dr. Bong named after a writer who gave Steve Gerber a bad review?

Was a Frank Brunner drawing of Howard and Beverley in bed too salacious for the Comics Code?


Giant-Size Man-Thing!

That will never be not funny.

That first one is particularly funny, now that Disney OWNs Howard.

So, now that Disney owns Howard, does that mean he’s no longer legally mandated to wear pants?

There’s nothing wrong with the movie. It’s a weird 80s sci-fi film, but it’s not bad. Howard the Duck would make a good tv show. Maybe even an Adult Swim cartoon.

@Cerebro, actually according to James Gunn, he STILL has. To wear pants despite being own by Disney.

So what’s generating the renewed interest in Howard?
I’m delighted as long as it doesn’t lead to Lucas doing a sequel.

@Cerebro, actually according to James Gunn, he STILL has. To wear pants despite being own by Disney.

Yeah, my guess is that Disney would still like there to be a clear demarcation between Donald and Howard, even if they own them both.

So what’s generating the renewed interest in Howard?

We’re being purposefully vague, but if you really want to know, simply google “Howard the Duck” and you’ll see.

Npw if only marvel could get Brunner to draw at least a cover for the new howard book! The failed movie along with all the legal battles greatly hurt the duck.i’ll give the new series a chance.

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