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Horrid Self-Promotion

So I know I don’t post here much and there are certainly folks that are glad about that.  But if there are still those among you who enjoy my writing, hopefully you’ll come check out another group blog to which I was recruited.  Here Comes a Regular is a blog founded by an older gentleman from somewhere down south meant to illuminate and elucidate on all aspects of drink and drinking culture.  We’ve got reviews, style profiles for wines and beers, bar stories, fiction, guides and how-to’s, art, photography, everything.  Drop by and check it out and I hope you enjoy it. 

I’m writing under a pseudonym because of the teaching career but you can tell which one’s me pretty easily.  Who else is going to name-drop Dragon magazine?


Thanks and sorry Brian!

Definitive List of the Five Best Flashes Ever Anywhere

Comics and nerd “culture” have long been blessed with awesome characters named “Flash.  In the usual CSBG style of pentatonic lists, I will now display the absolute facts as to who is best.

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“How precious and how fragile all the little things you value are”

I was excited to see the final issue of All-Star Superman this week.  I’ve enjoyed the past 11 issues in degrees varying from “ecstatically” to “a lot.”  Two pages into this finale and I was done.  It had me; I was taken within.  Seeing Kal-El and Jor-El talking was fun enough.  I was ready for some intense silver age action, science and alternate realities and time travel and visions.  It was more. Continue Reading »

A Cry for Help

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a great scan of a Kirby-drawn Mother Box, especially if it’s Scott Free’s?  Well I bet the first line of this post has given you a hint about the degree of difficulty (which is pretty damn high, without even factoring in the other awful things that you find when you type in “mother box” into a search engine).  So I thought I’d come here and once again selfishly abuse my ability to post here.  Does anyone have a good scan?  Could someone, if they’re not out there, make one for me?  I would totally say something nice about something you like and something awful about something you don’t like or some combination thereof in repayment.

Yours frustratedly,

Joe Rice

The DONK DONK Knight

Nobody could possibly care here, but since I said I’d put my thoughts together about The Dark Knight, let me try being a man of my word for once.  I mostly enjoyed it as I watched it, at some points quite a bit.  And there are some very, very strong parts of this film.  The performances, led by Ledger and Eckhart, are pretty universally great.  The direction isn’t perfect but the technical stuff is pretty impressive.  They invented stuff to make this movie!  But if you spend any time thinking about this film it falls apart like a first-year-teacher’s ability to love.

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Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, or, Comics are for Kids

Yes, comics are for kids.  Rather, they can be.  And certain properties tend to lend themselves more easily to a child-friendly version, or, even better, an all-ages version.  Captain Marvel and the Marvel family, long-time loves of mine, truly lend themselves to comics that anyone can enjoy from 8 to 88 (up yours, 89 year olds, you don’t get crap).  So you can imagine my excitement when DC announced a new, kid-friendly ongoing Cap book, especially if you’ve been reading this blog for some time.  A comic I can give my class, and it’s cheaper than the Jeff Smith one!

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Comics ARE Good

It’s very easy to be down on comics.  There are so many crappy ones.  There are crappy ones made, at least in part, by people whose work you normally really admire.  Like that DC 0 thing, Jesus, what a piece of crap!  And, yeah, it’s easy to throw a dart at a shop and have it land on something lame.  But throwing darts is stupid.  If you threw a dart on the female populace of NYC you’d probably land on something less than happifying.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone out there that can’t make you feel all silly.

And there’s good comics out there.  Really good comics.  You can read the painfully-funny Achewood almost any day.  Roast Beef pretty much makes up for all the other web comics nastocity by himself.  I hadn’t been to the shop in a while so I had a big stack today.  But as I was eating dinner and having some drinks, I got to read ‘Beto Hernandez, a ridiculously-fun Mighty Avengers drawn by Alex Maleev (I’m a sucker for “get the gang together” bits), Brian Wood’s Viking beauty, and an Abe Sapien book.

Listen, if, at this point, you’re down on “comics today” it’s your own fault.  Stop reading such crap.  The good stuff isn’t hard to find.

More Leanna Fun (Wonder Woman #15)

The best five-days-from-ten-years-old girl evarrrr reviews again!

Leanna T. on Mouse Guard

Yes, kids can have good taste, too.  Hope you folks enjoy and Happy Holidays if I don’t talk to you soon.

Leanna T: we’ve created a monster!

So Lee and her mom were thrilled at the response to her review. Lee started planning on some more reviews. And she even got internet at home. But mom was worried about her getting on myspace and wasting her time. So she asked me to talk to Lee, and I decided to one-up that lame site by giving her her own blog. So Leanna Reviews was born. I was going to have her contribute to her, but this is a blog with an understandably more adult voice and audience. I don’t want to have her running into cursing nerds while trying to keep her away from creepy pervs. But I hope anyone who enjoyed her reviews checks it out. I don’t want to spam CSBG too much!

Leanna T. Reviews Wonder Woman

So I thought I’d post this here, since Brian thought it’d be a good idea. Leanna is a former student of mine, a brilliant young lady of ten. She’s a big Wonder Woman fan and after I gave her the latest issue and mentioned that I’ve kind of known the writer for 11 years or so, she wanted me to send this review to her. Enjoy! (She DID protest it was only a rough draft and apologizes for spelling errors.)

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So, yeah, this isn’t working, really.

I’m sending this in a letter to Brian, too.

Lately I’ve been questioning why I’m writing the Media Reviews.  They’ve seemed even more pointless than usual.  I don’t enjoy doing it.  I’m generally saying the same stuff month after month.  And if I was going to get someone to try a book, it’s happened by now.  I’m treading water and not enjoying it. Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 5/7/07

Got a stack here of at least a couple weeks’ worth of comics.  Nothing from Free Comic Book Day . . .I was busy with mint juleps on that fine day.  I feel like I’m coming down with something so I’m slightly medicated and will likely be very brief.  Perhaps I can reduce my reviews to their simplest form . . .this will be an experiment. Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 4/19/07

For those three or four people still reading what I write here after I made fun of Harlan Ellison, welcome.  I hope at least one of you is female so you can repopulate the world that is my readership after this dreadful catastrophe.  I have always believed my readers are of good stock, so we shall soon breed a race of super nerds, able to ridicule and praise things on the internet with the power of 100 normal nerds.  Either that or we will kind of awkwardly look at each other and never make the first move.  WHICH SHALL IT BE, FOLKS? Continue Reading »


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