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Top Five Wolverine Young Female Friends

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Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

Wolverine is well known for how well he gets along with young female characters. It is pretty much the fact that there is an interesting dichotomy between the gruff, old man and the young women that works surprisingly well.



Rogue really stopped being portrayed as a teenager very quickly, so this really never caught on as a young female friend type relationship, as they were pretty quickly just peers. But we’ll always have…




Angel Salvadore

They really only had one adventure together, during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run (in a series of issues drawn by Igor Kordey in a matter of days) but it was very memorable!






5. Armor

It was during his friendship with Armor that the creakiness of this concept really began to show a bit, as while Armor was a fine character, the friendship aspect seemed to lean a bit too hard on the nostalgia side of things. But it was still fun seeing them interact with each other, like this bit from Astonishing X-Men #23…



4. X-23

In a weird way, I think Wolverine’s interactions with his clone, X-23, have gone UP since he died, as we get more and more flashbacks as to their time together, when while they were actually around together, he didn’t act AS much as an inspiration to Laura. Storm, Gambit and Jubilee all seemed to have a slightly greater impact on her – except for the whole, you know, being the basis for her DNA. But he did have some notable interactions with her, and like I said, some of the best have been since he died, like when she took on the mantle of Wolverine in All-New Wolverine #1 by Tom Taylor and David Lopez…





3. Katie Power
In an upset, I’m going with Katie Power, from Power Pack, as for a while there, she had a lot of interactions with Wolverine in both X-Men and Power Pack (and in the years since, there was even a Wolverine/Power Pack mini-series) and one of those interactions came in one of the all-time great Wolverine stories of all-time, Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Wounded Wolf,” from Uncanny X-Men #205…




And then after his bloody battle with Lady Deathstrike…


Awesome stuff.

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True it was a robot Wolverine, but how about an honorable mention for Elsie-Dee?

I can’t argue with any of these. The very first X-Men comic I got, back in ’89 or ’90 was an issue with Wolverine and Jubilee, so to me she has been his top sidekick ever since. Somebody who got into the X-Men during the Kitty Pryde era might see things differently, but those are definitely the top 2.

I’d totally forgotten about #3. What a great story.

Incidentally, whence came the Kitty/Logan piece at the top of the article?

Never mind. Found it.

If nothing else, the PAD written Kitty Pryde Wolverine: First Class stories from a few years ago should put her over the top.

For some reason I thought Pixie was going to be on this list. Am I just making that up or did she actually play that role?

Pixie had more of an interaction with Logan than Angel Salvadore ever did.

I worried for what would happen to Armor after her initial Astonishing run, now… meh. She and Logan had some amusing interplay so that’s enough.

What I never understood is how Marvel were allowed to get away with Jubilee’s faux-Robin costume right out of the gate. She was clearly (visually) a riff on Carrie Kelley but there never seemed to be a fuss, and lawyers can be so fussy.

nice for figured both jubiless and kitty would be high on the list given how they have had a bond with wolverine longer then the others including x23 . though thought kitty was going to be number one.

I dunno about an upset, but I certainly would have been upset if Katie Power wasn’t on the list. Your top three were the three that immediately came to mind. I would have put Kitty at the top, but whatevs, I respect your logic.

The funny thing about Jubilee’s faux-Robin outfit was, the next time DC & Marvel started doing crossovers again, what did they do? Strike up a romance between Jubilee and Robin.

Points to whoever wrote that Angel Salvadore encounter for making fun of that stupid “Bang…you dead!” repeated phrase.

Kitty will always be number one but I can see the argument being made for Jubilee to have the top spot.

I second the nomination of Elsie-Dee! She deserved at least an honourable mention…

The Angel Salvadore one is part of the Morrison New X-Men run, right? Is that Kordey art?

Wow, that Tom Taylor guy is a great writer. That is really good dialogue in that excerpt up there.

Wow, that Tom Taylor guy is a great writer. That is really good dialogue in that excerpt up there.

Right? That’s why I figured I’d share it. He’s doing a great job on All-New Wolverine.

Especially considering he’s just a fictional character from The Unwritten.

You must be thinking of Tommy Taylor. Tom Taylor is totally real. Tommy’s just the fictional version of him.
Though if Tom’s writing comics now, you’ll want to be careful you don’t get too, um, sucked in.

C’mon buttler, even though I didn’t put a smiley in there you should know I was joking!

Actually, there’s a related easter egg that I’ll email Brian about now…

Good list, all of them worthy of inclusion.

I didn’t think of the Power Pack connection, probably because I’ve only read that story once the last 20 years. But after reading the info here I can fully support the inclusion.

Agree with Jubilee at first place, would have put X-23 in third place and if Angel Salvadore is mentioned I’d give an honourable mention to Black Widow as well.

But…but I too was joking! Because, y’see, in the comic there’s fictional Tommy and less-fictional Tom, and…and…man, I should just quit while I’m behind.

When I first read the “Wounded Wolf” issue when it came out, I really didn’t like the art (because it was so different), but I LOVED the use of Katie Power (and her interaction with Wolverine).

Now, decades later, I think that issue stands out as one of my favourite in my collection because of the art (it’s not so jarring all these years later) AND because I can appreciate even more (being a father) Wolvie’s interaction with Katie throughout the issue.

I understand why Kitty and Jubilee are ranked higher (for the their total body of work), but I think that single issue with Katie Power was the best “Wolvie/Young Female” issue of all.

C’mon buttler, even though I didn’t put a smiley in there you should know I was joking!

Actually, there’s a related easter egg that I’ll email Brian about now…

buttler was referring to the fact that the character in Unwritten is named Tom Taylor, who is the “real” version of a fictional character named Tommy Taylor. So he was playing off of your joke.

What’s funny about Rogue is that in her early appearances (before the X-men) she was drawn to look more like a woman in her 50’s than a teenager!

Yeah, I kind of screwed up his joke that was off of mine. I totally forgot what little I’d read of the Unwritten and forgot there was more to the joke than what I’d done. And that buttler is funnier than I am.

This funny stuff is hard work!

For me the 2 best sidekicks for Logan are:

Kitty Pride (Remember Kitty and Wolverine LS.. Claremont/Milgrom..and kitty learning to become a ninja)

and Julation Lee…remember how she was a mother to him right after Siege Perillous (unca’ 252 onward)

I think a good Legends Revealed would be whether Jubilee’s outfit was actually based on Robin or not. Everyone assumes it was, and that seems intuitive, but do we know for sure?

Okay I like Kitty more (not to say I don’t like Jubliee), but your reasoning makes sense.

I was trying to remember a story where Kitty and Jubliee were basically having a cat fight over who was the better sidekick while Wolverine was wandering around in a naked daze… anyone know which one I’m talking about?

Also there’s a weird bit in in Larry Hama’s Dying Game storyline which implies that Wolverine is sexually attracted to Jubilation? “Did Jubilee ever hold my hand like that?” he asks himself seeing Sabertooth in a relationship. But then this as he was going more feral… still it kinda shocked me a bit when I was reading the Epic Collection.

Thanks for including Katie Power. Uncanny X-Men 195 was my first comic. It was a Power Pack cross-over issue.

Okay I like Kitty more (not to say I don’t like Jubliee), but your reasoning makes sense.

Oh, I definitely like Kitty more, as well. I just think that if you’re talking “young female friends of Logan,” Jubilee was pretty much designed to BE a young female friend of Logan, like that is her sole purpose of being. Kitty is a lot more than that, but judging just on terms of being a young female friend of Logan, I think Jubilee gets the edge.

You can argue about which way 1 or 2 should be for ages.

There’s a fabulous modern Wolverine/Jubilee story in (adjectiveless) X-Men (2013) #4 by Brian Wood and David Lopez which is well worth a read.

Uh? People like that insistence on giving Wolverine “sidekicks”?

If you say so.

Agree with Jubilee being getting the top spot. Sadly a lot of writers poorly develop her. The only good writers who handled her well were Lobdell and recently Brian Wood. At least Bendis did make her the new Wolverine in the future in the Battle of The Atom crossover.


I’m not certain, but I think the story you’re talking about is from Wolverine’s solo series, as part of that run of stories where he married Viper.

If you need further evidence that Jubilee is Wolverine’s #1 sidekick, refer to the Amalgam universe where he was merged with Batman and see who ended up smashed up with Robin.

Even though I’ve read every Wolverine and Kitty comic to my knowledge, I’m a ’90s kid and still can’t see her topping Jubilee. I wish Chris Sims got a second series with just the two of them.

I’d like an honorable mention for Molly Hayes. :)

I first saw the topic, and thought…”there were five? This is going to be a bit creepy.” But then I immediately thought Elsie-Dee deserved a mention too.

I wouldn’t argue with the list at all. Powers definitely deserved to be up there, and one and two are both great, but it’s the right order for sidekicks. I mean Kitty was just a headmaster at Wolverine’s school! They’ve become more equal over time. I guess before she went to space. But Jubilee has become a vampire. And Wolverine is dead anyway, so…… Sigh.

His time with Squirrel Girl was mostly off-panel (maybe worthy of an honourable mention)

let’s see … Wolverine is such-and-such an age and he’s spending a lot of time with girls of considerably younger age and then he sets himself up as a headmaster of a school…and….

…it’s surprising that no-one has made a big fuss out of this given all the troubles and concerns elsewhere (consider the retconning of Reed and Sue)

I was both surprised and grateful to hear that Katie Power/Energizer was included among Wolverine’s Top Female Friends…..and at #3, no less. :)

John King –

But Wolverine never married or became romantically involved with girls he met when they were minors, right? His relationship with them has been mostly paternal, except for the occasional hints by a few clueless writers.

I never believed or said there was anything wrong about any of Wolverine’s relationships with the girls
[except maybe Squirrel Girl :-) ]
I’m more mocking the hysterical overreactions to other equally innocent relationships within comics

Technically, you could count Rogue since she filled that role in the movies.


January 12, 2016 at 4:59 pm

Did I miss any mention of his adoptive Japanese daughter, Akiko? I know she doesn’t appear much, but she seemed to be yet another attempt to give him a young female emotional attachment to suit the trend…

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