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Top Five Wolverine/Colossus Fastball Specials

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Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

Let’s take a look at the top five “fastball specials” pulled off by Wolverine and Colossus of the X-Men!

5. X-Men #100

The very first fastball special! Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum delivered this one, which oddly enough never showed what happened AFTER Wolverine is thrown at Angel. They’re all just shown later in the comic, so I guess Angel just moved out of the way or something like that?


4. X-Men #114

This bit by Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin was the first time that Byrne and Austin drew the fastball special together, and it’s an all together awesome sequence…



3. X-Men #137

This one turned the tactic around in a very clever fashion. This one has a strong case to be #2 on the list, but I just couldn’t bring myself to use a non “Colossus throwing Wolverine” one for #2. In any event, to set the scene, the X-Men are fighting the Imperial Guard on the moon for the fate of Jean Grey (or at least who they think is Jean Grey). They get their butts kicked, but in the process, Jean turns into DARK Phoenix again, and for the third issue in a row, the X-Men try to take out their own teammate. Since they are on the moon, they are working with less gravity, and thus Wolverine is able to reverse the fastball special trick with Colossus…


I liked that Colossus couldn’t do it. Good character work there. He can kill if necessary, but not a friend like this.

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Sounds about right. The first one, the first of the Claremont/Byrne years, the inversion in the most popular X-story, the “final” one in the other most popular x-story, and probably the most popular one of the last 15 years.

I think the Byrne one is my favorite artistic rendition, where Wolverine’s lower body just turns into a bunch of motion lines. I also rather like Cassaday’s more “realistic” interpretation. The canted angle helps, as does the spiral cloud and the powerful follow through he draws for Colossus.

I just noticed… Wolverine reverted to his original mask in this Astonishing X-Men story. Or so it looks like, anyway.

I don’t see any whiskers?

Also a fan of Dan Slott’s take on it in She-Hulk. ;-)

Moon or no moon, it never made sense to me why Wolverine’s arm would provide greater propulsive force than Colossus’ own legs. It’s only Colossus’ strength that overcomes the normal “I can jump farther and faster than you can throw me”– and that strength should mean all the more that he can jump farther and faster than someone else can throw *him.*

One of my favorite variations is in Deadpool: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (the story that just won the top Deadpool story countdown). The North Koreans have created their own ersatz X-Men. Wolverine tries to teach Korean!Wolverine and Korean!Colossus how to do the Fastball Special… and they have no idea what a fastball even is.

Those are all very good choices. That last one has convinces me to go back and read that Whedon Astonishing run.

given how the fast ball special is so part of x-men lore . this was proably a hard list to just five. and surprised the days of future past one did not wind up at number one since its the most iconic of the times wolverine has been turned into a missile.

I said out Wolverine’s lines when he threw Colossus loud and timed it: 16 seconds. If I add Colossus’s thoughts (which might just flash through his mind) it’s about 20. And still they take the telepath Phoenix by surprise :D

The only thing I dislike about that Whedon scene is how Wolverine shoves his fist inside the villain’s mouth – it makes a mockery of a villain that was originally somewhat of a badass. That scene totally castrates him.

Apart from that… great scene.

Those are the exact five I would have chosen, in that order. Great stuff.

Esp. like Whedon’s choice to not say the “two words.” He does the same trick a couple of times in the Avengers movies, setting up an obvious line, then letting the fanboys fill in the blanks. This fanboy likes it!

Pointless disclosure: I remember the first time I saw that savage land scene as a little kid, I thought Wolverine was suddenly able to fly like Nova! Same visual with the lower-torso speed lines and all… I’m sure I figured it out by the second read-through…

And I thought I was seeing double ;)

What amazed me is that only three of the top five were in that collection of seven various fastball specials!

Great list. John Byrne is one of my all time favorite artists and his rendition of the Fastball Special is pure nostalgia. Thanks for this!

Esp. like Whedon’s choice to not say the “two words.”

I agree, but I did have to tell a friend what the two words were when I lent him the comics. :)

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