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R.I.P. Stan Goldberg


The great Stan Goldberg passed away last night.

There are basically two major areas of comic book history where Stan Goldberg’s name will be forever linked. One, he was the main colorist for Marvel in the early days of the Marvel Age. Two, after Dan DeCarlo left Marvel Comics in the 1950s, Stan Goldberg took over most of DeCarlo’s humor titles at Marvel. It was here that Goldberg began drawing in the famed DeCarlo style (which is now known as the Archie house style). Goldberg then followed DeCarlo to Archie. Among the many strong artists of that era who drew in DeCarlo’s style, I feel that Goldberg was the best of the bunch. DeCarlo is DeCarlo, of course, one of the greatest comic book artists of all-time, but Goldberg was excellent in his own right. He had a strong sense of storytelling (which was very important in the Archie Sunday comic strip that he drew for years) and always had a knack for bold figure work that really drew you in as a reader. Goldberg drew the Archie sequences in the classic Archie Meets Punisher comic. After DeCarlo stopped drawing for Archie, Goldberg was the main artist on the flagship Archie comic title throughout most of the 1990s and well into the 2000s, ending his tenure with the famous recent storyline where Archie marries Veronica and Betty in two alternate futures.

My condolences to his friends and family.

Read on for a classic Goldberg story from 1996…






It’s weird. It’s actually been roughly FIVE years since Goldberg has been working at Archie, but I still feel weird knowing that when I next read a new Archie comic that it definitely won’t carry the work of one of their all-time greatest artists. Luckily, with Archie’s reprint system, new readers will be enjoying Goldberg’s work for years to come (just like DeCarlo has been undoubtedly gaining new fans with all of Archie’s reprints of HIS work over the years). Plus, IDW recently released a volume of the Best of Stan Goldberg as part of their stunning Archie art series (their DeCarlo stuff is amazing). IDW does such great work for comic fans.


Condolences to his family. Great stuff here.

Since he was an early Marvel colorist, was he involved in the switch of the Hulk from gray to green? I would think he was the one who told Stan Lee that the green would be less hit or miss. And I also assume he was partly behind the color choices that were highlighted in the recent FF issue where the FF kids explain to the Impossible Man’s son that he’s a villain because of his purple and green combo, and that the heroes have the primary colors.

Yeah, I imagine that would have been him.

That’s a shame.

I’ve heard that Stan Goldberg was also the person who decided to make The Thing orange.

In any case, while I was never a huge Archie fan, I have read the comic from time to time, especially since I started dating my girlfriend. She grew up reading Archie, and is a fan. Stan Goldberg did good work on those books. I certainly enjoyed The Archie Wedding storyline that Goldberg penciled.

sympathy to stans friends and family for the loss of a true comic legend. his legacy will make him live for ever every time some one opens an old issue of archie he did.

Stan Goldberg supposedly was responsible for designing the color schemes for Marvel’s early 60s superhero costumes, which is impressive as heck because those were legit THE best looking superhero costumes of all time and their color schemes were and still are a big part of the reason why.

But to me he’ll always be best remembered as the artist of the single greatest comic of all time, Archie Meets The Punisher.

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