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The Orange Won’t Peel | Color-coded knapsack


Just as there’s something romantic of the lone cartoonist hacking away, chasing a high, there’s something fruitful of the collaborative writer/artist pair achieving unison.

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The Orange Won’t Peel | Hand me the stapler, Margaret

The Open

This thing, Danny-boy … it’s all one cult of ego. Shout as much as ya’ like.


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The Orange Won’t Peel | An Interview w/ Mardou

The Open

Mardou produced one of my favorite comics of 2013, The Sky in Stereo #2 (which you can read about in this column). I’d describe it as warmly tactical, servicing the story at every angle, with a inevitable sense of damage guiding its tone. This interview should shed a little more light on this cartoonist, who’s been producing work since the early 00′s. We begin out conversation, by phone, on the subject of Manchester, her place of origin.


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The Orange Won’t Peel | Another year checked

The Open

Though it may ruin all credibility, I read few comics this year. Took a break; did some drinking; blew off the culture all together. It was a nice change of pace. Life prior revolved around it (sad, I know). Now, it doesn’t, and the world seems a bit bigger. Or at least smudgy, tangled and more alive than I knew.

That said, I’m still reading this stuff, and though it were a short stack this year, quite a few items deserve a moment’s reflection, so here we deliver it: a Top 10.

Thanks for reading.

Change Cameo

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The Orange Won’t Peel – Printed

The Open

Cue the sad trumpets, Hilary. And shift the blinds. I have a nose bleed.


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The Orange Won’t Peel – In which a publisher kicks to start

The Open

God, I’m getting topical.

The Feature 

Fantagraphics Books, the publishing beacon of alternative comics, must fund their “Spring 2014 Season” via Kickstarter, an effort publicized yesterday, resulting in an already sizable donation amount of (this writing) $64,489.


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The Orange Won’t Peel – The blur of black and white

The Open

I do it for the children.

The Feature

I hesitate writing this one. Not because of differing opinion, clashing the overall positive response to this work, but of the number of reviews already typed. Google “Sam Alden Backyard,” and a collection of thought-pieces bubble up, some supplied by our circle’s most-trusted judgers of taste. The sight of such response sensibly suggests to this budding essayist “no more are needed.” The work was consumed and paraphrased, already, and by our most-informed minds, mind you. Even Sam Alden is miles beyond this book, preparing new work for next weekend’s Comic Arts Brooklyn showcase. So I should go cover something different, new, obscurer, and play a role. The world needs new comics to poke at, not the same old shit.

But, really, it’s short sighted to place a topic in such brief period of relevance, especially when it’s art. We complain too often of our journalists for feeding the ever-active news cycle, spending too little time on a subject before jumping to the next news peg. Out of such speed we gain  bullet points packed with generalized factoids rather than any sense of true insight, so it seems odd, in our world, that a comic should only stand review-able at a certain period of time. The work isn’t exactly locked to any particular moment, so I should subdue my anxieties. Type this fucker up. Move on.

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The Orange Won’t Peel – In which words describe Internet Comics

previously_A trip to the Little Book Fair in Pittsburgh_here

The Open

Our editor is dead.


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The WorkBook – A trip to the Little Book Fair in Pittsburgh, PA

previously_Main Street Seems So Lonely Now_here

The Open

Caught in the real world, I’ve missed all opportunity to write this column (sorry, Max). However, I did trek to Pittsburgh on Friday for The Little Book Fair – a small-press show organized by 23-year-old Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) student Juan Fernandez.

Thoughts below.

photo by juan fernandez

photo by juan fernandez

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The WorkBook – Main Street Seems So Lonely Now

previously _ “Where I’m Going Tonight, No One Can Ever Hurt Me” _ here

The Warm Up

Something about that Teen Spirit allusion puts me off. Not from any point of particular malice or offense, but rather the gimmick. The size of it subdues any opportunity of homage or expansion on the initial thought, and only decadence is left as any bit of subtext because of Courtney Love and permission. Sure, “the price of fame,” but what’s different about Jay’s delivery or approach? The lyrics are the same, except a tad more agile in delivery. Watch the Throne said it better.

Allusion? Nah. A cheap lede at the head of some Arts & Living rag; another man’s words carrying another man’s song; or a hurried plea for a piggyback, and by the five minute mark you regret not listening to Nirvana instead.

photo (9)

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The WorkBook – Where I’m Going Tonight, No One Can Ever Hurt Me

We’re at zero. Momentum wasted. Team scattered. Different pictures fill the frames.

The same itch persists, hungry as ever, though slightly hesitant.

Saturday. A decision.

It’s all start-up, from here. Can’t see any finish line. Don’t want to. Let’s drift, you and I. Drift til we flip.

Listening the whole way.

photo (4)

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