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Winds of Change – Apocalypse Should Have Been Behind Weapon X

This is the debut of a new feature where I spotlight comic book retcons that I think should be introduced.

We begin with the implementation of Chris Claremont’s original (well, by “original,” I mean “at one point it was his plan to do this”) plan for Apocalypse to be behind Weapon X and Wolverine gaining his adamantium…
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Top Five Wolverine/Hulk Fights

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve done over the years.

After talking about Wolverine and Hulk fighting last week, I figured it’d be fun to look at the top five Wolverine/Hulk fights!
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If I Pass This Way Again – Did Magneto Seriously Intentionally Let His Daughter Die?

Every installment of this feature is about odd comic book plot points that were rarely (sometimes NEVER!) mentioned again after they were first introduced.

Today we look at a very odd Magneto moment, from his brief return to outright villainy in the late 1980s…

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Comic Book Questions Answered – How Many People Has Superman Killed?

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at brianc@cbr.com). Here is a link to an archive of all the past questions that have been answered so far.

After reading my Movie Legends Revealed column about whether Batman actually killed anyone in the comic ic book that Zack Snyder used as the basis for Batman killing people in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, reader David R. wrote to me to ask a similar question about Superman, namely that he heard people talk about Superman’s history of killing people and wanted to know what was the comic book basis for that. Interesting question, David! Read on for what i could come up with! (NOTE: I won’t be counting alternate universes like Injustice: Gods Among Us or Imaginary Stories like Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow…although, to be fair, all comic book stories are imaginary, wocka wocka).

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Provide Some Answers – When Did We Learn That Wolverine Had Memory Implants?

This feature is basically a counterpart to our Left Unresolved feature. That feature is for plotlines that were, well, left unresolved. In this one, though, we spotlight examples of long unresolved stories that WERE ultimately resolved by later writers. The only rule is that at least four years have to pass between the plot point being introduced and it being resolved.

One of the most famous things about Wolverine, and something that played a major role in his characterization in the popular X-Men films, is the fact that he had trouble remembering his past for years. However, did you know that that was not the case for the first DECADE of his existence? So when did he first have a memory gap? And how long did it take to confirm what caused that memory gap? Read on to find out!
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Comic Book Legends Revealed #585

Welcome to the five hundred and eighty-fifth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the first five hundred (I actually haven’t been able to update it in a while). This week, was The Killing Joke originally meant to be out of continuity? Was the 1991 X-Men comic first intended to be part of a single bi-weekly X-Men team? Did Wally West’s friend Chunk nearly have his own series?

Let’s begin!
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The Line it is Drawn #300 – Comic Book Characters 300 Years in the Future!

Welcome to our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from YOUR suggestions!

Go follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter (if you have Twitter, that is – if you don’t, you can go sign up). Here is our Twitter page… http://twitter.com/csbg. And here are the Comics Should Be Good writers who are on Twitter (the links go to the person’s Twitter account) – myself, Greg Hatcher, Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Bill Reed, Greg Burgas and Sonia Harris

I update the blog’s Twitter account updates whenever a new post is put up on the blog, so it’s an easy way to keep up with the blog. In addition, I post new content on the blog’s Twitter account.

Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post their drawings based on your suggestions here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the choices picked from the previous week. Here is an archive of all the previous editions of The Line It Is Drawn!

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 3pm Pacific Friday).

The topic for the next Line is…

In honor of Ghostbusters, suggest a movie and our artists will reverse the genders of the main characters of the film and either draw a movie poster for said movie or a scene from the movie

Read on for the drawings that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

In honor of the Line it is Drawn’s 300th edition, we go 300 years into the future! Suggest a comic character (or team of characters) that you’d like to see what they’d look like 300 years from now!

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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – Were the Hulk’s Personalities Ever Actually Merged?

In this feature we examine comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Today, we look at the odd tale of “Professor” Hulk…
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Knowledge Waits: Todd McFarlane Star Trek Art!

This is the latest in a feature where I just share some bit of comic book history that interests me. Here is a collection of all of the installments in the feature so far.

Back in 1987, DC Comics put out a Who’s Who two-book series to tie in with their Star Trek comic book license at the time. Some major names drew for the book like John Byrne, George Perez, Walter Simonson, Ron Frenz, Howard Chaykin, Murphy Anderson, Curt Swan and Tom Sutton (Sutton was drawing Star Trek at the time) plus really early work from guys like Chris Wozniak and Art Thibert. Perhaps the most interesting part of the book was that a still relatively early in his career Todd McFarlane did three entries! Read on to see some early Todd McFarlane Star Trek art…
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The Great Comic Book Cover Homage Streak: Week 200

It occurs to me that it seems like many comic book covers are homages. Which is fine with me. I have no problem with it. It just made me think, though, how long could I go before I hit a week where NO new comic book was released that had a cover that was an homage to something? Let’s find out! Here is an archive of all the cover homages featured in the streak so far!

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The Line it is Drawn Star Trek Gallery

With Star Trek: Beyond out this week, I thought it might be interesting to do a post putting together the various Line it is Drawn weeks over the years that involved Star Trek art pieces.

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Cover Theme Game for 7/19

The cover theme game works like this: I’ll show you three covers. They all have something in common, whether it be a character, a trait all three characters share, a connection between all three characters, a locale, a trait all three creators share, SOMEthing. And it isn’t something obvious like “They all have prices!” “They all have logos!” “They all feature a man!” “They are all Avengers (who ISN’T?)!” “They’re all dead (who HASN’T been killed off?)!” “They’ve all been cloned (who HASN’T been cloned?)!” “They’re all mutants!” (who ISN’T a mutant?) “They’re all orphans!” (who ISN’T an orphan?) “They’re all legacy heroes” (who ISN’T a legacy hero nowadays?)! “They’re all by the same artist!” (too obvious) etc.

In addition, please note that you must have some familiarity with comic book history to correctly guess these themes. You cannot guess the connective theme just by looking at the covers solely, you must have some knowledge beyond the covers. The connections will ONLY have to do with connections in the actual comic books (so no incidental connections like “they share the same last names of Vice Presidents,” etc. Now, if the three characters were each named Gerald Ford, that’d be another story, as that’d no longer be incidental).

If you come up with an answer that works outside of what I intended, I’ll give you credit (well, provided I think it fits, of course).

One more thing – if there are floating heads on the cover, ignore them! They don’t mean anything! Same thing with corner boxes!

If you think you know the answer, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Don’t answer in the comments. This way, people who check in at different times of the day can still get credit for answering it correctly!

Here is an archive of all the past cover theme games, plus their answers. Before each new installment, I’ll post the answers to the previous week’s game.

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Comic Book Questions Answered – Could the Hulk Have Torn Wolverine’s Adamantium Skeleton Apart?

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at brianc@cbr.com). Here is a link to an archive of all the past questions that have been answered so far.

Now that the Hulk has joined his old sparring partner, Wolverine, in death, reader Roger B. asked whether the regular Marvel Universe Hulk could have torn the regular Marvel Universe Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton apart (we know the Ultimate versions of the characters could).

Read on for the answer!
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Things That Turned Out Bad – Did She Really Just Kill That Guy With Her You-Know-What?!

In this column, I will spotlight plotlines by writers that probably weren’t a good idea at the time and have only become more problematic in retrospect. I’ll try to stick with stuff that’s more ill-conceived than flat-out offensive (like racist stereotypes of characters during the 1940s).

My buddy Jude D. wrote in to suggest this one a couple of years back. He also then wrote a nice article on Bodies Endangered going into detail about why this particular plot was ill-conceived. So check out his article. It’s a lot more in-depth than what I’m doing here.
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Top Five Biggest Hulk Rampages

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve done over the years.

In this week’s Civil War II #3, an Avenger made a difficult decision regarding the Hulk. It was based on the belief that Bruce Banner was about to turn into the Hulk and go on a rampage. Longtime commenter Cthulhudrew asked if the regular Marvel Universe Hulk really HAS gone on all that many rampages, excepting the times that Banner and Hulk were separated (during John Byrne’s run and during Heroes Reborn). So that inspired me to do this list, the top five biggest Hulk rampages (not counting the times that the Hulk and Banner were split from each other)…
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