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7/27 – Curious Cat Asks…

What news announcement out of San Diego Comic-Con are you most excited about?


7/15 – Curious Cat Asks…

A CBR thread inspired me – we all know that Batman can be kind of cold-blooded at times, so I ask – what is the worst thing that Batman has ever done?


2/16 – Curious Cat Asks…

You know how, for example, the current Green Lantern series would be referred to as Green Lantern (Vol. 4)? Okay, so what do you do with, say, Thor? It was Thor (Vol. 3) but now it took over the original numbering with issue #600. So is it still Thor (Vol. 3)? Or is Thor (Vol. 1)? How would you classify it?


2/9 – Curious Cat Asks…

What piece of comic book news out of New York Comic Con are you most excited about?


12/28 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which comic book work do you think was the best of Frank Miller’s career (either his work as a writer/artist or just his work as a writer)?


12/22 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which writer do you think had the best run as writer on Justice League of America/Justice League International/Justice League America/JLA?


12/4 – Curious Cat Asks…

Who is the best actor/actress to ever play a comic book character in a film (not the best performance AS the character, just literally “who is the best actor/actress to ever play a comic book character in a film)? Is it Brando?


12/1 – Curious Cat Asks…

Who is your favorite superhero character that is strictly a “guest star” figure at this point in his/her comic book career? You know, someone like Monica Rambeau or Resurrection Man.


11/9 – Curious Cat Asks…

What DC hero do you think makes for the most interesting match for a team-up with Batman? Not counting the Batman-related heroes like Robin, Nightwing, etc.


11/2 – Curious Cat Asks…

If you had to choose one Legion of Superheroes to star in an ongoing title, which Legion would you choose? Picking up from where Giffen left off? Pick up from where Levitz left off? Using the post-Zero Hour Legion? Using Mark Waid’s recent Legion reboot? Using Geoff Johns’ Legion (who seem to BASICALLY be choice B, only aged a bit)? Or just create a new Legion?


10/25 – Curious Cat Asks…

So far, which of the big two events do you think is better – Final Crisis or Secret Invasion?


10/12 – Curious Cat Asks…

When was the last time that a creator’s take on an established comic book character has made you like that established character when you did not like the character before said creator began working with that character?


10/9 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which superhero that has not already received a “Year One” mini-series would you most like to see receive the “Year One” treatment?


10/1 – Finally, Curious Cat ALSO Asks…

What’s the last significant change to a major (when I say major, I mean, like, starring in multiple comics major) character that you honestly do not believe will be reverted back in the future? Single Spider-Man? Married Superman? No Yellow Logo Batman? Does No Yellow Logo Batman count as a significant change?


10/1 – Curious Cat Also Asks…

What do you like better – the current New Avengers format or would you like the book to revert back to the old style of Avengers?



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