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The mission statement of this blog is really as simple as the name of the blog itself. “Comics should be good.” That is what we hope comics can attain, and in the reviews you will read on this blog, you will hear whether we think the comic IS good or, if we think it is bad, WHY we think it is bad. That, hopefully, will lead towards creators making the next issue GOOD.

I understand that tastes vary, and one thing I’ve tried to do is to not make this blog too filled with people who think the same exact way I do about comics. However, while tastes may vary, the only thing I have ever asked from the other contributors to this blog is as follows: If you do not think a comic book is good, do not recommend it.

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve in criticism of any sort is the “It’s close enough to being good” stance. That, I think, is ridiculous, and does not do anyone any good. Books shouldn’t just be “okay,” they should be good. There are so many comic books out there, why read books that aren’t good? I hope we will help you to ferret those good books out.

Finally, besides reviewing comics, we fill in the blog (on a pretty much daily basis) with various other entries on comic books, whether they be some general thoughts on comics, bits of comic trivia, comic book urban legends, games and/or contests or reactions to comic book news.

I hope you enjoy the blog.


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Comics Should Be Good accepts review copies. Anything sent to us will (for better or for worse) end up reviewed on the blog. See where to send the review copies.

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