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Remember to Forget – That Time the Punisher Killed Nick Fury

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In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are likely best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

Today, we take a look at the bizarre crossover that led to the Punisher seemingly killing Nick Fury.

In 1994, Marvel came up with a concept that would be, in and of itself, something that would qualify for “Remember to Forget,” which is to replace outgoing Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco with FIVE Editors-in-Chief, each one responsible for one “family” of titles. Having group editors was a fine idea, but trying to run a company with five group editors who were all technically at the same level was a foolish idea, and it did not last very long before Marvel promoted one of the five (Bob Harras, the X-Men group editor) to becoming the sole Editor-in-Chief. Mark Gruenwald was in charge of the Avengers and the Cosmic comics. Bob Harras you know already. Bob Budiansky got the Spider-titles, Carl Potts did Epic Comics and all licensed stuff and Bobbie Chase got “Marvel Edge.” What was Marvel Edge, you ask? Great question. You see, when you decide to make five “families” of titles, you have a problem when you have books that don’t really fit into any given “family.” This was why the New Warriors suddenly added Scarlet Spider to the team, so it could be under the “Spider-Man” family of titles. Marvel Edge was the catchall designation for Marvel’s grittier books. It made some sense for Daredevil, Punisher and Ghost Rider to be part of such a family of titles, but Chase was also already the editor on Incredible Hulk, so IT was added to the line, as well, even though there really wasn’t much of a connection.

To celebrate the creation of this family of titles (and, presumably, to let people know that said family even EXISTED), they did a crossover. The subject of the crossover? The Punisher deciding that he was going to kill Nick Fury.

It all starts with Double Edge Alpha (written by Larry Hama and drawn by Kerry Gammill – you might ask, why “Double Edge”? I don’t have a good answer for that) when the previous Punisher series ended and the Punisher was taken into custody by SHIELD. A shadow organization inside of SHIELD decides they want to get rid of Nick Fury and they decide to use the Punisher to do so. Doc Samson is working as his psychiatrist and they’re pumping him full of mind-altering drugs to help with his therapy. Well, the bad guy, called Spook, knows how to take advantage of this – PHOTOSHOP!


So yes, the Punisher is driven to kill by a photoshopped photo…


At least it wasn’t a cut out monster comic with a drawing of Nick Fury and a monster killing Punisher’s family!

Okay, so this leads into the “crossover,” which is just Punisher popping up in the pages of Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Hulk to be all, “I’m going to kill Nick Fury!” “No, don’t kill Nick Fury!” “Okay, on to the next title! I’m going to kill Nick Fury!” “No, don’t kill Nick Fury!”

Here, J.M. DeMatteis, Ron Wagner and Bill Reinhold try to do the best they can with the material they’ve been given…





So now, in Double Edge Omega by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Doug Wheatley and Jimmy Palmiotti, we get a quick scene between Daredevil and Ghost Rider to show that yes, they’re in this crossover…



Hulk doesn’t even appear in this final part. I guess Doc Samson is considered his substitute.

Anyhow, in the final part, the Punisher destroys all of Nick Fury’s Life Model Decoys…

So seriously, guys, this is it for Nick Fury if he dies! Seriously!

Go to the next page to see how it went down…

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Didn’t this crossover featured Dr Strange too? I recall his series were close to ending when they did this Edge nonsense, so he could be showing up as well.


March 19, 2016 at 12:14 pm

The thing with Iron Man is actually easily explained.

Well, “easy” in a convoluted way.

This was during the period where Tony Stark was killed off and replaced by a younger version of himself from another dimension.

So the Tony that made the Fury LMD wasn’t the same Tony that was at the funeral.

So it’s not that big of a plot hole.

When it comes to Punisher stories that we should remember to forget, there’s a couple more ‘essentials.’

The time he shot at jaywalkers and litter bugs and when he was an angel.

Ugh, this storyline…I remember at this point I had thought I had gotten pretty savvy as a comic fan and avoided most bunk crossovers, but for some reason I remember being really excited about this one. Maybe because it seemed like it word focus on corners of the MU that had seemingly been been push aside in the wake of the Mutant and Spider-Clone madness of the 90’s? Regardless, as soon as I saw that amazingly dumb image of Fury holding the kite that we were in for a REALLY bad ride. Woof.

Oh man, so many terrible costumes! Giant-Man’s is seemingly held together by pouches, Black Widow is a big fan of WWII-era Japan for some reason, Daredevil looks like fell asleep under a leaky, rusty car (it weird; I LIKED that costume when drawn by Scott McDaniel, but when drawn by anyone else it looked SO painfully 90’s). And what’s up with the “X” on Nick’s collar? Makes him look like he’s some kind of weird, soldier of fortune priest moonlighting with the X-Men.

And Doc Samson really is the worst. Between this and the nonsense with Speedball alone the guy needs to have his license taken away.

What is it with the post-Liefeld 90s and tree trunk thigh muscles?

Did Double-Edge also tie-in to Maximum Clonage in the Spider-man titles around the same time? Punisher shows-up in the Web of Spider-man part of the crossover and is acting crazier than usual (even by 90s’ comic standards).

This reminds me of Punisher (2000) #33-37, where they want the Punisher to look Kewl! and super-competent – so they do it by making Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Daredevil look like incompetent fools. (Which, btw, makes Punisher look less competent – it says he can only take out incompetent fools.)

Ha, well written, Brian :)

Le Messor: while I agree that making the heroes seem competent would be better, it must be kept in mind that the writer of the time, Garth Ennis has trouble taking superheroes seriously (see also Green Lantern in Hitman). He does seem to have some respect for Superman but overall I think it was ess trying to make Punisher “kewl” and more him having a laugh at superheroes. Also, while Ennis treated the Punisher himself seriously, his Punisher stories were initially played for laughs. This was his last comedic story before writing things more seriously in the MAX line, so I think he was just trying to get the last bit of silliness out of his system.

“What is it with the post-Liefeld 90s and tree trunk thigh muscles?”

Hey, you walk around all day with straps of pouches randomly on your thighs and eventually you’re going to see results!

seems ever one back then wanted to do their impression of liefield for every one looks big and padded. plus also wasn’t cloak and dagger and doctor strange part of that book family punisher and ghost rider were in too.

The art always gets dinged, but it’s just the style of the era. Wagner, Reinhold, Gammill, and Wheatley are all great pencil artists who have a legit knack for drawing such a character.

I’d say the story is a sequel to streets of poison, with Fury holding the kite as the “Cap bawking like a chicken ” equivalent

At what point do superheroes kinda give up on attending funerals?
It’s like going to your sister’s fourth wedding. No really, I’m sure THIS GUY is the one, Sis…

Let’s not forget that the “returned” Fury after this was ALSO revealed to be an LMD because the “real” Fury was… out in outer space. On a wall. Or something.

Haven’t Gabe Jones and Eric Koenig both been retconned to have died long before this? Also LMDs?

And Dino Manelli was later retconned to have been dead at this point, so I’m guessing.. LMD?

So, we may have 3 LMDs and one guy having a wake for an LMD of an LMD. Izzy Cohen must feel like the biggest idiot in the world.

IIRC, wasn’t Dum Dum Dugan also dead at this point? Later returned, was replaced by a Skrull, then was revealed to have been an LMD for decades so good that the Skrulls were able to copy him from it. Or something.

The Howling Commandos really deserve better caretakers than NuMarvel.

Don’t worry Kevin – Samson IS dead, now. He can’t hurt anyone anymore…

Hopefully he didn’t have an Life Model Therapists stashed away anywhere.

Between this and Captain America, it seems like Wolverine’s enhanced senses are a terrible judge of when someone is really, truly, no-foolin’ dead.

In What if? 2/7 Wolverine is called on to identify some LMDs among Shield and he promptly takes Dum-Dum apart, exposing him as a robot – but of course DD at this point is already an LMD.

I remember the Punisher series that follows this. The first issue has the Punisher in the electric chair on the cover and is all foil-y. The Punisher works with the mob! Then, for some reason, he fights the X-Cutioner.

Face it- everyone in this story was actually an LMD. In fact, the entire Marvel universe has, by now, been completely replaced by LMDs, Space Phantoms, and Skrulls.

Urgh. Just … urgh.

So what’s the deal with Nick referring to Scorpio as his kid? He had a son who took up Jake Fury’s old ID? Or is he just referring to his brother with unusual affection?

I feel really sorry for Peter David. He is a good writer that worked in a very bad period, and so he had to collaborate in a lot of bad events/crossovers.

Fraser, he indeed had a son who took up Jake Fury’s old ID. Check the awesome graphic novel Scorpio Connection.

A Horde of Evil Hipsters

March 21, 2016 at 4:19 am

DeMatteis, Ostrander, David – practically everyone involved in this – have written at least something I like, but I guess that Image-esque “we don’t need no scripts” attitude lead to situations like this where even competent writers got lost in an ocean of grotesquely redesigned costumes and pointless cross-overs. Yet somehow certain revisionist “fans” like to think that Marvel only went bad in the Jemas/Quesada era…

Horde –

Yeah. Marvel actually went bad in the late-1980s and got progressively worse until the time of Heroes Return marked a partial return to glory. But I think it’s valid to blame Quesada for destroying this brief period of return to glory.

“Shang Chi, I wish the circumstances were better. I also wish you hadn’t been coloured to look like a school bus.”

Oh, wow, I remember this awful story. I remember being livid at the tie-in issue of Ghost Rider, as it forced the 4th and final part of the “Ghost Rider In Chains” story with Scarecrow to be resolved in the first couple pages of the issue in order to feed us the tie-in dreck for the remainder of the comic.

I’m just waiting for the retcon where it turns out that SHIELD and HYDRA have never had living people as part of their organization, but have always been run and operated by LMDs.

Maybe created by Kang or Ultron or something.

Ah, yes…the relaunch of the Punisher that lead to Jigsaw being his mirror-image (white outfit, black skull) and the Punisher teaming up with the X-Cutioner because…..um, yeah. Which lasted a whole two years before the Punisher died again, this time becoming an angel. Might as well call this the Holding Pattern period of Punisher comics before Garth Ennis came along and thankfully rebuilt the whole thing.

Also of note: the freaking Hulk was part of this as well. And it wasn’t even the ‘Savage Hulk’ that came out of the Onslaught madness, either, which might have made some sort of sense.

Andrew… this lmd of fury was revealed to be a special one made by stark to be better able to fool things like wolverines senses… don’t know about that cap thing but I’m sure it’s something similar.
And evil hipsters, ya this period had a lot of crap and things started to go downhill but there was still somegood stuff like defalcos ff run and other things that people like to talk about still even that was knd of rare The quesada era was just crap with no good things at all that most people can agree now are good at all

Lanier –

I hate DeFalco’s FF, and I think I’m not alone in that. One of the worst writing in the FF ever. Good artwork, though. But good stuff from that period? Peter David’s Hulk, I suppose. Marvels, of course. Generation X was just starting and it was okay. I am drawing a blank here, somebody help me.

Nick may have survived this terrible storyline, but, sadly, he perished when Disney ordered his character de facto-executed and tarnished in favor of Sam Jackson in the even worse “Original Sin” event.

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