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There Was This Other Time That Captain America Was Unstuck In Time

And it made for a pretty fun story back then. I’ve been reading it in small increments for a week.* It has nothing in common with Captain America: Reborn at all other than Cap time traveling from one era to another, because it’s a ’70s Kirby story.

So this isn’t a “Ed Brubaker totally ripped off the King!” post or anything. They share a main character and a similar gimmick, but are different works and should be judged on their own merits. This also isn’t going to include scans recapping the story and pointing out how goofy awesome it is. What does this look like, the ISB?** I really just wanted to point out the one similarity between the two stories and that’s it.

Except for this. I will be greatly disappointed if Mr. Buda isn’t involved in Reborn somehow. On the other hand, I will be inappropriately delighted if it turns out he was the one who orchestrated the whole Brubaker run to teach everyone (including the Red Skull) a lesson about American history,*** which will be summed up with everyone interacting with a plucky group of kids from many different cultures. Including the Red Skull, again.

*Because, as much as I love Kirby, there’s only so much of his ’70s work of his I can read, that doesn’t have the Fourth World characters or Devil Dinosaur at least, at a time. Or so much concentrated awesome I can handle at a time. Not sure.

**That may be my most obligatory Sims link yet.

***The only reason I’m doing this foot note is to shoe horn the phrase “Cap’s Magical History Tour” in to this post. Because that’s what Bicentennial Battles is, really.****

****I should also mention that the captions after Cap watches the Atomic Bomb test probably melted Jonathan Lethem’s brain, if he ever read it. And anyone who didn’t like Kirby prose, really. You know, big fat jerks.

Why I Enjoyed Power Girl #4

Yeah, a third post in a row about this comic.

Anyway, beyond this working for me along the same general lines that Palmiotti and Conner’s Supergirl serial in Wednesday Comics does, there’s one thing about this issue that really stood out to me. Continue Reading »

Comics Bought, Read, Reviewed.

Knife goes in, guts come out. Comics go in, thoughts come out. Same process, more or less. Continue Reading »

Wednesday Comics’ 5th Week Ranked

Yeah, I’m going to make this my shtick, too, in addition to being redundant. Continue Reading »

One Paragraph Graphic Novel Reviews

Here are some more reviews you don’t need but may want. Up to you. They do push the concept of the paragraph as far as it will go, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Continue Reading »

Now That Comic Con Coverage Has Finally Wrapped Up, It’s Time For

… why Comic Con sucked retrospectives. Cracked’s Dan O’Brien has the best one I’ve read so far.* Although I have to agree with the booing of Tim and Eric, he lists reasons why I’m no longer that interested in attending (even I probably make the nerd pilgrimage to nerd mecca one of these days out of obligation).

*Of the one I’ve read.

Ninjas Don’t Care For Diabetics

Especially when they’re doctors. Here’s proof/a joke that I like inappropriately:

The set up

The punchline

That this page falls in between is proof that Dr. McNinja is god’s gift to web comics. And if anyone disagrees, it is proof that they have no soul. These are facts.

A Month’s Worth Of Wednesdays: Wednesday Comics So Far Ranked (Now With The GD Flash!)

Where I definitively rank each strip so you can finally stop wondering if Sgt. Rock being beaten by Nazis for four weeks is better than emo Superman crashing with his parents because no one gets him. You’re welcome. Continue Reading »

A Fortnight Worth Of Comic Reviews: SDCC Edition

In that I went a Wednesday without comics because everybody who works at my LCS went to San Diego for the con. Not that I blame them, but I couldn’t help but feel a little abandoned. But never mind my emotional baggage, I have two weeks worth of comics to redundantly review! Continue Reading »

Was This A Thinly Veiled Shot At Jack Kirby?

In one of his Bullpen Bulletin columns, Jim Shooter was talking about how a friend told him he could have sued DC over the Legion stories he wrote as fourteen year old. He said he didn’t because it wouldn’t be right, as he agreed to the same deal as everyone else who worked for DC. As I read that, in an issue of Simonson’s Thor, I couldn’t help but wonder if this a thinly veiled response to the Kirby original art controversy. So, for those of you who were around at the time (or have read up on the story), was it? Am I off in my time line there? Was it a thinly veiled jab at another freelancer entirely? Or was it just a random, malice free musing from comics’ tallest former EIC?

Some Thoughts On The Rest Of Walt Simonson’s Thor And Beyond

Continuing my in depth, critical survey of Norse mythological superheroics of the 1980s. Short form: It’s great and everyone should own it. The rest of this post is pretty much overkill, but you can read it if you want to, I guess. Continue Reading »

I’m Not Buying Dark X-Men #1, But…

if I were, I’d step over my mother to get this variant. Or just pick it up if my shop didn’t charge $8. One of the two. I’d be so disappointed that it wasn’t a story about hippie Emma Frost that I’d blog angrily about Marvel. So I guess it’s good I’m not buying it, then. Also, this cover is pretty great too.

And finally (because I don’t want Cronin to think I’m auditioning for “Judge A Book By Its Cover” or anything), it appears we have two new entries in the Obama cash in genre this week. One has an interesting hook that makes it seem like it’s not a total cash grab. The other sounds utterly shameless and moronic. So I want the latter. Especially because the cover looks like a capture from Glenn Beck’s nightmares (and Keith Olberman’s wet dreams).

Breaking Broken News: Open Letter To The Internet Re: That James Robinson Comic

Dear Comic Book Bloggers,

I get it. The first issue of James Robinson’s Justice League comic is bad. Really, really bad. Terrible. Risible. Like a Frankenstein’s monster of all the hacky cliches everyone hates about modern superhero comics (or it’s an average DC comic, if you’re T.). It is the worst thing in the history of ever, at least until the next issue comes out, or Jeph Loeb ups the ante with Ultimatum 2: Ultimatumer, Or: There’s Still Some Meat On Ultimate Wasp’s Corpse! Get To It Blob!

So, if you wanted even people who were pretty well ignoring it (including Joe Sacco, apparently) to know it’s risibly bad, mission accomplished. I’m pretty sure they know on the moon now. So, really, unless you are Abhay, Jeff Lester, or someone else who I like to read no matter what dumb crap they’re reviewing, you can all shut the hell up about it forever now.


The One Guy On The Internet That Did Not Purchase This Comic And Missed Out On A Chance To Mock It Before It Became Cliched, But Is Not Bitter About It At All, Seriously, And Can You Believe This Is Also On My Business Card? That cost a ton,

Brad Curran

P.S.: Is it still funny to point out that the logo looks like it says “Gay for Justice”? Was it ever? Is Chris Butcher going to put me on “the list” if I say it’s funny? Does Chris Butcher have a list? Does he still read this blog despite our fear of penises being on par with the women in South Park? Is Cronin pissed because I brought all that up again? Will Omar Karindu and Apodaca ever admit their secret love for one another? When did this turn in to a Days of Our Lives teaser?

Is This Theoretical Silver Surfer Video Game A Conspiracy To Injure Nerds?

Kotaku passes along comments from the developers of the new Tony Hawk skateboard game*, which will come with a skateboard shaped motion control. In it, he mentions two possible Marvel games the board could be compatible with. Only one makes a lick of sense to me. I’ll let you guess which by reading the quote**:

Tsui mentioned that there are plenty of no-brainers, like surfing and snowboarding, but that there are also opportunities for Silver Surfer and Hobgoblin games in the future

So, really, what are the injury projections if either of those get made? That said, a good Silver Surfer game of any kind is not something I’d turn down.

*As opposed to the Tony Hawk civic planning game. Which, knowing Activision, may be in the works.

**Screw subtlty, I’m gonna come out and say it; a Hobgoblin game? Seriously?


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