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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – The Time a Guy Used the Powers of a Grumpy Orange Cat to Seduce a Beguiling Neighbor Lady

Every installment of I Love Ya But You’re Strange I spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories. Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have a suggestion for a future installment! Today’s story is presented to you by Jacque Nodell of Sequential Crush.

Hey y’all! Jacque here. If you are familiar with my blog, Sequential Crush, you know that I specialize in all things romance comics from the 1960s and ’70s — sometimes serious, sometimes a little bit on the kooky side. Today’s story is definitely one of the stranger romances. Join me as we take a look at how a plaid pants wearin’ guy used his grumpy orange cat to seduce his beguiling neighbor in “The Green-Eyed Monster” from Falling in Love #130 (March 1972). Credits for art here are a little murky, but I definitely see Tony DeZuniga (of Jonah Hex fame) in many panels. A colleague suggested John Calnan may have had a hand in this one as well. Anyway, on to the strangeness!

Linda Bronson is a young woman moving into a new apartment building. While receiving her keys from her landlord, a young man (with a cat) catches her eye. The landlord tells Linda that the tenant’s name is Kent Morse, and the “four-legged fur piece,” Kent’s main squeeze, Arabella.

Sequential Crush

Linda is determined to snuggle up to Kent, and won’t let a little something like rain, or an aristocratic furball get in her way. The first time they meet officially is ummm, less than romantic to say the least.

Sequential Crush

The two exchange some harsh words about their unfortunate introduction.

Sequential Crush

Hey watch it, Linda! I know plenty of fantastic men with cats!

Though lightly vexed, Linda is determined not to let the soppy run-in ruin a potential future together.

Sequential Crush

A girl looks for love, and instead, gets mauled by an attack cat! So where is the romance in this story you ask? Wait for it… wait for it…

Sequential Crush

Before Kent can stop her, Arabella has shredded Linda’s scarf. And dang was it groovy! But Linda quickly forgives Kent for the little demon’s transgressions, and is appreciative Arabella has solved their communication problem. Linda then asks Kent if he wants to celebrate, and the two have a romantic lunch in the park (naturally, Arabella tags along — because who doesn’t bring their cat on a picnic?) and an amazing evening follows.

Sequential Crush

And so, after only “three weeks and six minutes,” Kent and Linda are wildly in love. Kent proposes and the two have a “private” moment (which sounds a bit like a veiled reference to sex, and quite interesting because any mention of it during this time period in the romance stories is rather uncharacteristic). Kent then decides to interrupt the mood and make a confession.

Sequential Crush

But little does Kent know, Linda can take it all in stride…

Sequential Crush

I have yet to call my boyfriend a dope. But hey! It’s not too late!

…Because she has a little secret of her own!

Sequential Crush

Cute? Plain wacky? I’ll let you decide. But hopefully, you’ll agree that the romance comics of the 1960s and ’70s have undeniable charm!

For more romance comic book goodness, check out Jacque’s blog, Sequential Crush and the Sequential Crush Facebook page!


Silly fun, but after some of the earlier posts in this series, I was expecting e cat to be his reincarnated wife or something like that.

Just five minutes? I’m not sure who that’s less flattering for, him or her!

“I have yet to call my boyfriend a dope.”

AFAIK you’re not a hyperfashionable young woman, either, Brian – unless there’s some recent surgery you haven’t told us about…

Given that they’re still sitting in the same place after the private moment, my vote’s for a blowie, who’s with me?

As a regular reader of Sequential Crush I highly recommend it. Though I’m not sure this is weirder than many of the stories Jacque’s featured there over the past few years, but it is cute.

A plaid pants wearing dork pursues a beautiful woman with the help of his grumpy orange cat? Did Jim Davis write this?

And Jon Arbuckle is left wondering why he can’t ever get that to work for him.

after the crack about real men owning dogs, i wouldn’t have anything to do with her. cats rule, dogs drool!

Three weeks and 6 minutes and already proposing? Sure as hell they did not waste time back then.

nice story..(like all romance back in those days)

the art reminds me of Vince Colletta (who did draw many romance comics in the 50’s)

maybe some jose Delbo too ..

I know romance comic books are far-fetched in general, but I found the notion that someone had managed to train a cat to jump on someone when they said “Good girl” was ridiculous. People cannot train cats; it’s usually the other way around! My two cats have got me and my girlfriend wrapped around their paws. At least it makes slightly more sense when we find out at the end that that kook Linda put catnip on her scarf.

Ha, I was going to make a crack about Jon and Garfield, but Mr. JR beat me to it!
And I was also put off by the “real men” and cats comment as well, but in addition to a few cats, I also have a dog and I like her just fine (and she rarely drools).

Anyway, great story and review, Jacque. I love the aspect of both of them manipulating the cat to kick-start the relationship – it’s so deliciously messed up.

If we’re going by a cliche social construction of what a real man is, wouldn’t a cat be closer than a dog? Dogs are obsequious, cats are aloof and independent-minded.

Yes, a real man would have a dog because dogs can be ‘had’. Cats, on the other hand, may only be adored.

And cats never forget. As soon as Linda moves in she’ll start finding presents in her shoes. And I hope she likes the smell of cat pee because her pillow is going to be drenched in it.

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to read my little post here! I really appreciate the warm reception and great comments! Drop by Sequential Crush anytime for more romance comic book fun!

interesting . for talk about a lady doing any thing to get her man including resorting to enticing the cat that she told her boyfriend that a real man would have a dog . to jump on her and shred her scarf. guess the cat was lucky for both.

Looks like Win Mortimer pencils.
There’s a lot of facial expressions and poses I recognize from his runs on NIGHT NURSE and “Supergirl” in ADVENTURE COMICS.

“Three weeks and six minutes?”

She was 6 minutes behind schedule.

“What happened next, well, that’s private”

How private could it have been if they’re still dressed the same and haven’t moved at all?
Maybe he said something racist.

I give it a year.

Charming indeed, this is downright adorable. I love the humour in the script and art (some great perspectives in there, such as when Kent reaches out to help Linda).

Both slimy & manipulative, imo :( …and why did she rub catnip on her scarf? Did she *know* that he was going to his cat choose his wife for him? …srsly, i only skimmed the story, is that wat happened & i missed it? Either way, sounds like both are playing games that they later tell to others about how they tricked their latest hook-up with their latest gimmick into getting intimate with them, tbh :/

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