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Here is a collection of our feature where we look at the resolutions of long-running comic book plots (the plots must be at least four years old before finally being resolved to be featured here). Click on any story for a write-up of that long-resolved plot…

1. Who was the X-Traitor?

2. Where did the X-Men villain Dragonfly disappear to for fourteen years?

3. Who kidnapped Masque right in front of the Avengers?

4. Who killed Mystique and Sabretooth’s son?

5. How was the Legacy Virus cured?

6. Captain America Solves a Canadian Murder Mystery

7. What Was Gambit and Sabretooth’s Sinister Shared Past?

8. Was Gambit the Witness to the X-Traitor?

9. Where the Heck Did the Fourth Skrull Go?

10. Who The Heck Freed the Venom Symbiote Way Back When?

11. What Was the Secret Reason Behind the Mutant Massacre in X-Men?

12. Why Didn’t Aunt May Have Kids of Her Own?

13. When Did We Learn of Wolverine’s Memory Implants?


Looking over that, it’s interesting that all but one of them is from X-Men.
(And that one is from Alpha Flight, who of course sprang out of X-Men.)

Well, ever since the glory days of Claremont, X-Men has been pretty notorious for all the forgotten plot threads left lying around, so it makes sense that it would be all over this feature. Still, it is funny that it’s almost ALL X-Men stuff!

The Masque one is an Avengers one.

But yes, this feature is going to be mostly X-Men stuff, since that was such a famous aspect of their stories for so many years.

When I read Masque, I thought you meant the Morlock.
Still have to catch up on reading the feature. :)

And, yeah, I agree that X-Men is notorious for dangling plotlines. Well, Claremont is.

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