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A Long Time Ago, In a Place Far, Far Away

No, not that big movie that’s out this week. I’m talking about that OTHER series about an orphaned farm boy who longs for adventure, has a gentle aged mentor wise in the ways of magic, befriends a princess, a rogue, and a furry sidekick, and ends up doing battle with an evil Emperor and his terrifying masked war lord to save a kingdom. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for the Holidays

A little of this, a little of that; bits and pieces that didn’t rate a full column in and of themselves. Some cool new books, I’m on the internet radio thing again, upcoming author signings, an oddball bit of comics-related live theater, and even some actual comics. Continue Reading »

Ten Years!

It kind of sneaked up on me, to be honest. But it’s been ten years almost to the day since Brian Cronin sent me a private message over the CBR forums saying, “I think you should write for the blog.” Continue Reading »

More Deja Vu with Sal Amendola and the Night of the Stalker

I’ve made no secret of the fact that “Night of the Stalker,” from Detective #439, is one of my favorite Batman stories of all time. A couple of months ago, my various columns about it came to the attention of the primary architect of that story, Sal Amendola, and he was kind enough to share his memories of it with me and even let me share them with you all, here. But there’s more. Continue Reading »

Two Quick Friday Links For You

The real column will come later this weekend, I hope, but in the meantime, here’s a couple of things you might enjoy. Continue Reading »

The Last Six Months

Just goofing off this week; this is me amusing myself with another one of those canned survey things I get sent every so often, apparently because someone has me confused with an actual book reviewer. As I usually do when I get one of these, I thought I’d take it and adapt it to comics, just for the hell of it. The theme for this one is “The Last Six Months.” So here we go. Continue Reading »

Back in The (Sick) Day

Been under the weather this week, so we’ve been doing very little other than the bare minimum. Work, mostly. The coping mechanism for this has not changed in four decades… All I want to do when I get home is crawl under a quilt on the couch and read old comics. Mug of soup and toasted-cheese sandwich optional. Continue Reading »

Cross-Hatchings for November 2015

We’re still shaking off the class trip to the Olympia Zine Festival (and the hellacious case of con crud that came with it, despite refusing to shake hands with anyone AND practically bathing in Purell) as well as dealing with a bunch of other deadlines around here, so this week it’s just some bits and pieces of things. Vintage Bats, some other cool books, and a little shameless self-promotion. Continue Reading »

R.I.P. Murphy Anderson

He wasn’t a superstar like Neal Adams or Jack Kirby but to fans of my generation, Murphy Anderson was DC Comics. He was the look of the company throughout the sixties, the same way Dan DeCarlo was for Archie or Kirby was for Marvel. And now he’s gone, at the age of 89. Continue Reading »

This Year’s Sunday With The Antiquarians

The Antiquarian Book Fair, that is, which is getting to be as big a thing for us as the reunion that always accompanies the big Emerald City Comic-Con. Continue Reading »

Premiere Week! Fall 2015 Edition…

Long ago, the premiere week of the new fall TV season was a Big Deal. And as those of you who read this space regularly probably know, in our household, it still is. Continue Reading »

My Issues With Batman Day


Specifically, my issues with the issues chosen by DC Entertainment for their “Top Ten Batman Stories You’ve Never Read” list. Continue Reading »

Another Day with Adam and Mike and Jethro and the Great Old Ones

Which is to say, Jethro Dumont, better known as mystic crimefighter The Green Lama; and his current biographers, “new pulp” novelist Adam Lance Garcia and illustrator Mike Fyles. As for the Great Old Ones, well, you’ll see. Continue Reading »

Three Days on the Strait

2015 has been rough for us; we’ve had to cancel so many things this year I honestly thought we wouldn’t be able to do any kind of traveling at all. But then the printshop where I occasionally work needed a brochure job delivered to the Tokeland Hotel, and I volunteered to go. It was kind of a work trip but not a LOT of work, just a courier job basically, and with the shop picking up gas money for the first part of the trip and the hotel spotting us a room for the night, we could afford the rest of it. Continue Reading »


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