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10/1 – Curious Cat Asks…

How long do you think it will be before Beast reverts back to his ape form, or will he stay in his current form for a long, long time?


8/21 – Curious Cat Also Asks…

Is Barbara Gordon being handicapped integral to Barbara being Oracle?


8/21 – Curious Cat Asks…

Should Barbara Gordon regain her mobility (thanks to ShaunN for the idea)?


8/7 – Curious Cat Asks…

Not counting Peter David’s creations, what is the coolest name of a comic book character(s) that is a pun?

Is it Mike Barr’s Force of July?

Karl Kesel’s Locke and Lode?

Gardner Fox’s Major Disaster?

Or someone else?


8/5 – Curious Cat Asks…

How/why did Justice Society of America Annual #1 LOSE its “Sightings” label?


7/21 – Curious Cat Asks…

Is The Killing Joke the best Joker comic book story of all-time?


7/7 – Curious Cat Asks…

So what do you think the deal is with these Marvel ads (click to enlarge)?


6/19 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which of the four Brand New Day writers have you enjoyed the most so far?


6/13 – Curious Cat Asks…

Who was the first writer to do the whole “constantly contrast Batman and Superman with each other” thing that is now de rigueur for books featuring the characters (with Kurt Busiek now extending it to Wonder Woman, as well, in Trinity)? Was it Frank Miller in Dark Knight Returns? Or was it earlier?


5/30 – Curious Cat Asks…

What is the point of making a big deal of having women be the leaders of the Justice League and the Justice Society if Black Canary and Power Girl never seem to do any leading? It is one thing for Grant Morrison not to do much with Canary as the leader in Final Crisis #1, it is a whole other thing to have Brad Meltzer and Dwayne McDuffie essentially ignore her as the leader in the Justice League’s own title! Meltzer is the one who MADE her the leader! What was the point?


5/25 – Curious Cat Asks…

What is the funniest comic book-related joke that you’ve ever heard?


4/24 – Curious Cat Asks…

I saw Roy Thomas make this argument, so I figured I’d ask you all – do you think it would be fair if the writer of a comic was given a certain amount of pages of original art per issue? Or do you think original art should only go to the artists of the issue?


4/21 – Curious Cat Asks…

What do you think was the coolest news announcement at this weekend’s New York Comic Con?


4/9 – Curious Cat Asks…

Has there been an explanation given for why everyone was calling J’onn “The Martian” in the latest issue of the Justice League? Is this some really weird retcon?


3/24 – Curious Cat Asks…

What do you think was the best ongoing series canceled due to low sales before 12 issues were published?



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