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Girl Fights: Three Female Superhero Comics Reviewed

Hey, a theme! I’m not letting that get away! Especially since I have never before bought (and may never again buy) three superhero comics starring two women, a woman who calls herself a girl, and a faceless zen Latina in the same week. Have to take advantage of that sort of thing. Continue Reading »

Wednesday Comics: Hey, Wait, We Have One More Page Left!

Or, why 15 epilogues isn’t so great a reading experience. Continue Reading »

Randomest Thoughts: I Win!

Now that that’s over, and Nevett is soundly drubbed and crying in the corner, here’s some crap I can’t be bothered to find a unifying them for. So, yeah, it’s every post I’ve ever done ever. Get something to drink! Hydration is important! Continue Reading »

Dear Mark Waid RE: Brave, Bold Back Issues

inspired by the other great Mark in comics, I picked up a bunch of your Brave and the Bold run recently. Here are some thoughts. Continue Reading »

On My Pull List And Why Do I Buy All This Crap?

Yeah, I need a job. You have to endure me ’til I get one. Especially Inside Joke! Suffer, people who don’t know how to ignore things! Continue Reading »

Wednesday Comics: Unranked. Let’s Just Hang Out And Talk, Man.

So, yeah, here’s some more about Wednesday Comics. Continue Reading »

The Pithiest Reviews Ever (Slightly Less Pithy Than Advertised)

Paragraphs and complete sentences; these things are unnecessary when reviewing comics. All I need is sentence fragments and pop culture references. Okay, there will be footnotes for the slow members of the class. Continue Reading »

Broken News: Jeph Loeb Totally Glad Everyone Is Mad At James Robinson And Not Him

(Disclaimer: This is satire. Or parody. Some sort of comedic, protected speech that no one can sue me, Brian, or Jonah over. Trust me. It’s also 100% a figment of my imagination. So, hopefully, I’ll only face scorn from the comments section over not being “funny” or “coherent” or “not worthy of existing”, or whatever pretentious liberal artsy criticisms those snobs have.)

“You sure did me a solid by writing that awful JLA comic,” Loeb was overheard saying to Robinson at Comic Con, according to Broken News’s crack spies on the convention floor.* Continue Reading »

Randomer (Fever Enhanced) Thoughts!

I have a cold. I will now try to pass it on to our readers via the blog. Get sick and miss work! Continue Reading »

Randomer Thoughts: Micro Reviews!

Yeah, this randomer thoughts thing is my shtick. See how long it lasts before I get bored (or Nevett internet sues me for ripping him off (even if I did the random thoughts thing here first)(first!!!!)). Continue Reading »

Randomer Thoughts On New Comic Book Day

That’s right Nevett, I’m upping the ante! By slinging together a bunch of semi coherent musings on my trip to the LCS before I pass out from exhaustion! Get bowel quakingly terrified! Continue Reading »

Wednesday Comics Ranked: Week 8 Top 10

After skipping a week, I change the format. So Wonder Woman isn’t the only serial I’m snubbing, pretty much. Also, I dropped the dumb BCS jokes only Burgas and 12 other readers could possibly get, given our demographics. See what new dumb jokes I replace them with! Continue Reading »

Comic Creators Talk About Writing, Drawing Megan Fox Comic

Atomic Comics has interviews with Rick Spears, Tim Seeley, and Jim Mahfood about their work on the Jennifer’s Body GN being published by our friends at Boom! Studios. Spears, the book’s writer, makes it sound interesting, as it’s not a straight adaptation. It takes scenes from the film and plays them from different angles. Always like that sort of thing.

In related news, I’m really going to have to get around to reading the PDF review copy our friends at Boom sent out of the GN. And yes, I am counting this as part of my series about Megan Fox in comics, even though it’s just link blogging.


This is one of the few times not reading Previews comes back to bite me.* I loved the first volume of Brandon Graham’s digest sized black and white comic. Now it’s a single issue series from Image. A re-order may be in order.

*Reasons I don’t generally read Previews are included in AC’s list of new comics. They include the fact that Kevin Smith’s writing another Batman comic and the Red She-Hulk variant cover. I kinda wish I’d never known those existed.

EDITED BY BRIAN TO ADD: Don MacPherson has a great piece on King City’s upcoming release from Image Comics here.

Jonathan Hickman Calls Bendis A Girl

I’m cereal! In an interview with the Burgas approved Atomic Comics. He also talks about his upcoming Fantastic Four run, drawing, and his bitter feud with the “other” Jonathan Hickman. But I’m just going to focus on this throw away line at the end of the interview:

AC – One last question… Have you & Bendis had any massive arguments over story content? If it came to blows, who would win the brawl?

JH – No arguments, so no fights. As for who would win if we did throw down – I have no idea. I don’t fight girls.


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