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Left Unresolved – Do the X-Men Still Have a Frozen Lady in Their Freezer?

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In this feature, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved. Click here for an archive of all storylines featured so far.

Today, based on a suggestion by reader Peyton, we look at how the X-Men have had a frozen woman in their mansion for years now…

It’s funny, this could be almost a Provide Some Answers, as well, as this also sort of resolves an old plot from Uncanny X-Men #232 (by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri and Dan Green), where we meet a preacher and his wife, who is suffering from arthritis…



Later, her arthritis is healed and it is implied that it is from the Brood’s involvement in the story, but it’s not explicit…



And that was it until 1996’s X-Men vs. the Brood mini-series by John Ostrander, Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary, where we see what happened…



Go to the next page to see what happened next!

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Ugh. Why do writers have tie every new story back into some old story? The end of Uncanny 232 was perfect. There was no reason the later stories couldn’t have been done with all new characters , leaving the Conovers to live happily ever after.

But Nu-D, it was obvious from the ending of Uncanny 232 that the Conovers WEREN’T going to live happily ever after. From the paramedic’s evil smile and scenes in previous issues, it was obvious that she was one of the Brood and that Hannah’s miraculous cure was the result of getting the Brood injected into her. In fact, this story happens the same issue that Maddie is tricked into becoming the Goblyn Queen because she doesn’t realize who S’ym is. (And annoyingly, shortly after Alex gets into trouble because he doesn’t recognize Zaladane. Didn’t Storm ever hear of flash cards?) There was clearly supposed to be a parallel between Maddie and Hannah- innocent women tricked into becoming queens of evil because they trusted “demons” in disguise.

Except for the fact that the ending already hinted that they wouldn’t live happily ever after because she was infected by the Brood.

The Avengers had a similar frozen villain in their freezer- Jason Beere from Avengers 169.

Man, of all of these, I seriously want a follow-up to this. There’s a story to be told here, and possibly a good one.

I was wondering when you guys would get to this one. One of my favorites.

Operation Zero Tolerance emptied the mansion out not long after this. Nobody remembered Hanna was supposed to be stashed somewhere.

Actually, wouldn’t she be in Muir Isle since they consider moving her to the island? I think that, unlike the X-mansion, Muir Isle haven’t exploded 147 times since then. It’s just interesting because they took an unresolved plot from Claremont’s run and then kept it unresolved!

I wonder if any of the MARVEL writers and editors ever read this blog and stop to think of how this could be tied into future storylines?

Do you think they ever stop in and say thanks for the reminders, “I so totally forgot about that”?

“I so totally forgot about that”? …. but not Mr. BC

He NEVER forgets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The One and Only

January 30, 2016 at 10:16 am

It was indicated that Hannah was going to be transferred to Muir Island for Moria McTaggert to research her condition. So I had figured she was there for safe keeping so to lessen the chance of her being caught in the crossover of the X-Men’s situation.

Considering Marvel’s stance on continuity these days I’m sure this will never be mentioned again.

The lucky thing is that right before Grant Morrison’s takeover, they had a 6 month or so jump where they said in interviews “Any dangling plots were resolved during that time.”

Which was a GREAT way to sweep the deck clean on a franchise that had become a mess.

Re: the Brood: I have not read X-Men comics in forever, but I seem to recall seeing a recent series – Possibly “Wolverine and the X-Men” – where a student at the school is a little Brood child. He may even be called “Brood.” Does this mean that “good” Brood have started appearing and working with the X-Men, as this storyline foreshadows?

@Michael: The first thing I thought of when I saw this post was Avengers 169! (which I think was a fill-in, right in the era when Marvel would backlog “Marvel’s Fill-in Comics”.

Wasn’t that guy frozen to keep a Doomsday bomb in his heart from destroying the world?

Guess we’re lucky the Masters of Evil missed trashing that room in Under Siege.

It was around this time that Dark Beast started impersonating Beast, so there’s the possibility that he has her secreted away in one of his labs.

Dazzler’s sister, Lois London, is currently in the same boat as poor Hannah here. She was placed into a coma by Psylocke and put in the medical bay on Utopia about six years ago.

The Brood are nasty. Kill them all. They’re just monsters.

I wonder if Rev Hubby got Brooded by that final snog…

@SaunN: the little Brood kid is a mutant and appearently unconnected to Hannah.

@ The One and Only: well, Muir Isle had been devastated as well since then…

Further to the Inner Circle’s comment:
I’m pretty sure Broo’s mutation is what makes him a good guy.
And yes, he’s in Wolverine and The X-Men.

The Avengers had a similar frozen villain in their freezer- Jason Beere from Avengers 169.

And the JLA had the Dharlu from JLA #130, who actually kept the satellite running for years. She was finally freed in an Atom story in Action Comics.

i just figured that hannah body got to muir island under moira care before moria got whacked by mystic for other wise maybe her chamber got destroyed the last time the xmansion got blown to bits . if nothing else hannah would be revisted would make a nice baddie a new brood queen out for pay back on the x-men plus the brood really are long lived if they are even in bishops time.

Hannah’s husband Jacob later showed up in several issues of the Punisher series written by John Ostrander.

Oops, I meant Hannah’s husband William…


I got confused with the Daily Bugle reporter who has the same last name!

@Michael and @Dhole.

Haha! I thought of the exact same thing about the Avengers.

That Avengers story was my first thought, too.

Who doesn’t have a woman frozen in their freezer?

…I’ve said too much.

Huh, I have this Brood mini. Don’t remember a thing about it, except it being relatively early Hitch work. Her face in the last panel sure has a BWS look to it.

Barry Windsor-Smith? I see more of Mark Bagley, myself.

Most of the rest of the art, yeah, I see a Bagley comparison, but that very last panel shown here looks quite BWS-esque to me. Perhaps I’m alone in that.

Travis – I see it. It’s not just the way he draws (but it IS that), but also a similarity to that distinctive mostly-white colouring BWS uses.

Every time a team’s base of operations is destroyed and they move somewhere new, I always wonder about prisoners they had taken or situations like this one. I actually specifically remembered this story at that particular time that the mansion was destroyed, and I kept expecting a Brood Invasion in the near future. It’s also guaranteed that this story was a direct continuation from Claremont’s Brood story because right before the 2-issue mini-series, Marvel reprinted that story in a one-shot… I want to say it was called “X-men: Earthfall”. That one-shot was actually the first time I had seen that story, since at that time I didn’t yet have all of the back-issues.

At least they didn’t put her in the refrigerator!… Or did they?…

Don’t you hate it when you cryogenically freeze someone and then totally forget they were there? It’s cleaning day at the X-mansion and somebody stumbles across her in a storage room or something. “Hey, guys? There’s a chick in a cryo-chamber down here! Weren’t we supposed to help that guy’s wife or something?”

Iceman looks all guilty because she’s defrosted and he was supposed to go refresh her ice periodically. Oops…

“Take off. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”????

Would Reed have known this when he recreated this universe? I suppose we should just consider all these a wash.

Don’t you hate it when you cryogenically freeze someone and then totally forget they were there? It’s cleaning day at the X-mansion and somebody stumbles across her in a storage room or something. “Hey, guys? There’s a chick in a cryo-chamber down here! Weren’t we supposed to help that guy’s wife or something?”

When I was in college I lived in a cooperative housing arrangement on a piece of farmland. We were doing spring cleaning, and I was assigned to clean out the two “spare” refrigerators in the basement. In the back of one of them I found a jar containing a pickled sheep’s brain, with a date fifteen years past.

I honestly thought I had every X-Men comic published in 1996 — not that I’ve gone back to get them, just that I collected them all at the time — but I never read this, so I non-scientifically assume that it just didn’t get a big release, wasn’t that popular, and got subsequently ignored because of it.

On a related note, has anything ever come from Bishop’s comment about there being Brood factions in his future? Was it just a random comment thrown in by the writer so that he could kind of try and justify his storyline, or is there any substance to it?

And are there any other “Bishop-isms” that writers have used in the X-Books when they wanted to indicate possible alternate futures that Bishop then never elaborated on or that never actually amounted to anything?

Reminds me of what happened to Triumph during Morrison’s JLA run. Unless anyone recalls another story that shows him being moved away from the Watchtower, he went boom with it during WWIII.

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