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2015 Top 100 Marvel Characters 100-1

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You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! Yesterday and today, I’ll reveal the rest of the Top 100 for the DC and Marvel Characters Countdown votes. No write-ups, just the results, 10 characters per page (plus I’ll re-post the links to the top 50 on the final page). DC Comics characters yesterday, Marvel Comics characters today!


100. Taskmaster – 106 points (1 first place vote)

99. Northstar – 107 points (2 first place votes)

98. Miss America (America Chavez) – 109 points

97. Cannonball – 110 points (2 first place votes)

96. Elektra – 111 points

95. Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) – 112 points (2 first place votes)

94. Blink – 113 points (2 first place votes)

93. War Machine – 116 points (3 first place votes)

92. Carnage – 118 points (2 first place votes)

91. J. Jonah Jameson – 120 points

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The art on that Juggernaut book – yeesh. Marvel was just grabbing people off the street and letting them draw the books in the 90s, weren’t they?

Thanks for posting these. Three of my ten were in the bottom 50, including my top two. Thanks!

Damn the 50-100 section includes a lot of great characters. Too many great characters Marvel has

Self is sad that techno-organic self friend Warlock doesn’t appear!

Like my DC list only 1 of my top ten made the list of top 100 at all and three more from my top 20. Out of this top 100 I could fish out a top ten of favorites, but the some of my picks are quite obscure. My biggest disappointment is not finding the Black Cat on the list at all. Oh well. Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane made it. I was happy to see Jessica Jones and Adam Warlock and I was surprised to see Blink made it.

I’m glad Moon Knight got in the top 25. He’s usually in the 90s with lists like this.
I also think Black Bolt deserves to be in the top 25 but it’s all good.

Urgh….that Juggernaut comic just looks so freaking awful with that derp face.

Gotta love the 90’s.

From my submitted top 10, Hercules (3), Quicksilver (7) and Monica Rambeau (8) all appear in the lower half of the top 100. Good to still see them, but I’m always a bit sad not to see more love for the members of Roger Stern’s classic run (this goes for Black Knight as well). Strange, when every Avengers fan seems to agree that Stern’s run was the best. I saw Under Siege gets an Epic reprint later this year, perhaps that’ll change things a little.

I also voted for Hobgoblin (Kingsley, ‘tho I like Macendale and Urich a lot too) (6), and Scarlet Spider/Kaine (5). Weird that Ben Reilly is still in the top 100 while Kaine isn’t, even though he had his own series & team book not too long ago (Chris Yost’ Scarlet Spider followed by New Warriors), both of which were a lot of fun.

Sabretooth didn’t crack the top 100??? Get the hell out of here.

Richard Rider at #37. Sam Alexander doesn’t even break the top 100. For a company that likes to make money, you’re ignoring a very popular character with your fans. Bring back the original NOVA

@Bob: I remember the X-Office actively showcasing artists with unusual / non-traditional art styles in the late 90s, especially after Joe Mad’s manga inspired style really took off. That Juggernaut one shot was drawn by Duncan Rouleau, who’s had a pretty incredible 20 year career as a comic book creator! But he’s probably had even more success in the past decade working on TV shows with the Man of Action production team. Jeff Matsuda is another late 90s Marvel artist with a frenetic and chaotic style who found a lot of success in animation. That art style might be underwhelming to you but there’s definitely a big audience for it!

I dig that juggs cover.
The females get to be super deformed in their typical comic way…
Why not the huge muscle bound monsters?

That Blink cover is possibly the most embarrasingly sexist comic book cover I’ve ever seen.

Also, who the hell voted for Black Knight as their number one?! Or Spider-Gwen? She’s been around for all of five minutes!

@Justin, yes that was quite a surprise not to see Sabretooth crack the top 100. Also, Mr. Sinister, Aunt May, Cloak & Dagger, Black Cat, Beta Ray Bill and Red Skull didn’t make the top 100.

Some cool facts:
Characters introduced since 2000
Marvel: 7
DC: 1
Women in Top 10
Marvel: 0
DC: 2
Women (Overall)
Marvel: 27
DC: 24
Marvel: 10 (11 counting Psylocke)
DC: 5
Marvel: 2 (3 counting Mystique as Bi or Pan, 4 counting Deadpool)
DC: 4 (5 counting Catwoman, 6 counting Catman)

Always love DOOM! Because of Jonathan Hickman’s run, DOOM is the most awesome superhero villains EVER! DOOM!

Shows how different tastes are. I love the art on Juggernaugt, Matsuda and Rouleau had a good over-the-top style.
But I know that a majority would prefer the Marvel house style, established by Romita. Thank god sometimes in between artists like Madureira, McFarlane and yes, I will say it, Liefeld stir things up.


Thanks for the breakdown. I wonder if the small number of beloved characters introduced in the last 15 years is more due to fans loving the classic characters or creators holding onto more original characters for creator-owned comics? I would think Rick from The Walking Dead, Hit-Girl from Kickass, and others would be on an overall list of 100 most favorite characters for example.

What in the world is sexist about the Blink cover? You devalue the word sexism when you use it to describe something you don’t like.

@Ben: Sorry to put you on the spot like this, but I can actually count 4 LGBT characters in the Marvel list other than the two you have mentioned separately (Northstar, Miss America Chavez, Wiccan and Iceman). And I presume you aren’t including Harley & Ivy as LGBT characters for DC?

Also, shouldn’t the Al Ghuls (including Damian) count as POC? And it’s arguable whether the characters with Romani lineage like Dick Grayson and the Maximoff twins should be considered as non-POC characters or not.

Yogi deadhead –

The character is contorted and distorted to show as much ass as possible. Textbook sexist cover. I’ve seen worse, however. Bonus points for not trying to show off her tits at the same time. But it’s also a very interesting cover, IMO.

You seem to be confusing objectification with sexism. That cover isn’t discriminating anyone. Plus, you can like/draw ass and tits all day; and even enjoy salicious fornication without being married and not be a sexist.

Yeah, okay. I agree with you that the accurate description for the cover is “objectifying”.

Green Goblin ended up highest on the list (66th) without getting any first place votes.

I believe characters with separate or new identities should have their own slots other than Hank Pym who has nearly as many identities as the Wasp has costumes.
EG: Falcon is an excellent character. His stint as American Eagle is so unappealing.

Wow, I am really out of touch with what’s popular from Marvel anymore. Only 3 of my 10 picks made the top 100. No Longshot, Songbird, Molly Hayes, Layla Miller, Ka-Zar, Shanna, or Diamondback. Granted, almost none of them are terribly active right now and all are more sentimental favorites than anything else, but I’m still sad to see so little love for any of them…

I’m surprised that Bullseye didn’t make the list either, with Elektra and Kingpin rounding out the Daredevil crew here. But happily surprised to see Taskmaster just make the cut. But two people really gave Carnage a first place vote?!? I’m not sure he even rates a first place vote among symbiotes.

And Yogi it’s sexist if they’re not objectifying men on the cover in the same ways, and as frequently. Which we know they don’t. Not seeing Hercules have his ass sticking out on too many covers. (Did he count as part LGBT?) So yeah, word plays aside, it’s sexist. Though I’m not sure it even counts as the most sexist cover in this list, no more “the most ever seen”….I mean Dale, you clicked far enough to get to the page with Mystique, right? (Spider-Woman might be close too).

Here are my top “conspicuous absences”:

1. Loki – I’m most shocked by this one, especially after what Gillen did with him the last few years
2. Black Cat
3. Sabretooth
4. Red Skull
5. Bullseye
6. Bishop
7. Polaris
8. Warlock (New Mutants)
9. Beta Ray Bill
10. Quentin Quire – I thought Morrison creations were contractually obligated to appear on the lists?
11. Fantomex – ^^^^Ditto
12. Hulkling
13. Longshot

1. Loki – I’m most shocked by this one, especially after what Gillen did with him the last few years

His absence WOULD be shocking…if he were absent. ;)

Of the other ones you mentioned, 4 of them showed up from #101-110.

Ha, wow… I even checked back over for Loki twice. I’m blind.

Though now I’m curious who the six in the 101-110 range were that I didn’t think of. I can only assume it’s Quasar, Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, Speedball, Nomad, and Night Thrasher.

I also probably should have included Rachel Grey, Hobgoblin, Drax, and Gamorra on my conspicuous absences list

Oh, and I forgot Banshee, who probably should have been in my top 5.

3 of my top 10 made the top 50

and out of the top 100 the number of characters I voted for that made it are…
…still 3

so 7 didn’t make the top 100
…including Sif and Gamora…

I was surprised that the Human Torch was so low, and that Sabretooth didn’t make the top 100!

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