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DC/Marvel Character Tourney – Daily Planet Region, Round 2

The second round of voting continues!

Simply choose which TV version of a DC/Marvel character you like better (not who you think would win in a fight). Just choose whichever one is your favorite (whether it be that you think they’re more interesting, more appealing, whatever criteria you want to use) in each of the following four match-ups. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!


NOTE: The polls are in Javascript. If your computer doesn’t allow java, well, you won’t see the polls.


the super man vs supergirl one was a tough one to pick should be interesting to see who wins.

Oh man, this is already getting tough. I was sad to see Luke go up against Babs, because really, nothing beats Babs.

buttler I was sad to see Luke against Babs so soon, too.

Yeah, the first two were hard, but weren’t the second two about the easiest we’ve had in the Tournament so far?

I thought Krysten Ritter vs. Adrienne Palicki was a tough call until I got to Mike Colter vs. Yvonne Craig! Leave it to Jessica Jones to make everything difficult.

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