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75 Greatest Captain America Stories Master List

We’ve been celebrating Captain America’s 75th anniversary with a countdown of the greatest Captain America comic book stories ever told, as voted on by YOU, the readers! Read on for the complete master list. Click on any story for a write-up about that story.


75. “Celluloid Heroes” Captain America #261-263

74. “When Free Men Shall Stand” Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6-7

73. “Super-Patriot is Here” Captain America #323

72. “Fear Grows in Brooklyn” Captain America #241

71. “Power to the People” Captain America #143

70. “I Am Legend” Captain America #383

69. “Arnim Zola – The Bio-Fanatic!” Captain America #206-212

68. “Cap’s Night Out” Captain America #371

67. “When Wakes the Sleeper” Captain America #101-102

66. “Someone Who Cares” Captain America #270

65. “Reborn” Captain America #600, Captain America Reborn #1-6

64. “By the Dawn’s Early Light!” Captain America #247-249

63. “Mean Strees” Captain America #272

62. “What If the Invaders Had Stayed Together After World War II?” What If…? #4

61. “Tess-One” Captain America Annual #8

60. “The Burden of Dreams” Captain America (Volume 5) #31-36

59. The Adaptoid” Tales of Suspense #82-84

58. “The Anti-Cap” Captain America and Falcon #1-14

57. “Sanctuary” Captain America #454

56. “If A Hostage Should Die” Tales of Suspense #77

55. “The Hero That Was” Captain America #109

54. “The Grand Director Saga” Captain America #231-236

53. “The Exiles” Captain America #103-105

52. “Red Menace” Captain America (Volume 5) #15-17

51. “Truth” Truth: Red, White and Black #1-7

50. “The Gladiator, the Girl and the Glory” Tales of Suspense #75-76

49. “Hope and Glory” Captain America #444

48. “The Man Who Bought America” Captain America (Volume 5) #37-42

47. “Madripoor Night” Uncanny X-Men #268

46. “Two Americas” Captain America #602-605

45. “If This Be…MODOK!” Tales of Suspense #92-94

44. “Streets of Poison” Captain America #372-378

43. “Sentinel of Liberty” Adventures of Captain America #1-4

42. “Patriot” Captain America: Patriot #1-4

41. “Now, By My Hand, Shall Die a Villain” Avengers (Volume 1) #15-16

40. “Ultimatum” Captain America #321-322

39. “The Origin of the Red Skull” Tales of Suspense #66

38. “Death Be Not Proud” Avengers (Volume 1) #56

37. “America the Cursed” Captain America #281-283

36. “The Riddle of the Red Skull!” Captain America Comics #1

35. “Justice is Served” Captain America #318-320

34. “What If…Captain Americs Were Revived Today?” What If…? (Volume 1) #44

33. “Serpents of the World Unite!” #310-315

32. “The Return of Baron Zemo!” Captain America #275-279

31. “God and Country” Daredevil #232-233

30. “The Mercenary and the Madman” Captain America #251-252

29. “Castaway in Dimension Z” Captain America (Volume 7) #1-10

28. Batman and Captain America

27. “Red Glare” Captain America (Volume 3) #14-19

26. “Under Siege” Avengers #273-277

25. “The Man Who Lived Twice” Tales of Suspense #97-99, Captain America #100

24. “Home Fires” Marvel Fanfare #18

23. “The Bloodstone Hunt” Captain America #357-362

22. “Armageddon 1983″ Captain America #286-288

21. “Man Out of Time” Captain America: Man Out of Time #1-5

20. “The Sleeper Shall Awake!” Tales of Suspense #72-74

19. “Man Without a Country” Captain America #450-453

18. “Bicentennial Battles” Marvel Treasury Special featuring Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles #1

17. “The Coming of the Falcon” Captain America #114-119

16. “Meet Captain America!” Captain America Comics #1

15. “Nomad” Captain America #176-183

14. “Madbomb” Captain America #193-20

13. “The Living Legend” Captain America #255

12. “Cap for President” Captain America #250

11. “Two Into One Won’t Go” Captain America #153-156

10. “He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube!” Tales of Suspense #79-81

9. “Death of the Dream” Captain America (Volume 5) #25-30

8. “Death of the Red Skull” Captain America #293-300

7. “Blood on the Moors” Captain America #253-254

6. “Captain America No More” Captain America #332-350

5. “Project Rebirth” Captain America #445-448

4. “Captain America Joins… The Avengers!” Avengers (Volume 1) #4

3. “Secret Empire” Captain America #169-175

2. “The Strange Death of Captain America” Captain America #110-111,113

1. “The Winter Soldier” Captain America (Volume 5) #1-6, 8-9, 11-14

Agree? Disagree? Let us know!


I know very little of Cap’s older stories (thanks for the introduction!) so I didn’t vote. However I’m surprised “A little help” with Bucky-Cap didn’t make the list. Did it get at least one vote?

Nice work — you’ve done a Ben-Hur job cobbling this together, and no one is ever going to completely agree, esp. on order, but this works in many ways. Loved seeing Steranko’s brief run and the ‘Winter Soldier’ saga at the top of the list (deserved), but I would’ve put Kirby/Lee/Shores’ #100-109 in a better position, as they set the trend and Kirby’s artwork was at is peak then. Just nit-picking. ;)

A lot of the later entries send me directly to #13. Is anyone else experiencing this?

A lot of the later entries send me directly to #13. Is anyone else experiencing this?

There was a small error linking #23-21 to #13-11, but I believe it’s fixed now. Let me know if you’re still having a problem!

This was great fun to read, thanks for putting it together, Brian!

I’ve only read 23 of these–all of the Steranko, Stern/Byrne, Waid/Garney, and Brubaker entries, as well as a few others, like Truth, Under Siege, the two Frank Miller stories, and the two Wolverine stories.

I haven’t read a single one of the Lee/Kirby, Englehart, solo Kirby, DeMatteis/Zeck, or Gruenwald entries, which is why I opted not to vote. I’ve been particularly meaning to check out those DeMatteis/Zeck issues for quite a while.

It’s really interesting to me to see where the “gaps” are in this list. There are two pretty conspicuous five year gaps where not a single story from Cap’s main title made the list: a 60-issue gap comprising #384-443 (basically 1990-1995), and a 63-issue gap comprising Vol. 3 #20-50 and all 32 issues of Vol. 4 (basically 2000-20005). Did any stories from either of these eras almost make the list? Or did really nothing in there get much support at all? I was actually very curious what Vol. 4 stories would make the list, as I’ve never really heard anything about any of them.

Had I voted, with my limited Cap repertoire, it probably would have been something like this:

1. Winter Soldier
2. Operation Rebirth
3. The Steranko issues
4. Madripoor Nights
5. Under Siege
6. #253-254
7. Red Menace
8. #454
9. #247-249
10. Avengers #402 (which has my favorite Cap moment: “What did you think I meant?”)

Did anyone vote for Avengers #402?

Third Man –

Interesting; The first half of the 1990s are a wasteland, as far as mainstream superhero comics go, IMO. So it’s unsurprising that Cap also would vanish in the clutter of badness. The second gap I always thought more puzzling. You’d think the period would be ripe for a patriotic superhero, but Marvel really dropped the ball. The covers were pretty, though.

looking at the stories that made it from Cap’s main titles …(no mini-series, guest appearances or Avengers)

From before the Marvel era only 2 stories made it – both from Captain America Comics 1 (1941) – I’m assuming that these made it due to their significance as the debuts of Cap and Skull rather than being better than all the other 40s stories

From the 60s, 13 stories scripted by Stan Lee (mostly drawn by Jack Kirby) made the list indicating a popular era.

The 70s were not so good (except for the runs from Englehart and, afterwards, Kirby), 7 stories (8 counting bicentenial battles) made the list

The 1980s were a much stronger period starting off with a one-off from Mike Barr.
then came the very popular 9 issue Stern/Byrne run – 5 stories made the list, issue 249 did not.
This was soon followed by 7 stories (24 issues) from J M DeMatteis’ run.
in the mid 80s Mark Gruenwald took over and managed to get 10 stories in the list but seemed to go downhill midway through his run so his final 60 issues didn’t get a story in the list.

The first Waid/Garney run lasted 11 issues and proved popular with 4 stories/10 issues making the list.
Then came Heroes Reborn….which unsurprisingly didn’t get any story in the list
Waid and Garney returned in Sentinel of Liberty but the only story that made the list was by Stern and Frenz
Mark Waid got 1 more story in the list from volume 3
Dan Jurgens got none from his run and neither did any of the authors from Volume 4/Marvel Knights (not even Chuck Austin…)

After 4 or 5 years of disappointment, things perked up with Christopher Priest’s 14 issue Captain America & the Falcon series soon followed by Ed Brubaker’s run which managed 7 stories though his later stories (including volume 6) did not make it

and Rick Remender’s first story (from 2013) was the last one to make the list


249 was included, so all 9 Stern/Byrne issues were on the list.

And 449 was a pseudo-fill-in issue, so all 10 initial Waid/Garney stories made it.

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