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There are some great perks to working at Comics Should Be Good and one of the weird ones is that I can see comments as they come in to the site, before they are approved, or rejected, or burned in a frenzy of horror (some awful stuff comes through here, guys). But this weird perk became rather depressing during the most recent round of voting for CSBG’s Top 100 Comic Book Artists and Writers (50 for each category) because almost no ballots had women on them.

It’s not really surprising that given only 20 precious slots to fill (each voter was allowed to vote for 10 artists and 10 writers), and with all the absolutely stunning comics creators over the years that women almost never made it into people’s ballots. Women just haven’t historically had the comics credits to their name and that’s for a variety of reasons both reasonable and less reasonable. But this post is not about examining the past and the how and why we got here, it’s about celebrating what we do have, and what we have had.

While I have no interest in ghettoizing women in comics, watching the voting results come in for the latest CSBG Top 100 Comic Book Artists and Writers in comics was an eye-opener.

And though Fiona Staples managed to break into the artist’s list at an impressive debut of #31 she was only one of two women to make the list at all (Gail Simone made the writers list at #41). Obviously doing an all-time creators list makes for a VERY crowded field and while women have been making comics since comics began there’s no doubt that they were an extreme minority in the early days and really throughout the entire history of comics. Even now when it comes to mainstream comics women remain a somewhat shocking minority despite the insane amount of talent we’re seeing.

In a perfect world, there would be only one “best” list and it would be wonderfully diverse, unfortunately we don’t live in that world.

So, with the intent of shining a spotlight on female creators and getting people thinking about all the great work they have done and are doing, Brian and I decided to run a 50 Top Women Writers and Artists in Comics poll in the month of March (which is of course Women’s History Month). The poll will open Monday (3/2/15) and run for two weeks. At the end of March (3/21-3/31) we’ll have the results. Just like we do for the regular poll, the winners will be broken up into sets and serve as rather wonderful spotlights of their work.

We hope this raised awareness of the great work done and being done by women in comics will be one small drop in the bucket toward eventually having a Top 100 list that includes more than just two women.

Brian, because he is a good kind soul and total pro, will do most of the work. My part has mostly been preparation and it was…involved and exhausting to say the least. Below you’ll find my rather massive and yet somehow still weak attempt to compile a list of every woman that has contributed to comics as a writer or artist (I also made an attempt to include colorists on here even though the poll is technically for writers and artists).

You can use this list to help you in your voting, but mostly I hope you will help me flesh this list out so that we can get the most complete and exhaustive list of women creators possible.

The list is alpha by first name. And I stress again, I NEED your help with this list. It is ONLY the beginning and I hope it will become a constantly evolving document and eventually the place that everyone links to for “the list” of women creators in comics. So, if you see someone missing, please leave it in the comments (name, what they do—writer, artist, colorist—plus at least one project they have worked on, preferably their most notable). Also please feel free to point out any necessary/significant corrections.

AND ESPECIALLY if you are a WOMAN WORKING IN COMICS/A WOMAN THAT HAS WORKED IN COMICS in one of these capacities (writer, artist, colorist) PLEASE add your name and relevant details so we can get you added to the list as soon as possible (and I apologize in advance for missing you, please understand what a massive and basically impossible undertaking this was and look on me with pity…seriously, I hate the alphabet now and my hand is KILLING me from repetitive stress injury T_T).

The list IS international but is obviously weakest when it comes to non-English works since I only read English…well, and a truly pathetic amount of French.

The list currently has over 1700 names and I know we’ve still missed so many, so please spread this post far and wide, and begin adding names to the comments immediately so that we can make it as comprehensive, inclusive, and magnificent as possible.

Also, make sure to vote here and TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE TOO.


– Kelly


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Very cool. I look forward to voting. Some suggestions:

Lucy Bellwood, who’s awesome.

Trish Mulvihill, colorist of several Vertigo books.

Devaki Neogi, who I just found out about because Curb Stomp came out this week.

Should be neat!

Greg – THANK YOU. What does Lucy Bellwood do?

She’s done a comic called Baggywrinkles, one called True Believer, and one called Grand Adventure. Self-published stuff available on her web site.

Thanks. Specifics are our friends here.

“Awesome” isn’t specific enough? :)

Great idea. Thanks for opening it up to colourists. Tatjana Wood will definitely make my list somewhere. Her colour work was responsible for the Vertigo aesthetic that developed in the 80s and predominated on the imprint and in higher class comics throughout the ’90s.
Also, great idea making this list. A lot of women with unusual names might get missed without it. For instance it never clicked with me that Pia Guerra is a woman until I read it there.

Derp. I was surprised “she” was missing from the list so I googled Andrea Di Vito. I’ve been a fan of his work for close to ten years now and always assumed he was a woman…

Very cool and thank you for doing this!

I am a female comic creator currently the colorist on Shadowbinders (shadowbinders.com) and artist for an on going short story and the prologues and epilogues in the new anthology series the Worldwide Odd (worldwide-odd.com). I also just recently started posting my LGBT webcomic The Judgement (thejudgement-comic.tumblr.com) online and have been doing minicomics for two years. I guess you could say I am an indie creator at the moment but I have been applying as a Colorist to companies!

Once again thank you! This is really awesome.

Natalie Nourigat. Her credits include A BOY AND A GIRL, HOME IS WHERE THE INTERNET IS, IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS, and the upcoming OVER THE SURFACE.

I’ve compiled a list of black women who have worked (or are currently working) in comics over at the Ormes Society website: http://theormessociety.com/creators. Hopefully, the list is of some help! Note: webcomic creators have been included. I’m not sure if you’re looking solely for creators of print work.

Jamie: I can’t believe I missed Natalie while I was perusing the list! She, of course, is awesome as well!

Dalarsco: Thanks. While colorists don’t fit soundly in the “creator” side of things the way artists and writers do, they are far too often overlooked and hugely important, so I wanted to try to make this as inclusive as possible.

Jamie: GAH! I definitely thought Natalie was on there. Total oversight – one of VERY MANY I’m sure. Thanks!

Cheryl Lynn: Thank you! I will use your list to further flesh this one out!

Greg: Yup, welcome to my hell.

Sara Pichelli is one of THE best and Elena Casagrande has been killing it on Suicide Risk.

David Spofforth

March 1, 2015 at 11:37 am

One of my favourite golden age artists was Pauline “Pal” Loth (later O’Sullivan) who drew Miss America and Patsy Walker.

Angela and Luciana Giussani created the Italian anti-hero and super criminal who attacks other ciminals Diabolik


Hazel Newlevant: If This Be Sin, Curio

Misty Tang: A Woman of Dust

Maya Kern: Monster Pop

Michelle Czajkowski: Ava’s Demon

me again!

Afua Richardson: Genius


I don’t see Rhianna Pratchett on your list. http://www.rhiannapratchett.com/comics.php

Kelly: Ha! Still, you should be proud. This is an excellent endeavor.

Hannah Berry. She wrote, drew and coloured ‘Britten and Brulightly’ and ‘Adamtine’.

You’ve also missed most of the ladies who create for The Strumpet. Here is the list for the latest issue: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2019502594/strumpet-4-the-friendship-issue

Leila Del Duca – currently drawing Shutter and producing some of my favourite stuff at the moment.
Carolyn Nowak – currently drawing Lumberjanes (not sure if she does other things)
Kate Leth – has drawn Adventure Time graphic novels as well as Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Work, Bravest Warriors books, Kate or Die web comic and launching Power Up (which sounds freaking awesome – magical girl goldfish) in July.

All wonderful people, can’t wait for the list!

Adrienne Roy (color; Batman, Detective Comics, Brave and the Bold)
Alisson Borges (Legends of Oz: The Wicked West)
Christie Scheele (color; Amazing Spider-Man)
Dakota McFadzean (Hallow in the Hollows)
Elaine M. Will (Look Straight Ahead)
Enrica Jang (Cask of Amontillado, House of Montresor, Angel with a Bullet)
F. Lee Hayes (Justice Is Nocturnal)
Goni Montes (Next Testament)
Haemi Jang (Next Testament)
Kate Lacour (Eye See Eye)
Laura Braga (Captain Marvel)
Laura Depuy (color; The Authority)
Laura Lee Gulledge (Drawn Thru: Drawing Through Depression)
Lauren Affe (Five Ghosts; color – Buzzkill)
Leila del Duca (Shutter)
Lynn Marron (Secrets of Sinister House #5)
Lynn Varley (Dark Knight Returns, 300, Daredevil, Ronin, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine)
Mary Wilshire (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19)
Rachelle Rosenberge (Barack the Barbarian)
Sara Turner (Collection of Emily Van Wart, I Dare You)
Tanya Horie (colors; Adventures of Superman)

Wait…@Cellist …the list is already there! You gotta check the list before shouting out names.


This is already insanely time consuming, so you MUST check the list.

Also, PLEASE, rather than link to something (unless you have something like Cheryl Lynn) please put name and the work they do, not a link to them.



E. K. Weaver (writer/artist/colorist) The Adventures of TJ & Amal
Gigi D. G. (writer/artist/colorist) Cucumber Quest
Magnolia Porter (writer/artist/colorist) Bobwhite, Monster Pulse
Kelly Hamilton (writer/artist/colorist) Roza

I’ve done colorist work for The Clockwork Girl & Gates of Midnight (plus drawing/inking/coloring covers on GoM), but you might be making this list exceptionally long if colorists are being added too! :)

Hey guys, you can double check the master list more quickly using CTRL + F (PC) or Command + F (Mac) to open the find box! Type in part of the name you’re looking for and it’ll jump you through the list (or give you a zero if there aren’t any).

Lauren Montgomery. She only had an illustration in Womanthology: Heroic, but also for all her storyboards and directing of DC’s animated features. One of the women I admire most in the wider spectrum of the industry. Good stuff, Ms. Thompson.

Peace, Kelly.

Please add Regine Sawyer of LOCKETT Down Productions.
EATING VAMPIRES is her makn in title.

I will come back and look at the rest of the list and add others.
I am the founder of MECCAcon here in Detroit, MI. :)

Also, you spelled Afua wrong. But it’s great to see her included !

Celia Calle. She drew an issue of Madame Xanadu back in the day, she’s done illustrations for Penthouse (which, yeah), and she’s done a ton of covers, including those for the current Vertigo series The Names.

I don’t know how you would classify her, but shouldn’t there be a special slot for Jenette Kahn?

Please add these two ladies to the list! They’ve both been working in comics for quite a while now:

Kristen Van Dam – Writer, inker, colorist – Minor Acts of Heroism

Adriana Ferguson – Writer, penciler – Minor Acts of Heroism

Is it really shady to ask myself to be put on the list? I have two comics I self publish: Kay and P (www.kayandp.com) and The Adventures of Lady Skylark (www.ladyskylark.com).

I just remembered Marilyn Mercer. She wrote The Secret Files of Dr. Drew in the 1940s. Excellent stuff!

Katherine Collins, whose Neil the Horse is unjustly forgotten.

Thank you for putting me on the list! I am very flattered! This totally made my day.

If you haven’t added her yet, Allison Strejlau. She does the Regular Show comics. :)

(Also…modestly…I was in Womanthology and Womanthology: Space and I just self-published a comic called “Exiles” as writer and artist).

Mike Loughlin

March 1, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Roz Kirby inked some of her husband Jack’s work in the ’50s.

Amelia Woo (Mercy Thompson, Gates of Midnight) artist/inker
D. Lynn Smith (Gates of Midnight) writer
Chifuyu Sasaki (Power Pack, Fantastic Four, Avatar the Last Airbender) artist/inker as “Gurihiru”
Kaoru Mori (A Bride’s Story) artist/inker/tones
Naoko Kawano (Power Pack, Fantastic Four, Avatar the Last Airbender) colorist as “Gurihiru”
Yumi Hotta (Hikaru no Go) writer

Hey could you add my Darkhorse book Misfits of Avalon to my name as well. Thanks!

Val Hochberg (writer/artist/colorist) Mystery Babylon

More female comic creators…

Daphne Lage (Tall Tails)
Dorotea Gizzi (colorist – Grindhouse: Bride of Blood)
Federica Manfredi (Grindhouse: Bride of Blood)
Jen Hickman (colorist – Feathers)
Julia Laquement (colorist – Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters)
Juliana Azevedo (Transmeet)
Julianna Ferrier (colorist – Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man)
Kate Finnegan (colorist – Legends of Oz: The Wicked West)
Lela Gwenn (Hellraiser: Bestiary)
Mirka Andolfo (colorist – Fanboys-vs-Zombies)
Morgan O Shay (Family Album)
Nicole Hollander (Cheval Noir)
Penelope Gaylord (Fanboys-vs-Zombies)
Petra Scotese (colorist – Action Comics Annual #1, Cloak & Dagger, Daredevil, Sensational She-Hulk GN)
Sandra Molina Juan (colorist – Dynamite Comics, Amigo Comics)
Veronica Gandini (colorist – Fearless Defenders)
Wendy Fiore (colorist – Whisper, First Adventures)

Sigh… Me. Writer.

Strawberry Shortcake, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Evil Dead 2, more to be announced this year

Jeff Nettleton

March 1, 2015 at 2:37 pm

Leslie Zahler, who colored then-husband Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg work (and was the model for CG Marakova). Jenette Kahn deserves mention, as a publisher, especially given how she turned DC around; and, Karen Berger, as an editor. Michelle Wolfman did color work at Marvel. cat yronwode, who was the editor of Eclipse, also deserves mention.

Jeffery Catherine Jones should probably be on this list even though most of her comics work was done before she transitioned. A major talent.

Linda Seijic (writer: Sunstone, Bloodstein(webcomic); artist: Bloodstein, Wildfire)
Lara Braga (artist: Witchblade)
-ROM – Darkeness et Folly(artist: Artifacts)


#1. THANK YOU. Thank you to all of you both sharing and adding names. We’ve grown by more than 150 names (I think) just since posting this afternoon. It will take a village, you are that village, thank you!

#2. Everyone relevant from the comments section up to this point has now been added.

#3. I see some editor names (and such) sneaking in. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. Yes, editors are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT generally and to the “women in comics” recognition/conversation specifically, but this is specifically a WRITER/ARTIST list only, so unless they created something also as a writer/artist or worked as a colorist, please DO NOT include them. Jeanette Kahn, Karen Berger, and so many more, crazy important women to comics…but this particular list is not about them.

#4. Lastly, I’d really personally appreciate it if both fans/readers and creators alike could leave the snark and annoyance at the door when suggesting names to be added. Before you leave a snarky comment, perhaps FIRST consider trying to do this list yourself (in your spare time for essentially no pay)…how well do you think you would fare? Yeah. That’s right.)

SECONDLY, if that idea doesn’t stop you from a snarky comment, take a moment to imagine a young Kelly Thompson (she’s about 13) taking a geography test to see if she could name all 50 States at a little desk in the big ol’ state of UTAH. Watch as Kelly, thinking herself very clever, finishes her test in about five minutes. Except she only has 49 states. Watch as Kelly RACKS HER TINY FREAKING BRAIN for the remaining 45 minutes of her class trying to think of the 50th state…which was of course UTAH. THE STATE WHERE SHE LIVES.

So, yeah. Things get missed. It’s not personal. Let’s not be jerks about it, yeah? :)

Where’s Amy Reeder, Jill Thompson, Jenny Frisson, Becky Cloonan, Genevive Valentine, Yuko Shimizu, G. Willow Wilson? All these writers and artists are damn fine and should have been on this list.

Emily Warren Rice – (Adventure Time covers – artist, Zenescope covers colors/artist, Teahouse -artist/colorist/writer, Women of Marvel artist etc etc)

Opps forgot one!
Chondra Echert (Sanchez) Co-Writer/Creator on Translucid, Key of Z and Kill Audio for BOOM! Studios.

*Whistle* Look at this nice long list of ladies! (Thanks for including me!) :D Most of my list is already on your list, but I’d suggest adding…
1) Angie Wang, who isn’t primarily a cartoonist, but her “Girl Apocalypse” comic is one of my favorites in my collection. :) http://okchickadee.com/
2) Cat Farris (Emily & The Strangers, The Last Diplomat)
3) Mathilde Domecq (Paola Crusoé)
4) Margaux Motin (La tectonique des plaques)

@Hassan: I don’t know what you’re talking about LITERALLY every single woman you listed is already on the list.

This is very cool! I went through my stats notes for DC and Marvel for the past few years and here are a few names I didn’t see:

Lauren Beukes (writer, Fairest)
Nicole Dubuc (writer, Flash Annual #2)
Cat Staggs (artist, Smallville)
Amanda Deibert (writer, Sensation Comics)
K. Perkins (writer, Supergirl)
Brooke Eikmeier (writer, The Flash Season Zero)
Katherine Walczak (writer, The Flash Season Zero)
Mary H.K. Choi (writer, Vertigo Quarterly: Black)
Irene Koh (artist, Secret Origins #10)
Keto Shimizu (writer, Arrow Season 2.5)
Claire Wendling (cover, Convergence: Catwoman)
Kai Wu (writer, The Flash Season Zero)
Lauren Certo (writer, The Flash Season Zero)
Lauren Petty (writer, Vertigo Quarterly; SFX)
Laurie Penny (writer, Vertigo Quarterly: SFX)
Yishan Li (artist, Convergence: Blue Beetle)
Saida Temofonte (letterer, Smallvile, Senastion Comics)
Jana Schirmer (cover artist, Red She-Hulk)
Kate Brown (artist, Young Avengers)
Emma Vieceli (artist, Young Avengers)
Siya Oum (cover artist, Spider-Woman)
Jenny Parks (cover artist, Wolverine and the X-Men)
Sas Christian (cover artist, Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides)
Ariela Kristantina (artist, Wolverines)
Carmen Carnero (artist, The Punisher)
Victoria Pal (cover artist, Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides)
Elia Bonetti (artist, Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy)
Nicole Virella (artist, Return of the Living Deadpool)
Vanessa Del Ray (cover artist, Black Widow)
Yasmine Putri (cover artist, Secret Wars)

Great list going there… one name I know of that’s missing though is Ash Barnes (pretty sure that’s her last name…) she’s the co-writer of Sister Claire with Elena Barbarich.

Graham Johnson

March 1, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Caroline Johnson (Artist – Of Stars and Swords)

Keiko Takemiya – Terra E
Xia Da – ??? ?Zi Bu Yu?, ?????? ?Gesula Bu Shuo Hua?? ???
Konami Kanata – Chi’s Sweet Home
Miaowu – ??? ?You Mao Zai?
Claire Belton – I am Pusheen the Cat

Sylv Taylor, cover colors on A VOICE IN THE DARK, and soon interiors as well. Cover gallery is linked above.


March 1, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Hopefully I didn’t just miss these or they haven’t been added later. If so, apologies.
(also want to note I’m not mentioning all their works, just the ones I have familiarity with).

Sho Murase (me2 and several Nancy Drew GNs)
Asuka Katsura (blood + manga)
Mi-Kyung Yun (Bride of the Water God)
Ryu Mizunagi (Witchcraft Works)
Shoko Konami [Conami] (Shinobi Life)

Merideth Gran please! She has a webcomic, Octopus Pie, and has published several books of comics from it. She’s also was a writer on the Marcelline and the Scream Queens vol 1 adventure time books.

What about Kate Leth? She works on Bravest Warriors and the Adventure Time graphic novels :)

I toss my hat in the ring.

Alex Heberling — The Hues (writer/artist), Evil Inc. (colorist)

@Tim Hanley! I totally should have recruited you into this madness! How could I have been so BLIND! AHHH!

Anyway, a lot of the ladies you list are on there, but plenty are not. I need a break (hand is killing me) but I’ll update later. Thank you so much for posting this list!

Anina Bennett – writer of Heartbreakers and Boilerplate.

I’m glad Natalie mentioned Cat Farris. I thought of her while I was out and about. Now you have me thinking of people while I’m running errands. DAMN YOU THOMPSON!!!!! :)

Please guys, I love your excitement, but you have to check the list. This is a monster to keep track of and add to…I may ACTUALLY die in the process…so please check the list.

Case in point. Kate Leth and Meredith Gran are DEFINITELY already on the list.

thank you so much for adding me to the list!
I am so happy and honoured to be recognised as a creator of BloodStain :)

However, I do not like taking credit for Sunstone, since both story and art is completly my husbands work.
The only collaboration that happens between me and my husband is when we bounce ideas and brainstorm, and when we need gender specific advices from each other in order for our characters to feel they are written more natural.

I have also done work as an artist on a Top Cow book called Wildfire, which was written by Matt Hawkins,
and have done colors on a book called 39 minutes, also by Top Cow.

Mary Cagle (Kiwi Blitz)
Robyn E. Kenealy (American Captain)

This is a very cool idea. I voted for several women on my list – Emma Rios and Stephanie Hans are my top two artists, Kelly Sue DeConnick is one of me top writers (I honestly don’t remember if I had any other women on my writer list), and I was disappointed at how few women actually got mentioned on either list. 100 names, and only two women? That’s disconcerting.

So this poll is definitely going to be very cool.

Webcomics being counted might make it even tougher for me, which is pretty cool.

Noelle Stevenson

Karen KEZ Howard, creator of What it Takes and The War of Winds.



Noelle Stevenson is definitely already there.

You guys gotta check the list. PLEASE.

Hi there! I’m Meg “Bugbyte” Koss and I write/draw Messenger and co-write/draw Follower.

Kelly has had to say that way too many times. Getting left off initially is understandable but sorting through 40-60 comments afterwards peppered with names that were already on the list is disheartening.

In the interest of those who still need to be added, people PLEASE read the list before you suggest a name.

Mimi Gold wrote issues of Amazing Adventures and Iron Man, and colored comics including Conan the Barbarian.

Also, if you’re counting published webcomics, Kate Beaton.

Me! I wrote MAGDALENA: SEVENTH SACRAMENT for Top Cow this year, breaking in as a Talent Hunt winner, and have more to announce in a few months! :D My artist was also a lady – Aileen Oracion.

Kelly Turnbull (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Platinum Black)

I see Mairghread Scott, the writer of Transformers: Windblade, on the list, but not Sarah Stone, who provides the absolutely gorgeous artwork for the series.

I’m Terrana Cliff and I make Nwain, a webcomic.

Jacqueline Ching-(Milestone editor and writer-Static (first volume of Static 3 issues)
Erica Helene (Writer for Static and inspired one of the episodes of Static Shock)
Maddie Blaustein (Static writer, also Hardware & Deathwish writer)

OKAY. Me again. I gotta take a REAL break (hand KILLING me)…but everyone up to this point in the comments section has been added/updated/etc.

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow…off to ice my hand…keep them coming in though!



It would be really great if you could add

Tamara Bonvillain – colorist on Blackout, Beastiary, Curse, Fantastic Four,Penny Dora, Sleepy Hollow, Wayward and more
Kelly Fitzpatrick – colorist on Dark Engine, Peter Panzerfaust, Rat Queens, Batman ’66 & more
Georgia Webber – indie comics artist Dumb, Hairpin, &c
Christianne Goudreau – Full Circle artist, Dark Horse Productions
Taneka Stotts – writer Gran Grimoire, Full Circle, Beyond Anthology
Marissa Louise – colorist Semiautomagic, RoboCop, Escape From New York &c
Jackie Crofts – artist Nutmeg, children’s books
Terri Nelson – artist/wrtire Trixie Comix
Tristan Tarwater – writer Back That Elf Up
Brooke A Allen – artist Lumberjanes
Carrie Strachan – colorist, formerly of WildStorm
Savanna Ganucheau – colorist Toe Tag Riot, unannounced books

Thank you

Amanda Conner — Power Girl, Harley Quinn, etc…
Nicola Scott — Birds of Prey, Secret Six

Oh, and Madeleine Flores (Help Us! Great Warrior)!!

Good job, Kelly! Please don’t die! :,D

I’m Susan S. and I’m the writer/artist for the webcomic Fantastique*Magick.

Travis Pelkie

March 1, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Before I check to see if the names that come to mind are on the list, let me say kudos for doing all this hard work of listing these creators. A ton of work but much appreciated.

Also, I love that geography quiz story. HA! Did you come up with Utah before having to hand the test in?

Is Max Wittert a woman? If so, she should be on the list. And who does American Captain? I don’t know her name, but she should be on the list too. Also, I want Rachel Edidin to write and draw a quick comic so she can qualify on a technicality despite being an editor.

Hi! Thank you so much for all your hardwork! Here are some names that you’re missing on the list: Alice Meichi Li ( Cover Artist -Megaman, Elephantmen, Penciling- Reading with Pictures), Barbara Brandon-Croft (Cartoonist- Where I’m Commin’ From), Delia Gable (Artist- A Ninja Named Stan, Dash, Eating Vampires), Micheline Hess, (Writer and Artist- Malice in Ovenland), Phyllis Novin (Inker- The Simpsons, Futurama, Shi).

Christopher Swaby

March 1, 2015 at 7:16 pm

This is a fantastic idea. Next year, I’d like to see a similar poll in February for Black History Month.

How could you leave off Val Staples, Andrea Sorrentino, Valerie Schiti, and Simone Bianchi?!? They do amazing work!!!

Travis Pelkie

March 1, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I see what you did there, Bostwick.

Hi there! I’ve written and illustrated a few different comics like Trying Human, Alternating Current, and The Mysterious Disappearance of Frederick Valentich.

Nicole Mannino – writer and artist of This is Not Fiction
Minna Sundberg – writer and artist of A Redtail’s Dream and Stand Still. Stay Silent.

Both are incredibly talented and, from what I see, not on the list!!


March 1, 2015 at 7:56 pm

This is a wonderful idea & list!
Please add these wonderful ladies:
Megan Lavey-Heaton (writer) & Isabelle Melancon (illustrator) – Namesake
Pascalle Lepas – Zap! (Illustrator) & Wilde Life (writer/illustrator)

Nancy A. Collins is also writing the current Vampirella series and has contributed to a couple Red Sonja minis.

While I’m not particularly important, I’m a woman in comics. Briana Higgins, co-author and artist of the completed webcomic “Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer” (www.rmtoads.com) as well as the current letterer for “Hero Cats” by Action Lab comics (www.herocatscomic.com). I’ve also penciled and inked a few different indie comics including “The Book on Me” by Todd Goodman and a few issues of “Simon Says” by Matthew Smith.

Nansi Hoolahan (80s/90s DC colorist, Booster Gold, Firestorm, ‘Mazing Man, Mister Miracle, Superboy, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest)

I did a Ctrl-F, but did not find Paty Cockrum (or Paty Greer…). Paty worked on My Love, The Cat, OHOTMU, Wally Wood’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Nightcrawler, Barbie Fashion, and Elfquest. And, speaking of Elfquest, Wendy Pini.

Also Christy Marx, your predecessor at Jem.
Hope this helps!

I don’t really have anything to contribute as far as names go, but I just wanted to express some much overdue gratitude for shiny some light on these women. There needs to be a regular column that focuses on women in the industry. A spotlight once a week would go a long way of raising the awareness. Perhaps in five years or sooner we can look at the top 50 list and see more than a few women crack the list. Awareness is the key for progress, the talent is there, its just a matter of getting consumers aware of who these female creators are.

Amber Williams (webcomic Dan & Mab’s Furry Adventure [DMFA])
Anne Onymous (webcomic The Wotch)
Brittany Furst (webcomics Undertow, Poultry Arisen!)
CJ Burgandy (webcomic Burgandy Comics, Inc.)
Cowgirl Em (webcomic DeoxyriboNucleic Anarchy!)
Distance E. Larkins (webcomic The Adventures of Wristance)
Emi-chan (webcomic Okashina Okashi Strange Candy)
Jaggedclaw (webcomic Death G. Reaper)
Kate Ashwin (webcomics Darken, Widdershins)
Kathryn Garrison (webcomic Carry On)
Kittyhawk (webcomic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki [SGVY])
Le Renard Roux (webcomic The Wolf at Weston Court)
Liz Inverse (webcomic The Demonic Adventures of Angel Witch Pita)
Maritza Campos (webcomics College Roomies From Hell!!!, Power Trip, printed comic CFRH Comics)
Riley McCool (webcomics Public Humiliation, Habibah’s Song)
Rufiangel (webcomic Serpamia Flare)
Starline X. Hodge (webcomic Candi)

I have two names for the list:

Ashley Cope (Unsounded)
Meg Gandy (Godsend, Spera)

Both really amazing creators, both on the writing and the art front!

Isabel Greenberg- Encyclopedia of Early Earth, one of my favorites.

Oh and I just realized that Faith Erin Hicks, Vera Brosgol, and Katie Shanahan aren’t on the list yet!



You thought I forgot Christy Marx?!?

I say again: -_-

I don’t know what list you guys are actually checking…but A LOT of these recommendations are already on there.

@Granello: Kate Beaton, one of the most popular comics creators in all of comics is certainly on the list.

@Matt Goldey: Amanda Conner and Nicola Scott, two of the most famous women artists in American comics are MOST CERTAINLY on the list.

@Ally RC: Faith Erin Hicks and Vera Brosgol are most certainly on the list. I will add Katie Shanahan though.

@Travis Pelkie: Thanks for reading my story. :) I DID NOT come up with Utah. I only got 49 out of 50. One of my many great academic failures.

Hi Kelly,
Sorry, I don’t recognize that emoticon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoticon lists it represents a bad feeling. If so, sorry. However, a Ctrl-F doesn’t find Christy…

The few I could think of are already on the list, so I’ll throw in a couple of Quebec ladies who do great stuff!
(Was kinda surprised you already have Zviane)

-Estelle Bachelard (better known as just Bach) who has a graphic novel called C’est Pas Facile D’Être Une Fille, and regularly posts strips on her sites.
-Genevieve FT, who has done some work/covers for Archie, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Garfield and a few others.

And if you’re gonna list Rosario Dawson, maybe you should add Alyssa Milano for her Hacktivist series, tho I have no idea if she actually writes any of it.

Ctrl-F finds Marx when I do it (in fact it finds Marx more than once)

And yes, it’s a “bad feeling” emoticon.

No one to add to the list, I really like the idea of it, I just wanted to saw how much of a fan that I am of Rachelle Rosenberg’s coloring. I know she isn’t elligible for either Writer or Artist category but I do enjoy her work. Her and Laura Martin are two of my favorite colorist at the moment.

I love this idea and it’s surprising to me how many women creators there are. It really makes me want to look up some of them and see their work. Can’t say I envy you the process, however.

I read the list and my apologies if I missed it, but I would submit Cari Corene. She writes/draws/colors the web/print comic Toilet Genie (storyofthedoor.com)

I look forward to seeing this list grow until it needs its own database.

Just thought of another one… Shilin Huang, who writes and draws the webcomic Carciphona

Jun Mochizuki – Pandora Hearts
Bisco Hatori – Ouran High School Host Club
Chloe C. – Go Get a Roomie
Katie Tiedrich – Awkward Zombie

Hello !
My name is Yllya and I’m a french comic artist for about 10 years now. I draw “Marie-Lune” for the french editor Vents d’ouest and “Isaline” for the french editor Bamboo.
I would like to draw your attention on my colleague too, Sylvia Douyé, who is the writer of “Marie-lune” and “Lépée de cristal” another french comic for the french editor Vents d’ouest
Thank you for this list, that’s a wonderful idea !

Travis Pelkie

March 2, 2015 at 1:45 am

notes first — apologies if anything seems too nitpicky, as I know you put a ton of work into this.

Elizabeth Breitweiser is misspelled. As is Stephenie Meyer of Twilight fame. Do not judge me for knowing that one without looking it up!

Laura Martin and Laura Depuy are the same person (Martin nee Depuy, to be precise).

I’m not sure, are Lauren and Laurie Petty the same person?

Under Liz Donnelly the New Yorker is misspelled.

I’d add Babymouse to Jennifer Holm’s credits. Good stuff.

Molly Crabapple did work for X-Factor?! Really? I suppose I might put Scarlett Takes Manhattan, Strange Tales, Girl Comics, and/or Occupy Comics for her. That’s up to you.

And I’m not sure of the correct protocol for referring to trans people. Should it be indicated under Maddie Blaustein that the credits for those comics were listed as Adam Blaustein? Should Katherine Collins have it be indicated that Neil the Horse was done when she was still known as Arn Saba? I don’t know. No disrespect is intended on my part, however. I just think that it may confuse someone looking this up and wondering why the name listed isn’t in the credits.

Travis Pelkie

March 2, 2015 at 1:53 am

And then additions:

Angela Bocage (Wimmen’s Comix)

Audrey Niffenegger (The Three Incestuous Sisters, The Adventuress) (hey, Wikipedia sez they’re GNs!)

Barb Rausch (Barbie, Neil the Horse)

Cathy Leamy (Geraniums and Bacon, Reggie and Brian and the Lousy Nickname)

Denise Loubert (Wimmin’s Comix, also publisher of A-V and Renegade) (aka Deni Sim)

Francoise Mouly (best known for her work with RAW and New Yorker covers, but also colored some Marvel comics in the late ’70s)

Holly Black (The Good Neighbors)

Jenni Gregory (Dreamwalker)

Marsha Cooke (and Candis Cooke) (Teenage Satan, webcomic with Stephanie Buscema)

Zolastraya (Zolastraya and the Bard, from the late 80s. She also briefly dated Dave Sim, which is about the only reason I know of this comic)

Also, for future reference when including editors and such

Jackie Estrada (ed. Supernatural Law/Wolff and Byrd, as well as involvement with SDCC, etc)

Nadine Messner-Loebs (I believe that’s her name. She helped out with husband Bill on Journey, iirc)

That’s what I come up with fairly easily. I’ll be looking for my copy of Wimmen’s Comix as well as a few other things. Great stuff, and thanks for all the hard work!

Wendy Pini – Elfquest

After doing a search of this whole list including comments, Bilquis Evely, the woman who’s on the SHAFT series and was on Doc Savage is missing from this list.

(artist) Jackie Crofts – Nutmeg comic
(writer) Chelsea Grayson – Rigamo
(artist) Sharon Lee De La Cruz – Rigamo
Kiara Williams – Electric Rose (web comic)

I’d like to add Lindsay C. Walker. She is a comic book artist/illustrator from Australia that has worked on The Phantom, Zombies Vs Cheerleaders, Kolchak/Sherlock Holmes, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Voltron. Plus she is openly trans*.

This is quite some undertaking! I hope it doesn’t send you mad, although I supose the fact that the list is eternal and ever-growing brings its own ppsitive message.

Some names from the UK (I did check the list, honest! I hope these are all new to you)

Katie Green – wrote and drew the memoir ‘lighter than my shadow’
Laura Howell – writes and draws regular strips in the Beano, including Dennis the Menace
Myra Hancock – wrote ‘Sticky Fingers’ for Crisis and ‘Tao de Moto’ for 2000AD
Hilary Robinson – wrote ‘Medivac 318′, ‘Tales from the Doghouse’ and ‘Chronos Carnival’ for 2000AD
Maya Gavin – drew a handful of Judge Dredd episodes for the Megazine
Angie Mills / Kincaid – co-created and drew Slaine for 2000AD
Eva de la Cruz – colourist on Judge Dredd and all sorts of stuff for 2000AD

Not from the UK
Simone Lia – writer/artist on Fluffy
Sarah Leavitt – writer/artist on Tangles

I’d like to add a few more.

Alice Mei Chi Li – Once Upon A Time Machine, Reading with Pictures
Jodi “J3T” Tong – Bunny Mom, House of LSD, Lang Lang
Sara Woolley – Los Pirineos
Selina Briggs – The Jelly Empire

Bilquis Evely (artist on Shaft)

I forgot Leila Abdul Razzaq creator of the Baddawi comic out this year.

Hey! Thank you so much for doing this!

A small correction:

E.K. Weaver’s comic is actually titled, “The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal”

Stephen in NW Ohio

March 2, 2015 at 8:29 am

My apologies if these creators have already been suggested–I did not see them in the comments or on the list.

Leslie Gauthier (artist, Aw Yeah Comics!)

Mardou (writer/artist, Sky in Stereo, Anaïs in Paris)

Sharlene Kindt (artist/colorist, Mind MGMT, Dark Horse Presents)

Tressina Bowling (artist, Shinobi: Ninja Princess, writer/artist of Dracullama)

Comfort Love (writer/artist, Rainbow in the Dark, The Uniques)

Emily Zelasko (writer/artist of Snow, contributing artist to Zelda’s Zombie Zoo)

Kelly O’Hara (contributing artist to Zelda’s Zombie Zoo)

Renee Witterstaetter–though primarily known as an editor, she has also written comics (writer, Savage Sword of Conan)

Dang, I forgot about Bilquis Evely, but the colorist on both Doc Savage and Shaft (which she drew) is Daniela Miwa.

Three more for your list!

Anne Elizabeth (writer–Pulse of Power, The Pendulum, Power Play, Hall of Insides, Zombie Power)

Jessi Sheron (writer/artist–Claire the Flare, The Evil Queen; artist–Princeless: Tales of the Family Ashe)

Joy Taney (penciler/inker–Zombie Power 3; assistant inker–Sonic Boom 4-6; background inker–Sonic Boom 7)

Thanks very much for compiling this list! A few to add off the top of my twitter following list, though I have a TON more to get in here when I have time-

Megan Brennan (artist- Pencil Pup, School of World)
Rebecca Mock (Four Points)
Amelia Onorato (Rockall)
Sarah Becan (Cartozia Tales)
Jessi Zabarsky (Witchlight)
Marguerite Dabaie (A Voyage to Panjikant)
and me! Carey Pietsch (Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift)

Melissa Pagluica (Artist/Writer – Above the Clouds, Adventure Time cover artist)

I’m not sure, but should Elizabeth Marston be included? She was never credited in a comic book (that I know of) but she deserves to be included for co-creating Wonder Woman and supplying some dialogue, right?

Great idea, Kelly!

some of my favorite webcomickers:
– Rebecca Cohen (The Adventures of Gynostar)
– Elsa Kroese (Spindrift)
– Kennedy Cooke-Garza (Superbitch!)

some awesome creators i just met this weekend at the Long Beach Comic Expo:
– Kat Rocha (Utopiates, Titanium Rain)
– Tanya Bjork (Havenhurst)
– and Emy Bitner! but she already left a comment herself ;)

Richmond Lewis (colorist, Batman: Year One)

Diana Shultz should be on the list, as writer of Grendel: Devil Child (and a few other short works)

more Awesome creators:
Katie Rice (Camp Weedonwantcha, skady)
Aviv or (Arinea, Deadline, V2, uptofourplayers)
Dorit Maya Gur (falafelman)

David Spofforth

March 2, 2015 at 11:17 am

Some other suggestions (I checked the list twice – honest!)

Carole Seuling (Creator/writer of Shanna the She Devil)
Jean Thomas (writer of Night Nurse)
Bernie Jaye (most notably editor in chief of Marvel UK during the Alan Moore era, but eligible for being on the list as writer of Dark Angel and colourist on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD)

David Spofforth

March 2, 2015 at 11:19 am

Oh yes and:

Yvonne Hutton (artist – Roy of the Rovers)

Thanks so much for doing this, Kelly.

Here’s one for you:

T.P Louise, writer (Lore, Beautiful War)

Okay guys. We are updated up to this point in the comments section.

Thank you so much for your help with this. The list is growing rapidly (and impressively) could not have done it without you.

And SUPER THANK YOU to MOST of you who are doing a great job of checking the list carefully (good idea to double check with a control F or command F search) before posting. I really appreciate it and those of you being careful make me want to kill myself less. So, yeah, THANK YOU. :)

@Travis Pelkie

My understanding is that a trans person wants to only be referred to as their new/correct name that they are using.

I will of course respect any creator that gets in touch and would like me to list multiple names as it should be her choice above all, but as a general rule I am defaulting to only using the name she chooses to use publicly, regardless of work possibly being published under an old name.

I understand that can be confusing, especially since I have tried to list other aka names creators have been credited with, including married/unmarried name changes, but this issue is a bit different and more sensitive than just pen names and married names.

Elizabeth Breitweiser does a great job with the coloring on “Velvet,” and Becky Cloonan is knocking “Gotham Academy” out of the park.

I’ve checked out some of Gail Simone’s work, since she seems so worshiped by comic fans, but I find her overrated. The recent “Tomb Raider” was especially atrocious.

Okay, just my 100 cents:

— Some writers/artists not on the list (when I loaded the page):

Akiko Shimojima (The 47 Ronin, Cold Mountain)
Alissa Torres (American Widow)
Angie Hoffmeister (Nocturne)
Anne Opotowsky (His Dream of the Skyland, Nocturne)
Annie Owens (Ouchclub)
Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking)
Aya Morton (His Dream of the Skyland)
Camille Rose Garcia (Blab, Mirror Black Mirror)
Carol Swain (Foodboy, Crossing the Empty Quarter, Gast)
Catherine Doherty (Can of Worms)
Ché Gilson [Che Gilson] (Avigon)
Daphne Gottlieb (Jokes and the Unconscious)
Diane DiMassa (Jokes and the Unconscious)
Elaine Will (Look Straight Ahead, Dustship Glory)
Ingrid Vang Nyman (Pippi Longstocking)
Julia Gfrörer [Julia Gfrorer] (Black Is the Color, Mammoth Book of Cult Comics)
Kat Verhoeven (Towerkind)
Kiyohiko Azuma (Azumanga Daioh, Yotsuba)
Kyoko Okazaki (Pink, Helter Skelter)
Leslie Stein (Yeah It Is)
Lilli Carré (Tales of Woodsman Pete)
Linda Sejic (39 Minutes, Wildfire, Bloodstain)
Liz Plourde (How I Made the World)
Madison Clell (Cuckoo)
Mandy Ord (Wilnot, Brick Dog, DeeVee)
Marisa Marchetto (Cancer Vixen)
Meags Fitzgerald (Photobooth)
Miki Aihara (Hot Gimmick)
Miriam Engelberg (Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person)
Miriam Katin (We Are on Our Own)
Mo Oh (Lily Renée Escape Artist)
Moyoco Anno (Flowers & Bees, Sakuran, Insufficient Direction, In Clothes Called Fat)
Natsumi Aida (Switch Girl)
Nina Bunjevac (Fatherland)
Posy Simmonds (Gemma Bovery, Tamara Drewe)
Rachael Smith (House Party)
Sarah Becan (Shuteye)
Sarah Leavitt (Tangles)
Shary Flenniken (Trots and Bonnie)
Shu Okimoto (The Drops of God)
Sungyoon Choi (American Widow)
Yayoi Ogawa (Tramps Like Us)

— Some colorists not on the list:

Giulia Brusco (colorist – Scalped)
Marguerite Van Cook (colorist – Seven Miles a Second)
Megan Wilson (colorist – And Then Emily Was Gone)
Patricia Mulvihill: see at Trish Mulvihill

— Most colorists have a “(colorist – ” tag, but not at least:

Lynn Varley (colorist –
Tatjana Wood (colorist –

— Some typos or notes:

Anouk Ricard : Anna et Froga => Anna & Froga {as translated at Drawn & Quarterly}
Debbie Drescher => Drechsler {with an -L-}
Kate Beaton : Hark A Vagrant! => Hark! A Vagrant
Katherine Collins => Katherine Collins [then as Arn Saba]
Renee French => Renée French [Renee French]

About Hiromu Arakawa: the listed NOBLE FARMER is great but it’s not been translated (and probably never will, just as her SILVER SPOON, for that matter), so it probably shouldn’t be listed here? (Apparently someone created their entry on Wikipedia under a translated name, maybe the anime was, but not the manga.)

About “Fumiyo Köno”: her name is romanized Fumiyo Kouno (or Fumiyo Kôno). Also, why give the Japanese title since this one has been translated? Her entry should be more like:

Fumiyo Kouno [Fumiyo Kôno] (Town of Evening Calm Country of Cherry Blossoms)

— Some listed creators are missing works titles (sometimes stuff they’re better known for) that could be added to their entry:

Aline Kominsky-Crumb: Need More Love, Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales
Alison Bechdel: Are You My Mother?
Anne Timmons: Lily Renée Escape Artist
Ariel Schrag: Likewise
Carla Speed McNeil: Queen & Country, Bad Houses
Carol Lay: The Big Skinny
Gabrielle Bell: Cecil and Jordan in New York, The Voyeurs
Hope Larson: Gray Horses
Jane Irwin: Vögelein [Vogelein]
Jennifer Daydreamer: Encephalon
Julie Doucet: My New York Diary, My Most Secret Desire
Junko Mizuno: Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, Princess Mermaid
Lea Hernandez: Cathedral Child, Clockworks Angels
Leela Corman: Subway Series
Marguerite Abouet: Aya => Aya [Life in Yop City, Love in Yop City]
Marjane Satrapi: Chicken with Plums, Embroideries
Megan Kelso: Queen of the Black Black, The Squirrel Mother
Melinda Gebbie: Fresca Zizis
Molly Crabapple: Occupy Comics
Raina Telgemeier: The Baby-Sitters Club
Renée French: Marbles in My Underpants, Micrographica, The Soap Lady, The Ticking, H Day, Baby
Roberta Gregory: Naughty Bits => Naughty Bits [aka Bitchy Bitch]
Roz Chast: Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant?
Sara Ryan: Bad Houses
Tatiana Gill: A Strange Day
Trina Robbins: Go Girl!, Lily Renée Escape Artist

NOTE: One reason for listing variants such as “Renée French [Renee French]” or “Vögelein [Vogelein]” is that search engines will find it better if both versions are given (the correct one and the one sans diacritics).

No mention of Oglaf beside Trudy Cooper? I would think it’s probably actually more famous than Platinum Grit. I’d never heard of Platinum Grit before, though I will be checking it out later.

And actually, Travis’ comment about transgender creators reminded me of Jocelyn Samara, writer-artist of the webcomic Rain. I doubt she’d end up on anyone’s list – she’s not on mine – but hey, she’s at least worth adding to the big list, I figure.


Thanks for the list. I will go through and add the ones that are missing (there are a number you’ve listed that are on here already, but plenty are also not, so I will flesh out as necessary).

This list is not about listing all of a creator’s works or being comprehensive in that way, rather about listing enough to identify creators positively so that hopefully readers will both recognize them and/or be able find them on their own. As such I’m not going to be adding in all these other titles you’ve attached to names, and unless we’ve got errors or a just SHOCKING omission of an important work/creator I’d ask others not to try to pile on with adding works to creators already on the list. I’d rather focus on getting women on this list than in listing all the already listed women’s relevant works.

Unfortunately, there’s just no way for me to easily include special characters in all these names. I’m really sorry about that but I’m only one woman and often my keyboard can’t even accommodate the special characters. Thus rather than using them infrequently or only in some cases I opted to just not use them at all.

Search names without any special characters when trying to verify whether names are there or not. There are no special characters so searching with a special character may well prevent that name from showing up.

Stephen in NW Ohio

March 2, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Aimee Fleck (writer/artist of Bee and Puppycat, Lumberjanes)

Amanda Rachels (artist of Flesh of White)

Barbara Canepa (writer/colorist of Sky Doll)

Cece Bell (writer/artist of El Deafo)

Erica J. Heflin (writer of Wonderland, Flesh of White)

Jenn Blake (artist of My Little Pony: Friends Forever)

Laurianne Uy (writer/artist of Polterguys)

Linda Lessmann Reinhold (colorist of Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider)

Thanks everyone. Everything up to this point in the comments section has been updated as necessary. Thanks!

And as an aside, hopefully everyone who submitted an addition to the list will also vote in the poll. :)

So happy to see so many of my underappreciated faves already on this list, let’s see who else I’ve got in there.

*cracks knuckles*

Alberta Tewks (Golden Age artist with Holyoke, Charlton, Comic Media, and Harwell Publications)
Alex Wang (Leonardo’s Travels http://leonardotravels.thewebcomic.com/)
Alice Kirkpatrick (Golden Age artist; Betty Bates, Lady-at-Law; Sally O’Neil, Policewoman)
Amruta Patil (Kari, Adi Parva)
Andrea Tsurumi (Andrew Jackson Throws a Punch, But Suddenly, an Octopus!)
Barbara Shermund (New Yorker cartoonist)
Christiann MacAuley (Sticky Comics, Cosmo.com)
Emmy Cicieriga (Gravity Falls, B9,
Etta Hulme (NCS Award-winning editorial cartoonist)
Eva Mirabel/Mirabal (G.I. Gertie)
Fran Deitrick Hopper (Fiction House)
Grazia Nidasio (Valentina Mela Verde, Stefi)
Jean Levander (Fiction House, Holyoke)
Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl, Immola and the Luna Legion)
Lana Wachowski (as Larry: Doc Frankenstein, Ectokid, Hellblazer, The Matrix Comics)
Lillian Chestney (Classics Illustrated)
Lina Buffolente (considered “la Signora del fumetto” in Italy)
Liza Donnelly (New Yorker cartoonist)
Lou Rogers (Suffragist editorial cartoonist)
Katherine Wirick (Nervenkrank, No One Is Safe)
Polly Guo (Houdini & Holmes, Smut Peddler)
Ramona Patenaude (Iger studio artist)
Signe Wilkinson (Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist)
Weshoyot Alvitre (Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Once Upon A Time Machine, and Graphic Classics Vol. 24: Native American Classics)

Just wanted to comment to correct the spelling of my name (Jody Houser) and add a few more recent credits (Orphan Black, Avengers: No More Bullying, Vertigo CMYK: Magenta). Thanks!

Haha I guess I have to add myself :P

Anne Szabla – writer/artist of Bird Boy, Cealdian

Me! Jocelyn Gajeway Writer of Sullengrey, and My Blacks Don’t Match!

Kim Hutchison and Kari Castor (cowriters of Shahrazad)
Jenevieve Broomall (cover artist for a variety of titles from publishers Big Dog Ink and Aspen)

Rebecca Hicks of Little Vampires!
And awesome editor/co-writer of Lumberjanes Shannon Watters!

O Human Star’s Blue Delliquanti is misspelled as “Blue Delinquant”

Kiyohiko Azuma is not a woman. He writes about female characters, and makes them funny, but he is male.

I figure I should add my name to this living document. Valerie Finnigan, at your service. I’ve scripted some short stories for the anthology “Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan,” contributed my small take on zombie horror in Guild Works Publishing”s “Worst Case Scneario: Outbreak,” wrote Korean War, vol. 2, and I’ve got a couple of other writing and editing projects pending.

Don’t forget about Natsuki Takaya! She wrote and drew Fruits Basket, which I still think is one of the best supernatural/romance/young adult manga around.

Petra Erika Nordlund (Leppu) is drawing a webcomic called Prague Race

Jenny Clements (@StressedJenny) was not on list

Another to add to the list:

?ima Yoshitoki – Artist and Writer of the UH-MAZingly good manga Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

That’s Oima Yoshitoki. The O had a line over it, to indicate a long ‘o’, I think…

Wow. The list is pretty spectacular. I can only imagine the insane amount of work you had to do.

Here are some names I couldn’t find on the list:

Joana Afonso (Living Will; O Baile) – Portuguese artist
Béatrice Tillier (Fée et tendres automates) – French artist
Anina Bennett (Heartbreakers Superdigest)
Lori Almeida (Dark Horse Presents)
Alice Duke (Smoke/Ashes; The Lovecraft Anthology, vol.1)
Audrey Niffenegger (The Nightbook Mobile)

Also, I noticed that you listed Laura Depuy and Laura Martin as two different people, but I believe they are one and the same. If I’m not mistaken, there was a period during which she was credited as Laura Depuy-Martin.

According to Wikipedia, Adrienne Roy died December 14, 2010.

I’m not sure she falls into the comic book artist category but I think it’s a fine line.

Rowena Morrill – Fine artist of many science fiction / fantasy book and magazine covers. And, of course, the book “Fantastic Art of Rowena”.

Could you please add my name, Jennifer Hayden, to the list? I write and draw comix. My first book UNDERWIRE was published by Top Shelf in 2011 and my second, THE STORY OF MY TITS, is due out from Top Shelf in September 2015. I post the strip S’CRAPBOOK on Activatecomix.com and a diary comic RUSHES at thegoddessrushes.blogspot.com. My work has appeared in several anthologies, including The Best American Comics of 2013. Thank you!

Forgot budding cartoonist Jen Rose (4-Panel-Life)

Gemma Correll !!!
Brilliant web comics on The Nib.
Also Liza Donnely.

Hey, that list ends with T for Tanya, or is it just my computer? Where’s the rest of the alphabet? Where is (ahem) Trina?

one to add: Yumi Sakugawa (minicomics: I think I am in Friend Love With You, Never Forgets, and others)

@Trina Robbins: List definitely goes all the way to Z (maybe try refreshing?) and I can assure you you are already on the list, Trina! :)

So happy to see Giussani sisters are already in the list, I have four more:

Teresa Radice- writer, Disney comics (Topolino, Witch, X-Mickey)
Silvia Ziche- writer, artist Disney comics (Topolino, Witch, PKNA), Lucrezia, La donna perfetta non esiste. Io sì, Prove tecniche di megalomania …
Laura Scarpa- writer Come la vita
Maria Luisa Uggetti- artist Topolino

There are probably more but these are the ones that come to mind.

Great list!
Just one to add:
Paola Gaviria aka. Power Paola (Virus Tropical)

If the list is still evolving, I had two notes reading through it just now:
1 – Katie Shanahan and KT Shy are the same person
2 – Kiyohiko Azuma is a man

Thank you again, Kelly!! This will be a great resource to send people to. (Runs off to vote)

Thanks everyone! List is updated to this point in the comments!

Suggestion to add Connie Sun to the List:

Connie Sun, McSweeney’s 2014 Column Contest Winner, http://www.ConnieWonnie.com, she cartoons daily while working full time at Columbia U.

My big favorite is Dana Simpson, the creator of Heavenly Nostrils, now renamed as Phoebe and her Unicorn. You’ll find it on GoComics.com and it’s newly syndicated for newspapers.


I also like Lynn Johnston (For Better or Worse)

Also Hilary Price (Rhymes With Orange)

Don’t forget

Lynne Naylor (Jingle Belle, Samurai Jack)
Mary Bierbaum (Badrock, Star)
Kali Fontecchio (Yo Gabba Gabba)


Mary Jo Pehl (Jailbait)

I’ll think of more later.

Dana Simpson (Ozy & Millie, Phoebe And Her Unicorn (nee Heavenly Nostrils))

I’d like to note the work of

Liana Finck with Bintel Brief
And add that I currently have a book out that I wrote and colored. “The Late Child and Other Animals” (Fantagraphics)
Thanks so much.

Kelly – I can see this has been a labor of love for you. Thank you for all of your hard work & putting this together.

I have checked…double & triple checked & see no mention of this web-comic or its creator. Hope I’m not pulling a Utah here…

K. Lynn Smith (Plume)


Sharon Grell wrote two years of The Warlord under her husband Mike’s name.

Aggie Janicot (webcomics American Gothic Daily, CameoComic)
Caitlin Woods (webcomics Dog & Pony, CameoComic)
Ida Kirkegaard (webcomic Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T)
Rikke “Gwennafran” Lindskov (webcomic Stereotype Devil & Angel)
Selena Ulrich (webcomic C.Ulture Shocked)
Tea Green (webcomic Lovemagic)
Tempest Lavalle (webcomics The Girl Next Door, Dragon Fyre)
Zoe Stead (webcomics Earthbound, The WAVAM Project)

Liana Buszka – Artist (Lupina, Spera)

Sabrina Alberghetti (Comic work includes Darkwing Duck, Pixar’s Cars, Casper and more)

Thanks everyone. List updated to this point in the comments section!

Hey. It’s great to see my little contributions already on the list. However, “Afonso” in “Joana Afonso” doesn’t have an “l” (it shows up as “Alfonso” on the list).

Also, you have Anina Bennett twice, but one of them as “Anita”. According to her blog, it’s “Anina”.

Thanks and sorry for being the aha-I-found-a-mistake guy.

Shannon Hale (writer: Rapunzel’s Revenge; Calamity Jack)

Alitha E. Martinez (Batgirl, Yume and Ever, Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Girl, X-Men, Black Sun, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, NBC’s Heroes)

Diane Noomin (Twisted Sisters)

Marie Severin (Tales to Astonish, The Incredible Hulk, Submariner, X-Men, The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Britain, Iron Man, Daredevil, Not Brand Echh, Kull the Conqueror)

Christina Strain (Colorist – Runaways and various other works)

I didn’t see Kathleen Jacques of http://bvbcomix.com/ .


Hi Kelly- It looks like the rest of my comment above was added to the list, but I was missed– I’m:

Carey Pietsch (artist- Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift)

Thanks again for compiling all this!

Oh geez!

Sara Goetter (Boozle, Wicked Queens) should really be on this list!

(And by “Oh geez!” I mean “Oh geez I can’t believe I didn’t notice sooner!!! D: ” )

I recalled that David Hajdu’s great book, The Ten-Cent Plague includes a list of comics people who were driven out or left the business after the Kefauver witch hunts in the 50’s. So I thought I would try to extract all the women from the list and include them here. Fortunately, the people at the Women in Comics Wikia (link at bottom of post) had already done this. From that, I lifted just the writers and artists not already noted here and added credits. Please note, this is not a reflection of my encyclopedic knowledge, but is all from the notations taken directly from the wikia page. It is super and full of great information.

I included text writers, which fall in a bit of gray area. They are noted as such.

Louise Altson (Junior Miss, Miss America)
Ruth Arcaro (DC romance)
Jean Atkins (Junior Miss, Miss America)
Eugenia Bedell (DC)
Helen Bennett (Marvel romance)
Elaine Bierman (Lev Gleason)
Gloria Bley (Quality Comics)
Ivy Bolton (Treasure Chest) – Text writer
Leigh Brackett (Star Wars) Note: Brackett wrote the first script draft of The Empire Strikes Back and was a prolific novelist
Maria Burke (Ace Periodicals) – Text writer
Cora Calnoun (AC Comics) – Text writer
Eleanore Claire (True Life Secrets)
Vesta Condon (Treasure Chest) – Text writer
Gertrude Crampton (Treasure Chest) – Text writer
Eda Crist (Treasure Chest) – Text writer
Rachel Croft (Ace Periodicals) – Text writer
Betty Cummings (Timely, Sangor Studio)
Gloria Dennis (Fawcett) – Text writer
Anahid Dinkjian (Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda)
Esther Douty (Treasure Chest)
Jill Elgin (Girl Commando, Blonde Bomber, Black Cat)
Barbara Fairbanks (Stubby)
Eileen Fiel (Patsy Manners – Treasure Chest)
Sophie Friedman (Funland Comics, Peeps)
Evelyn Goodman (Classics Illustrated)
Gwen Hansen (Torchy, Dollman, Plastic Man)
Laverne Harding (Cynical Suzie, Woody Woodpecker)
Miriam Hecht (Big Town)
Andrea Hill (Better Publications) – Text writer
Ora Hope (DC romance)
Dorothy Hunter (Katy Keene)
Margaret Isabella (Better Publications) – Text writer
Dotty Keller (Timely funny animal, Miss America)
Marjorie Lazarus (Marvel horror, romance)
Irene Little (Andy Panda, Woody Woodpecker)
Isabel Magnum (Ace Periodicals)
Hazel Mart (Archie, Nevada Jones)
Joan Maurer (Whack)
Ruth Moore (Betty & Veronica)
Lorraine Murphy (Treasure Chest)
Zoe Newman (Ziff-Davis)
Marjorie Olsen (Toby Press) – Text writer
Marjorie Pearson (Treasure Chest) – Text writer
Thelma Peters (Treasure Chest) – Text writer
Joan Pringle (Ace Periodicals) – Text writer
Evonne Rae (Story Comics, Nuts!, Get Lost!)
Edna Richter (Better Publications) – Text writer
Rosalind Ross (Toby Press)
Ruth Ruhman (Big John and Sparkie)
Marie Sarafianos (All Star Western, Big Town)
Helen Doig Schmid (Dollman, Plastic Man, Torchy)
Suzanne Seaborn (Oswald the Rabbit, Krazy Kat)
Joy Seligsohn (ACG romance)
Christine Smith (Little Lulu, Mickey Mouse, Tarzan)
Beverly Souser (Black Cat)
Marrylen Townsend (Cissy, Cinderella Love)
Mary Wallace (Mystery in Space, Torchy)
Linda Walter (Suzie Q. Smith, The Lively Ones)
Joan Wenzel (Lover’s Lane)
Jane Werner (Dell cartoon, western)
Priscilla Willard (Fiction House, Ziff-Davis)
Sandy Woolf (St. John)
Peggy Zangerle (Doc Savage, Red Dragon)

More golden age comics people also listed on the wikia:

Jean Alipe (Fiction House)
Anne Quattrochi (Picture Stories from World History)
Betty Kathe (Captain Midnight)
Claire S. Moe (Wonderworld)
Clara Elsene Peck (Topix, Treasure Chest)
Corinne Boyd Dillon (Jigger, True Comics)
Dolores Carroll (Funnies Inc.)
Dorothy Woolfolk (Wonder Woman, Superman)
Edwina Dumm (Alec the Great, Cap Stubbs and Tippie)
Eileen Toomey (Valor)
Georgette Sauterel (Doc Strange, Bulletman)
Gloria Kamen (Superman, Bulletman, Captain Midnight, The Shadow)
Isabel Hewson (Land of the Lost)
June Hill (Balbo, Mary Marvel)
Karen Karol (Flint Baker, War Heroes)
Lucy Feller (Yellowjacket, Defenders)
May Mann (Miss America)
Merna Gamble (A Tale of Two Cities)
Olive Bailey (Land of the Lost)
Rosemary Volk (DC)
Ruth Leslie (Superworld)
Ruth Plumly Thompson (King Kojo, Sis Sez)
Serena Summerfield (New Comics, Stratosphere Special)
Terry Szenics (Archie, Marvel)
Virginia Drury Toomey (Archie)
Vivian Lipman-Berg  (Archie, Classics Illustrated)


@Kelly Thompson:

Apologies for suggesting Kiyohiko Azuma, and thanks to VichusSmith and Natalie Nourigat for catching my error. (YOTSUBA being so sweet, and 99.99% of Japanese names in -ko being female, I brainfarted.)

Sorry if there were some duplicates in my list. I did check, but either some were added after I loaded the page, or they had typos (I list some below), or I fudged some checks.

Tip: As a rule of thumb, it’s better to remember to jump back to the top of a page, and select one word there, before searching within.

(Apparently, CTRL+F will usually scan the full page, but sometimes only the part down from the current screenful. I think that may happen after you’ve clicked or selected something that’ll become the “starting point” for the next search…)

— Some typos:

Chantal Motellier => Montellier
Che Gilson (Avignon) => (Avigon) {eponymous female lead, not city}
Janet Evanovich (Troublemaker, => {missing closing parens}
Lille Carre => Lilli
Shari Flenniken => Shary

— Some Euro-flavored creators not on the list:

(But all with some translated stuff.)

Anne Baraou (The Skeleton Family)

Aurelia Aurita/Aurélia Aurita (Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators, Stereoscomic SPX; untrans.: Fraise et Chocolat)

Judith Vanistendael (When David Lost His Voice)

Kerascoet/Kerascoët [Marie Pommepuy & Sébastien Cosset] (Dungeon Twilight, Miss Don’t Touch Me, Beautiful Darkness, Beauty)

Margreet de Heer (Philosophy: A Discovery in Comics, Science: A Discovery in Comics)

Marzena Sowa (Marzi)

Metaphrog [Sandra Marrs & John Chalmers] (Strange Weather Lately, Louis)

Nicole Claveloux (in Heavy Metal)

Patrizia Zanotti (colorist – Corto Maltese)

Sylvie Fontaine (Comix 2000, Cubik)

Vanyda [Vanyda Savatier] (The Building Opposite, Korea as Viewed by 12 Creators)

Zeina Abirached (A Game for Swallows, I Remember Beirut)

— And some suggested changes to works:

* Aline Kominsky-Crumb (The Bunch) => (The Bunch, Need More Love)

(Suggesting “Need More Love” may be better known to some, having been reviewed in such places as Time magazine at Andrew Arnold’s Time.comix.)

* Annie Goetzinger (Felina, Circus, L’Echo des savanes) => (Girl in Dior; untrans.: Casque d’or, Félina)

(Suggesting adding her only translated GN. Untranslated: “Casque d’or” she wrote and drew and got a prize for, “Félina” she only drew but it was popular. Circus and L’Écho are just mags she contributed to.)

* Chantal Montellier (L’Inscription, Julie Bristol, Social Fiction) => (in Heavy Metal; untrans.: L’Inscription, Julie Bristol, Social Fiction)

(Suggesting to at least mention first she had a lot of stuff translated in Heavy Metal. The rest seems untranslated.)

* Florence Cestac (Futuropolis, Le Poulpe) => (untrans.: Harry Mickson, Le Démon de midi)

(Suggesting two of her own books. “Futuropolis” is not a work but a publishing house she co-founded, and “Le Poulpe” is a long series she only drew one album as work-for-hire.)

* Marguerite Abouet (Aya) => (Aya of Yop City)

(Suggesting the full series title as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aya_of_Yop_City — also, it could avoid some confusion, since there’s at least one manga titled “Aya”.)

Sibylline (Desmazières), author of First Time


@Simon It’s such a common mistake that Azuma’s Wikipedia page mentions it. So don’t feel too bad about it.

Tessa Stone is a writer/artist (webcomic – Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name) and artist – (Buzz!, Regular Show, Bravest Warriors).

One spelling correction:
Lizz Hickey

And some additions, please pardon if these have already been mentioned:
Allison Cole (Never Ending Summer)
Carrie Golus (Alternator)
Christine Shields (Blue Hole)
Esther Pearl Watson (Unlovable)
Fawn Gehweiler (Bomb Pop)
Fiona Smyth (Nocturnal Emissions, The Never Weres)
Heather McAdams (Cartoon Girl)
Jenny Zervakis (Zoomcranks, Strange Growths)
Ulli Lust (Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life)
Krystine Kryttre (Death Warmed Over)
Megan Whitmarsh (Snow Monkeys)
Missy Kulik (Pocket)

Thanks everyone! We are now updated to this point in the comments (and we’re up to over 1500 names!)

Also, a general reminder to please check the list very carefully.

I am committed to continuing to update this list (forever?!?!) but it really helps me out if you can be careful about checking for names as it’s a big time waster to scroll through 1500 double checking people I know are already there.

Case in point – ALL of the names submitted by @VDNWR were already on there. – _ –

Consider your hand officially slapped, kid! ;)

Barbara Dale (contributor to Team Cul de Sac, Naked Cartoonists writer/artist)
Beckee Garris (Trickster writer)
Claudia Balboni (Grimm Fairy Tales, Infestation, Star Trek, True Blood artist)
Dawn Griffin (RISE: Comics Against Bullying, Team Cul de Sac writer/artist, Zorphbert & Fred webcomic)
Elaine Grinnell (Trickster writer)
Eldrena Douma (Trickster writer)
Ellen Vartantoff (Captain Marvel, Marvel Team-Up, Super-Villain Team-Up colorist)
Irene Vartantoff (Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Defenders, Howard the Duck, etc. colorist)
Jen Sorensen (Alternative Comics Presents Free Comic Book Day, 9-11 Emergency Relief, Empty Love Stories, Big Book of the 70s, Syncopated writer/artist)
Joyce Bear (Trickster writer)
Marina Baggio (Disney Fairies, Monster Allergy inker)
Mary Eyley (Trickster writer)
Rebecca Goldfield (District Comics writer)
Shaenon K. Garrity (Marvel Holiday Special, The Big Feminist But, Supernatural Law writer/artist)
Tabitha Whissemore (District Comics writer)
Tammy Stellanova (Wild Oceans writer/artist)
Wendy Strang-Frost (District Comics colorist, Revolving Hammer artist)

etc. etc. etc.

Were I to attempt to flesh this out in painstaking detail, I’d pick up a girl’s baby name book and just start searching:

…and those are just the ones I poke at semi-regularly (in order of preference).

I’m sure you’d get to it quick enough Kelly, being collaborators and all, but I’m gonna go ahead and suggest Sophie Campbell be added to the list.

I’ll also use this space to express mild annoyance at the timing of her announcement, if she’d done it a few days earlier she’d be near the top of my favourite female comic book artists. The whole vote will be invalid!

(Also, congrats to Ms. Campbell)


I did indeed update! If you would like me to edit your ballot I am happy to. Just tell me how to change it (writer or artist or both and in which position, etc.)


I’m surprised no-one has mentioned
Aneke (artist of Damsels and Legenderry Red Sonja)

not to be confused with
Anike Haag (creator of Gothic Sports)

Diane Duane has written some comics (Star Trek, the Dreamery, etc)

and there are a lot of women in Japanese comics including
Ippongi Bang (Change Commander Goku)
Judal (Vampire Game)
Koge-Donbo (Pita-Ten. DigiCharat)
Kouri Shurei (Alchino)
Kurata Noriko (888)
Kyoko Shitou (Blue Inferior)
Miyuki Eto (Hell Girl)
Nami Akimoto (Miracle Girls)
Nasu Yukie (Here is Greenwood)
Rie Takada (Wild Act)
Rinko Ueda (Tail of the Moon)
Saki Hiratawi (Please save my Earth)
Seimu Yosjikazi (Kingyo’s used books)
Tomoko Taniguchi (Aquarium, Call me princess)
Toru Fujieda (Dragon Girl)
Yuki Midorikawa (Natsume’s book of friends)
Yuri Narushima (Planet Ladder)
Yuriko Nishiyama (Dragon Voice, Harlem Beat/Rebound)
Yuzi Mizutani (Magical X Miracle)

(I have tried to check the gender of each, apologies if any errors)_


Thanks! I’ll post something on the other page


Got it, changes made!

Andy E. Nystrom

March 7, 2015 at 8:47 am

I’d add Jeanne Martinet, who redialogued ten DC romance stories for humorous effect in Truer than True Romance.

Travis Pelkie

March 8, 2015 at 3:47 am

a couple comic strip related:

Susie MacNelly (involved with the strip Shoe, but I’m not sure in exactly what capacity — writing, I believe)

Perri Hart (comic strip B.C., letterer and colorist)


Janet Jackson (not that one) (colorist on Valiant and Defiant)

Travis Pelkie

March 8, 2015 at 4:42 am

Well hey, I remembered another woman:

Wendi Strang-Frost (Elfquest and Plastic Farm credits to her name)

Susan Daigle-Leach, colorist (Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge)

Stephanie Vozzo, Archie Comics, DC Comics Colorist

I just read Strange Detective Mysteries from Caliber Press, and it’s drawn by Rosaria Battiloro. So I thought I’d pop by and mention her!

Don’t forget Sarah Dyer, who did Action Girl for Slave Labor in the 90s, and co-wrote for Superman and Space Ghost.

Travis Pelkie

March 8, 2015 at 6:06 pm

Don’t forget to check the list, where Sarah Dyer is already on there.

?????lll? I’m on this list?! Wow! Thank you guys! This is a big deal to me and I’m honored :D

Megan McKay (Doodle for Food)
Drea Hatch(Sweet Scene)
Penny (Witchlette!)
Jennifer (Sprinkles, Ticket to Heaven, Murphy’s Law)


Hey comic enthusiasts,

I am extremely honored to be on this list! Thank you. It is so great to see fellow black women comic creators as well.

However, I would just like to specify that my name is spelt “Calyn”. Anyway, this is an amazing idea and I hope it continues to grow.

Thanks again and Art On,


Mari Okazaki (Suppli)

Hey there! Not sure if you already got Ann Uland (artist) and Emily Willis (writer) who do the webcomic Grave Impressions and did If The Shoe Fits, or if you got Amanda Gomes and Julie Wright who work on Ianua (both writers and artists for that) but they def. deserve to be on there.

Kata Kane (Altar Girl)
Melody Often (Trinadot)
Annie Stoll (Ode)
Jade Feng Lee (Lacrimancer)
Emily Gillis (Jikoshia)
Heather Meade (dream*scar)
Amanda Gomes & Julie Wright (Ianua)

That’s all I can think of at the moment that I didn’t already see on the list! I’m sure I’ll think of more! Thanks for this compilation and all your hard work. :)

Terri Hale / Krissy Smoot (Data Chasers and Luna Star)
Rinkel (Xenobiosis)
Tiff Ross (Alien Dice)
Eph (Ephralon)
Heather Meade (Dream*Scar)
Kata Kane (Altar Girl)
Drake (Alien Hand Syndrome)
Anastasia Olashaya-Grill & Sarah Obomsawin (Ever Night)
Drobvirks (Julia Philips, Seed)
Erin Ptah (But I’m a Cat Person)
Christina Warren (Prismatic Star)
Crestforte (Jennie Golliday, Scions of the Seraph)
Spitfire (Sandbox Drama)
Nokuthula (The Mirror)
AAABatteries (Chroma)
Chelsea (Stray Sod)
Dalliann (Destiny Lauritsen, Sink)
Jexima (Draconis)
NotImportant (Replay)

Can we please add my (former) name to this list? Stephanie Vozzo, (Colorist – Archie Comics and DC Comics). New Look Archie Series, Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Scarlett the Vampire Hunter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Katy Keene, Cheryl Blossom, Archie’s Double Digests and more…

Some names that I didn’t see on the list:

Charlie Seeger (writer, Battle of the Planets, Secrets of Haunted House)
Hollis Bright (writer, Marvel Comics Presents, Namor)
Laurie Sutton (writer, Adam Strange)
Luisa Felix (writer-artist, Candy Blondell)
Martha Thomases (writer, Dakota North)
Susan Berkley (writer, Katy Keene)
Tamsyn O’Flynn (writer, Lois Lane)

Hi there! I’m the author of The Wolf at Weston Court. You’ve got my comic up there, which is so awesome, and I’ll definitely be directing people here to vote! …But my internet handle (Le Renard Roux) is listed rather than my name (Alena Harrold). If that could be fixed that would be great! Oh! And I also write another comic called The Ten Tailors of Weston Court.

Okay, kids. We’re updated to this point in the comments section! Thank you!

This was a good round of additions with only a couple duplications of names already on the list, so EXTRA THANK YOU!

Jin Wicked (Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break)

Silvia Odhner (Hanklerfish Comic)

Georgia Dunn (Breaking Cat News)

Khale McHurst (I Do Not Have an Eating Disorder, Polyamory Isn’t For Everyone)

Kadi Fedoruk (Blindsprings)

Tikva Wolf (Kimchi Cuddles)

Aarthi Parthasarathy (Royal Existentails, story)

Liz Climo (The Little World of Liz Climo)

Nic Buxom (Nic Buxom)

Kori Michele Handwerker (Prince of Cats)

Maria Victoria Robado (Fragile, Springiette, Sticky Dilly Buns)

Isabella, Bunny, Bennett (Steam Powered Giraffe, The Comic)

Gina Biggs (Love Not Found, missing from her entry)

Chloe C. (Headless Bliss, missing from her entry)

Erika Moen (Oh Joy Sex Toy, missing from her entry)

@Kelly Thompson:

Congrats on reaching 1546! Onward towards our noble 1607:

(Data checked as of your post right above.)

— Some writers/artists not on the list:

(Most lifted from Xeric and Ignatz lists! I’ve checked gender when unclear, such as with “Alex”, but can’t claim I didn’t miss some women from these sources, especially if someone pulled a George Sand.)

Aidan Koch (The Blonde Woman)
Alys Jones (Beyond the Wire)
Amanda Vahamaki/Amanda Vähämäki (Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Book 5)
Anna Bratton (Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny)
Annie Murphy (I Still Live)
Anya Davidson (School Spirits, webcomic Band for Life, Kramers Ergot)
Arwen Donahue (Old Man Gloom)
Breena Wiederhoeft (Picket Line)
Brenda Hickey (My Little Pony)
Brittney Sabo (Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny)
Caitlin Skaalrud (Sea Change)
Catherine Hannah (Winter Beard)
Christina Rice (Colonial Comics I, My Little Pony)
Clara Besijelle (The Lobster King)
Diana Thung (August Moon)
E. J. Barnes/EJ Barnes (Colonial Comics I, Caroline’s Catalog, Me & Doctor Dee, Inbound)
Elena Steier (The Revenge of the Vampire Bed and Breakfast)
Ellen T. Crenshaw/Ellen Crenshaw (Colonial Comics I, Inbound)
Emi Gennis (Trepanation, The Unusual Death of Gregory Biggs, Unfortunate Mishaps in Aviation History, Spaz)
Emily Benz (Thread)
Emily Blair (Living Statues)
Erika Swyler (Colonial Comics I)
Fay Ryu (Hello)
Francesca Ghermandi (Pastil)
Gabriella Giandelli (Interiorae)
Ines Estrada/Inés Estrada (Ojitos Borrosos)
Jen Benka (Manya)
Jenn Woodall (Unknown Origins and Untimely Ends)
Jenny Jaeckel (Spot 12)
Joanna Helgren (Tusen Hjärtan Stark #1)
Julie Yeh (Poppie’s Adventures: Serpents in Paradise)
Laura Terry (Graveyard Shakes, Morning Song, Overboard)
Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much)
Laurenn McCubbin (XXX Live Nude Girls)
Leesa Dean (Chilltown)
Lila Quintero Weaver/Lila Weaver (Dark Room)
Lisa Wilde (Yo Miss)
Margaret Ashford-Trotter (Thunder in the Building)
Marian Runk (The Magic Hedge)
Marnie Galloway (In the Sounds and Seas)
Melissa Mendes (Freddy Stories)
Melody Shickley (In the Hands of Boys)
Mira Friedmann (Actus Box Series)
Nikki Coffman (XXX Live Nude Girls)
Olivia Horvath (Tiny Bangs)
Olivia Schanzer (Fragile Honeymoon)
Rachel Masilamani (RPM Comics)
Rebecca Dart (Rabbithead)
Sarah Thornton (Lumpophilia)
Sarah Winifred Searle/Sarah Searle (Colonial Comics I, Under the Apple Tree, Smut Peddler)
Shari Chankhamma (The Sister’s Luck, The Clarence Principle, Pavlov’s Dream; colorist – Sheltered)
Sophia Wiedeman (The Deformitory)
Sophie Goldstein (The Oven, House of Women, Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell, Edna II)
Sophie Yanow (War of Streets and Houses)
Summer McClinton (Thread)
Susan Catherine (Mammoth Book of Cult Comics)
Tara Alexander (Colonial Comics I, Once Upon a Time Machine)
Tessa Brunton (Passage, Second Banana)
Tracy White (webcomic Traced)
Veronica Graham/V. A. Graham/VA Graham (Scaffold)
Virginia DeJohn Anderson/Virginia Anderson (Colonial Comics I)
Wendy Linkous (Galaxion)
Yvonne Mojica (Bathroom Girls)

[“Colonial Comics I” short for “Colonial Comics, Vol. I: New England 1620–1750″]

[“Yo, Miss” so hot off Microcosm its indicia said, “First printing, March 17, 2015″!]

— Some typos in names:

Camilia d’Erric o => Camilla d’Errico [2 fixes]
Carol Burrel => Burrell
Emile Plateau => Emilie [precisely, Émilie Plateau]
Liz Hickey => Lizz Hickey [or “Lizz Hickey/Liz Hickey” but “Lizz” is on the cover]
Sharleane Kindt => Sharlene
Zenia Abirached => Zeina

— Some dupes:

Liz Donnelly (New Yorker Cartoonist)
Liza Donnelly (cartoonist – The New Yorker)
Liz Donnelly/Liza Donnelly (cartoonist – The New Yorker)

Shari Flenniken [with forename typo]
Shary Fienniken [with surname typo]
Shary Flenniken (Trots and Bonnie)

— Some aliases used in credits:

(To help CTRL+F find them.)

Anne Szabla/Annie Szabla
Carol Burrell/Klio [webcomic pen name]
Chynna Clugston/Chynna Clugston-Major/Chynna Clugston-Flores
Tara Tallan/Tara Jenkins [Galaxion first credited to “Tara Jenkins”]

— Some typos in works:

(Anouk Ricard) Anna et Froga => Anna and Froga [as it’s been translated]
(Aurelia Aurita) Stereoscomics => Stereoscomic [singular]
(Cathy G. Johnson) Jerimiah => Jeremiah
(Fuyumi Soryo) Eternal Sabbath => ES/Eternal Sabbath [title is “ES”, often with expansion]
(Kelly Fitzpatrick) “(colorist – ” tag missing
(Laura Martin) “(colorist – ” tag missing
(Laura Park) closing-paren missing
(Margreet de Heer) Science: A Discover => Discovery
(Marion Fayolle) L’home => L’homme
(Marjane Satrapi) Perspeolis 2 => Persepolis 2
(Sharlene Kindt) “(colorist – ” tag missing
(Suzanne Seaborn) Oswald theRabbit => the Rabbit
(Tracy Butler) closing-paren missing

BTW, a few titles you may want to shorten like the others:

(Ariel Schrag) “Adam: A Novel” => “Adam”
(Ellen Forney) “Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir”
=> just “Marbles” [or “Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me”?]

— About works cited:

For Jen Sorensen, maybe you’ll want to add her Xeric “Slowpoke: Cafe Pompous”.

For Hiromu Arakawa, since you list the untranslated “Noble Farmers”, I’d suggest adding “Silver Spoon”. (Its manga/anime/film are, er, big in Japan and Europe — whereas Noble Farmers is little known, being the autobio of her childhood in a Hokkaido farm, very good but much less recognizable.)

For Karen Traviss, maybe you’ll want to add “Batman: Arkham Unhinged” or “G.I. Joe”. (To make her entry more recognizable to certain audiences?)

For Marjane Satrapi, I’d replace “Persepolis, Persepolis 2″ with just “Persepolis” (it identifies the whole work) and maybe add “Embroideries” (which was all about women in Iran).

For Moto Hagio, I’d suggest adding “The Heart of Thomas”. (Major work and a big deal when Fanta translated it.)

— About couples:

Are you sure it’s a good idea to delete the male half of duos Kerascoet and Metaphrog? Someone using the list could end up with a wrong information, and it doesn’t seems very fair to the other creator. Maybe formatted like this?

Kerascoet/Marie Pommepuy [with Sébastien Cosset]
Metaphrog/Sandra Marrs [with John Chalmers]

Or at least some tip to the reader?

Kerascoet/Marie Pommepuy [half of a couple]
Metaphrog/Sandra Marrs [half of a couple]

(I mean, picture someone saying, “Kerascoet, she’s so gifted” only to be told, “It’s not a she, it’s a couple” and feeling dumb because that list made them believe otherwise…)

Hi, there,

Thanks for including me as a colorist. My comics writing credits are not as well known: Lois Lane, Young Romance, MyRomanceStory.com.

Please include the Hulk in Marie Severin’s credits; she’s very proud of her work on that title.

Michele Wolfman spells her first name with one l.

Nice to see so many female names.

Suggest adding Blake Northcott (Arena Mode, Boonana Tails, Millarworld) to the list

A few more I found while looking through some comics:

Laurenn McCubbin — Apparat Quit City

Mary Hildebrandt — The Wallas in Tapestry Anthology

Sue Flaxman — a story in Marvel Comics Presents 22

Tara Jenkins — Galaxion, Blip

List updated as necessary to this point in the comments. Thanks everyone.

Love this list, Kelly!

Nathanael Nerode

March 15, 2015 at 12:24 pm

I ran through for an hour or so checking to see if you have the names of writers & artists in my collection, and so far you’re only missing one.

Alina Pete — Weregeek

I feel like I should go through out my Action Girl Quarterly collection just to make sure everyone is on the list, because every single issue was an anthology of comics by all-female creators. But I’m a little too tired to go through all of ‘em…. I wish that someone else was making a similar anthology these days since Sarah Dyer (Rennaissance woman — artist, writer, editor, publisher!) stopped publishing it.

Nathanael Nerode

March 15, 2015 at 12:29 pm

Oh, I should note that Jen Sorenson is most famous for “Slowpoke”, which is the overall title of her syndicated daily comic strip.

Nathanael Nerode

March 15, 2015 at 12:31 pm

Sorry, that’s Jen Sorensen (spelling). Anyway, Slowpoke is easily her most famous work.

Nathanael Nerode

March 15, 2015 at 12:32 pm

And of course it’s weekly (as I feel like an idiot), but you get my point.

Nathanael Nerode

March 15, 2015 at 12:38 pm

Found another:

Leanne Franson — “Liliane, Bi-Dyke”

Elizabeth Watasin (Charm School)

Anna Wieszczyk drew Interesting Drug and Godkiller, among other things.

Also, you have Ashley A. Woods here, doing Robots vs. Zombies vs. Amazons and D’airain. Those are by Ashley Wood, who’s a dude. Ashley A. Woods is an artist, from what I can find, but I’m not familiar with her work.

Moro Rogers wrote and drew City in the Desert.

Sorry – I’m voting and remembering people as I go!

Kara Barrett:

The End Is Totally Nigh (indie comic book series)
The Bargain (graphic novel)

@Kelly Thompson:

— Creators not on the list:

(Most gleaned from Inkpot and Doug Wright awards.)

Amy Lockhart (Dirty Dishes)

Ann Marie Fleming (The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam GN)

(… “GN” because she also did an animated film version.)

Betty Liang (Wet T-Shirt)

Catherine Hannah (Winter Beard, Holiday Stories, Little Moments, Sugar Ninjas)

Charlaine Harris (co-writer Cemetery Girl)

Clydene Nee (colorist – Images of Shadowhawk, SeaQuest, Supreme)

Diane Obomsawin/Obom (Kaspar, On Loving Women)

Emily Holton (Little Lessons in Safety)

Ginette Lapalme (Wowee Zonk)

Glynis Wein/Glynis Oliver (colorist – Batman, Star Wars, Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, Thor, etc.)

(… Credits before/after 1985.)

Hannah Christenson (Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, Bravest Warriors: Tales from the Holo John)

Irma Kniivila (colorist – Ms. Marvel)

Jessica Johnson/Jess Johnson/”Jeff Johnson”/”Fej Nozniho” (Zero Zero, Blab, Dirty Stories, Sputnik, Duplex Planet Illustrated, Dirty Plotte)

(… Writer-artist also credited under pen names “Jeff Johnson” and “Fej Nozniho” says Comics.org — not the same as the “Jeff Johnson” artist who worked for Marvel and CrossGen.)

Julie Morstad (Milk Teeth)

Kirsten Baldock (Smoke and Guns)

Laurence Hyde (Southern Cross [1951])

(… Date tag to avoid confusion with the 2015 series.)

Leanne Shapton (Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Was She Pretty)

Lisa Moore/1 [1990s] (co-writer – Dragonlance, Dark Horse Presents, Dominique, Negative Burn)

(… “Lisa Moore/1 [1990s]” is credited as co-writer with Charles Moore in that era. “Lisa Moore/2 [2007+]” is a colorist whose online resume says she started in 2007. Some databases (such as ComicBookDB) seem to mix up some credits.)

Lisa Moore/2 [2007+] (colorist – Peanuts, Garfield, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Big Trouble in Little China, Damsels, Snarked)

Marta Chudolinska (Back and Forth)

Maryanna Hardy (So I’ve Been Told)

Rosalind B. Penfold/Rosalind Penfold (Dragonslippers)

Sophie Cossette (Mendacity)

Tamara Berger (Mendacity)

— Dupe:

Tara Jenkins (Glaxion, Blip)
Tara Tallan/Tara Jenkins (Galaxion)
Tara Tallan/Tara Jenkins (Galaxion, Blip) [now Tallan, then Jenkins]

— Typos in names:

Aiden Koch => Aidan
Britney Sabo => Brittney [2 T’s, “Britney Sabo” is someone else]
Christian Rice => Christina
Laura Martin/Laura DePuy/Laura Depuy-Martin => DePuy [on the 2nd one]
Lauren McCubbin => Laurenn [2 N’s]
Marion Churchland => Marian
Virgina DeJohn => Virginia
Zenia Abirached => Zeina

— Some aliases:

Lily Renee/Reney
Lily Renee/Reney/”Lilly Renee”/L. Renee/Lily Renee Phillips

(… “Lilly Renee” (2 L’s) and “L. Renee” were other credits, say Comics.org and Newsweek; “Lily Renee Phillips” is how she’s presented in Newsweek.)

Zviane/Sylvie-Anne Ménard

— Typos in works:

(Daniela Miwa) “(colorist – ” tag missing

— Works cited:

(Marian Churchland) You may want to add “Elephantmen”, she did a lot.

(Penelope Bagieu) I’d add “Exquisite Corpse”, her only translated book (solicited this month).

(Zviane) I’d expand “Les deuxiemes” to “For As Long As It Rains/Les deuxiemes”, her only translated book (to be released for TCAF 2015).

— Closing-paren missing at:

Anne-Charlotte Gauthier
Leslie Zahler
Natasha Allegri
Nilah Magruder
Sarah Stewart Taylor
Shinobu Ohtaka

(From a regexp for lines not ending with closing-paren.)

— Alpha order:

I ran a check on the alpha order but it found about 60 names misaligned, which would be a bit much to list or fix by hand.

(From “Alice Kirkpatrick” that should go after “Alice Duke”, to the two “Yvonne” that should be way down after all the “Yu-something”.)

So if you want to fix that at some point, it’s doable in seconds with such process:

You can copy the list into a text editor, fold the blank lines (regexp-replace of \n\n with \n), apply the Sort tool, restore the blank lines (converse regexp), and copy back into the post… Sorted!

The only name I have to add to the list is one whose first comic only came out last week.

Lissa Treiman (Giant Days.)

Oh, I forgot to mention she’s an artist.

Thanks everyone. List is updated as necessary to this point in the comments!

Sorry it took a while this time, I’ve been very sick (and extra busy).


Here’s enough to ring 1730+!

— Some creators not on the list:

(… Most via Lulu awards, checked with Comics.org and ComicbookDB.)

Alicia Fernandez (Womanthology: Space, Womanthology: Heroic)

Alison Williams (The Sorcerer’s Children)

Amei Zhao (Strange Sport Stories, Nameless and the Scientist)

Andrice Arp (Hi-Horse, The Big Feminist But, Mome)

Ashley-Jane Nicolaus (cowriter – Haven)

Blair Butler (Legends of Red Sonja, Batman Black and White, Heart)

Bonnie Burton (Womanthology: Space, Womanthology: Heroic)

Bronwyn Carlton/Bronwyn Taggart (Catwoman, The Books of Faerie, The Big Book of Death)

Carla Rodriguez (Soda Pop Comics: $19.95, Gingerbread, Paracosm)

(… “$19.95″ is one title, from “Carla Rodríguez” with diacritics.)

Cecilia Latella (The Endling, By the Slice, Golden Age)

Christine Ellis (Womanthology: Space)

Clio Chiang (Box of Bones, Cascadia, Flight anthologies)

(… Also misspelled “Clio Chang”.)

Danielle Kukic (webcomics Daughter of the Wolf, Corry of the Mountain of the Sea)

Daishu Ma (Leaf)

(… Family name is “Ma” as in the Fantagraphics credit, she’s also listed in the Asian order as “Ma Daishu” on Amazon et al.)

Dawn Brown/Dawn Brown Manser (Little Red Hot, Ravenous, Vampirella)

Debbie David (Panorama)

Debbie Rogow (Get Real Comics)

Diana Nock (Smut Pedler, Womanthology: Space)

Elizabeth Hand (co-writer – Anima)

Elizabeth Lynn/Elizabeth A. Lynn (Epic Illustrated, Near Myths)

Ellise Heiskell (Womanthology: Space)

(… “Ellise”, sic.)

Gina Prosch (Emma Davenport)

Gloria Vasquez (colorist – The Books of Faerie, Birds of Prey, Batman, Lobo, Cable, early Image)

Hannah Coale/Hannah Coale Gruenberg/Hannah Gruenberg (colorist – Get Real Comics)

Henriette Valium (Zero Zero, Stripburger)

Jane Smith Fisher/Jane Fisher (WJHC series, Archie and Friends)

Janet Hetherington/Janet L. Hetherington (Eternally Yours, Eternal Romance)

Janine Hoffman (Steele Destinies)

Jean Kang (Womanthology: Space, Womanthology: Heroic)

Jenn Lee (Stranger Danger, colorist – The Endling)

Jennifer de Guzman (Womanthology: Space, Put the Book Back on the Shelf)

Jennifer Feinberg (Little Scrowlie, Chi)

Joanne Mutch/Joanne Ellen Mutch (Rummblestrips)

(… “Rumm-“, sic.)

Joelle Sellner (Saved by the Bell, Wonderous)

Joellyn Auklandus/Joellyn Auklandus Kopecky (Wild Hunt, ElfQuest: Hidden Years)

Joy Mosier-Dubinsky (Eleven Eleven/1111)

June Kim (12 Days)

Justine Shaw (webcomic Nowhere Girl)

Kalah Allen (Jann of Renew, Comix 2000)

Katherine Arnoldi (The Amazing ‘True’ Story of a Teenage Single Mom)

Kathryn Hyatt (Marilyn: The Story of a Woman, Girltalk, World War 3 Illustrated)

Kathryn Layno (Womanthology: Space, colorist – He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Legends of the Dark Knight)

Katie Longua (Rök/Rok, Munchies)

Kenzie Wildfire (cowriter – webcomic Daughter of the Wolf)

(… Written by Salem Wildfire from plots by his 5-yo daughter Kenzie (ala Axe Cop).)

Kiki Jones (webcomic Crush at Gurl.com)

Kristen Brennan (Coven of Angels)

Kirsten Petersen (WJHC series, BrainBomb)

Leah Adezio (Ari of Lemuria)

Leah Hayes (Not Funny Ha-Ha, Holy Moly, Funeral of the Heart)

Lela Dowling (The Dreamery, Dragonflight, Fusion)

Lois van Baarle (Womanthology: Space, Womanthology: Heroic)

Lorna Miller/Lorna J. Miller/L. Miller/L.J. Miller (Witch, Weird Tales of the Ramones)

Maarta Laiho/”Marta Laiho” (Womanthology: Space, colorist – Lumberjanes, Adventure Time, Regular Show)

(… “Maarta”, sic, also credited “Marta” in Womanthology says Comics.org.)

Maggie Whorf (Bohos)

Martina Fugazzotto (webcomics at SexEtc.org and Gurl.com)

Maya Sakamoto (Nestrobber)

Mel White/Mel. White/Melody White (Duncan and Mallory)

(… One database only finds “Mel.” with the dot.)

Monica Sharp (Panda Kahn)

Patricia Breen (Kiss & Tell)

Rachel Bennett (Beyond the Western Deep)

Rachel Edidin (The Sleep of Reason, Adventure Time)

Rachel Nacion/Rachel Suzanne Nacion (Shades of Blue)

(… Misspelled “Rachel Ancion” in Lulu awards.)

Rebecca Guay (The Last Dragon, Green Lantern: 1001 Emerald Nights, Black Orchid, Babylon 5)

Rebekah Black (colorist – FemForce, Dragonfly, Black Diamond)

Rhea Ewing (webcomics Fine, Urban Fey, and at RandomeComics.com)

Roberta Tewes (colorist – Batman, Catwoman, Time Breakers, Nightwing)

Rosa Colon (Soda Pop Comics: $19.95, Gingerbread, Paracosm)

(… “$19.95″ is one title, from “Rosa Colón” with diacritics.)

Rose O’Neill (Kewpies creator, cartoonist – Puck)

Samantha Berger/Samantha Allison Berger (The Dungeon Diary, War in the Neighborhood, Get Real Comics)

Sandy King/Sandy Carpenter/Sandy King Carpenter (John Carpenter’s Asylum, Womanthology: Space)

Sara Beeves (The Girly Comic: Mockaroni and Cheese)

Shawn Kerri (Commies from Mars, Cocaine Comix)

Sherri Grasmuck (Get Real Comics)

Sophia Foster-Dimino (Womanthology: Space)

Stacie Ponder (Womanthology: Space, Womanthology: Heroic, inker – Star Trek: The Next Generation, BloodRayne)

Stephanie Freese (The Dada Detective, webcomic Chocolypse Now)

Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security, Resistance to Ecocide, As the World Burns, editorial cartoonist – Los Angeles Times, Daily Beast)

Stephanie Sanderson/Stephanie Sanderson-Heike (Garganta’s Thrilling Science, Cat-Man Retro Comics)

(… “Garganta”, sic.)

Susan Champeny (The Girly Comic: Mockaroni and Cheese)

Susan Ferguson (Underbelly, Action Girl Comics)

Taki Soma (Bitch Planet, Red Sonja, The Victories, Takio)

Tana Ford (Duck, That Time I Turned 30 in Greece, Strange Space Stories)

Tavisha Wolfgarth/Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons (ShutterBox, Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check)

Ursula O’Steen (Wrong, Girltalk)

— One dupe:

* June Tarpe Mills/June Mills (Miss Fury, The Cat Man, Daredevil Barry Finn)
* Tarpe Mills/June Mills (Cat-Man, Miss Fury)
Tarpe Mills/June Mills/June Tarpe Mills (Miss Fury, The Cat Man, Daredevil Barry Finn)

(… Signed “Tarpé Mills”, born “June Tarpé Mills”)

— Some typos in names:

Amy Lockheart => -hart
Carolyn Nowark => Nowak
Diane Obomsawin/Diane Obom => /Obom [Alt name is just “Obom” (like Seth or Derf).]
Julia Laquement => Lacq-
M. Victoria Robado/Marie => MariA [“María Victoria Robado” with diacritics.]
Marjorie Henderson Buelle => Buell
Nell Brikley => Brinkley
Tamara Bonvillain => Tamra [sic]

— Some typos or suggested changes in works:

(Jen Sorensen) Big Book of the 70’s => ’70s [per cover]
(Juliana Smith) (H) Afrocentric => (H)afrocentric/Hafrocentric
(Marguerite Bennett) Asgaurd => Asgard
(Shannon O’Leary) Big Feminist BUT => The Big Feminist But [as in other entries]
(Shannon Watters) Lumberjames => -jaNes
(Tara Tallan) Glaxion => Galaxion
(Tove Jansson) Mumin, Moomin => Moomin/Mumin [English/orig, or just “Moomin” alone?]

— Some credited aliases:

Audra Ann Furuichi => Audra Furuichi/Audra Ann Furuichi

(… Her site and most bios just use “Audra Furuichi”.)

Barbara Randall Kesel => Barbara Randall Kesel/Barbara Kesel

(… So that CTRL+F’ing “Barbara Kesel” finds her, since that was her credit.)

Dale Messick => Dale Messick/Dalia Messick

Dorothy Woolfolk => Dorothy Woolfolk/Dorothy Manning/Dorothy Woolfolk Roubicek

(… Adding credited alias, and Lulu Award name.)

Fran Deitrick Hopper => Fran Hopper/Fran Deitrick/France/Frances Deitrick Hopper

(… Signatures and credits listed as “Fran Deitrick”, “Fran Hopper”, or “France”.)

Lindsay C. Walker => Lindsay Walker/Lindsay C. Walker

Nancy A. Collins => Nancy A. Collins/Nancy Collins

Regine Sawyer => Regine Sawyer/Regine L. Sawyer

Renae De Liz => Renae De Liz/”Renae DeLiz”

(… “DeLiz” is also seen, including on IDW’s site, so liable to be CTRL+F’ed.)

Sally Jane Thompson => Sally Thompson/Sally Jane Thompson

Shaenon K. Garrity => Shaenon K. Garrity/Shaenon Garrity

Teri S. Wood
Teri S. Wood/Teri Sue Wood/Teresa Challender/Resa Challender

(… Cf. TeriWood.com, “Home of Teresa Challender aka Teri S. Wood”, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teri_Sue_Wood saying it’s a 2008 name change before reissuing her comics.)

— Credited aliases plus suggested change in works:

Kat Verhoeven (Towerkind)
Kat Verhoeven/Katherine Verhoeven (Towerkind, webcomic Meat and Bone)

Marisa Marchetto (Cancer Vixen)
Marisa Marchetto/Marisa Acocella Marchetto/Marisa Acocella (Cancer Vixen, Just Who the Hell Is She Anyway, cartoonist – The New Yorker)

— Some suggested changes in works:

Elaine Lee (Starstruck, Vamps)
Elaine Lee (Starstruck, Brainbanx, Vamps)

Eva de la Cruz (Judge Dredd, 2000AD)
Eva de la Cruz (inker – The Chase, 2000AD, colorist – Fables, Fairest, Coffin Hill, Action Comics, Judge Dredd, 2000AD)

Julia Lacquement (colorist – Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters)
Julia Lacquement (colorist – Black Canary, Green Arrow, Sable/Jon Sable Freelance)

(… Credited years on each series.)

Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands)
Kate Leth (Kate or Die, Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands)

(… To add her own thing.)

Maris Wicks (Batgirl, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
Maris Wicks (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Primates, colorist – Batgirl)

(… To list her NYT bestseller “Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas” with Jim Ottaviani.)

Ronda Pattison (colorist – TMNT)
Ronda Pattison (colorist – The Maxx: Maxximized, Godzilla, TMNT, Next Men, Atomic Robo, Angel)

Dana Marie Andra

April 7, 2015 at 9:08 am

Betty Betz (Writer/artist: Dollface & Her Gang, Dell, 1951)

Hi again. Here are 3 women contributors to the issue Pathways to Fantasy #1 (Pacific Comics, 1984)

April Campbell (Pathways to Fantasy)
Carrie McCarthy (letterer – Pathways to Fantasy)
Lela Dowling [also credited as Leila Dowling] (Pathways to Fantasy)

Myself Talula Burtram (real name Claire Smith)- Bajo-Mano, I Work With Cats
Sarah Graley- Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch, Rentquest
Verity Hall- Mystery Circus, Like a Shark in a Swimming Pool
Alice Urbino- Dimension

Thanks for the updates everyone! We’re updated as necessary to this point in the comments! – Kelly

Amazing list, Kelly!

Shameless self promotion:
Joana Lafuente (colorist – Transformers, GI Joe, X-Files, Millenninum, Jem, Burning Fields, Hunt, Magic the Gathering, …)

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