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Do the Right Thing

Fantagraphics, the publisher of many of the greatest comics ever made, is being sued by a petty old sci-fi writer for using an interview even he admits they own and for listing his name on the cover of a book wherein the interview is contained. (In truth, because his widdle feewings were hurt at how they descwibed him).

How to support is here. Facts are here. Helping is as easy as buying really, really good comics. Might I suggest Mome, a great anthology? Or The Living and the Dead, a zombie epic? How about the Complete Peanuts? Love and Rockets collections? Beasts? Some Bill Ward pinups? Usagi Yojimbo? The genius of some Acme Novelty? The potty humor of some Angry Youth Comix? There is literally something for everyone. Go, do it. Help yourself, and help a great company.

Joe Rice Media Review 3/11/07

Wow-wow-wow.  What a big week.  Any week with Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Paul Hornschmeier, Lewis Trondheim, and Anders Nilsen is a pretty goddam great week, especially if all that came in just two books!  And there was other good stuff too!  The wife’s dirty martini did the trick of putting her to bed early so I’ve got some time to do some writing tonight.  It’s a good thing; this stack is going to take a while. Continue Reading »

Spider-man Week in NYC and Captain Marvel Screenwriter links

So everywhere you go in this, the greatest of all cities, you see posters for Spider-man Week.  Well, today, I finally remembered to check out the site to see what was going on.  The site’s pretty fun, with a map that combines “real Spidey locations” like where Aunt May lives, events associated with the upcoming week (April 30-May 6), and partnered retail outfits.  Anyway, there’s a lot of good stuff there, and they hype FCBD, too, so just another reason to love this city.

Recently, screenwriter John August was announced as the writer for the new Shazam/Captain Marvel feature.  At his blog about screenwriting, he mentions what he thinks is a good reading list for Cap.  He makes a good point about how hard it is to just wade into superhero comics these days due to all the interconnectivity.  Then he goes ahead with his list.  It’s not a very inspiring list, honestly.  But I wasn’t very enthused about the project to begin with.  Still, a good writer can do good things, so I’m not going to go crazy and slam this.  All I’ll say is that is a pretty bad list overall.  (Thanks for the link, Brant.)

Joe Rice Media Review 4/9/07

OK, it’s obvious now.  I’m getting old.  I’ve been on Spring Break for, like, a week now?  And I clearly cannot live like I once did anymore (even when I have kinda-permission from my wife).  Today and yesterday were recovery days where the rest of the week finally caught up to me.  And what’s sad is that this was no epic debauchery about which tales will be told for generations.  I was out late, like, three nights in a row.  And then yesterday pops up with, “Hey, guess what, unexplainable sore scratchy throat!  And that tea your wife gets you to make it feel better, bless her heart, it’s gonna completely destroy your digestive system!”  Ah, the tales I could tell of the sounds, smells, and forms of matter that were released from me yesterday . . .but I guess instead I’ll talk about comics, movies, and the like.  So if at any point one of my reviews makes you upset, think to yourself, “He could be talking about diarrhea instead.” Continue Reading »

The Best Comic Book Writers Aren’t Just Writers

Would you believe I’ve been working this post over in my head for a few weeks?  I have.  Except today I was shown a livejournal post by Jesse Hamm, of whom I was not previously familiar, about a similar topic.  It’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek rant from an artist’s perspective about how some comic writers tend to “butt in” on the visual storytelling about which they clearly know much less than a trained cartoonist (or at least practiced, accomplished cartoonist).  It’s full of lots of helpful tips and semi-rules for aspiring writer/collaborators and should be read by all these bloggers that make near-constant hints about what corporate-owned characters they’d really die to write.

(A bonus pleasure of reading that post is watching Mark Waid take himself completely seriously and totally melt down on Hamm.  F-bombs and insults are flying after what seemed to me to be a pretty obviously innocuous post livened up with ranty humor.  Not that Waid doesn’t make some good points, or that they aren’t acknowledged by Hamm, but, BOY did he get a little angry there.  Rage Waid is funny and scary at the same time.)

Anyway, this all kind of dovetailed with a subject I may have posted about elsewhere before (age and bourbon has reduced my memory from quiz-show to embarrassing), because it’s a subject I’ve thought about a lot since it was first brought up to me by a good friend in a bar (see?).  So I didn’t do the heavy lifting thinking here, but I’d like to put the idea out there and let it sit in the sunlight of everyone’s vision or some other awful metaphor I can’t be bothered to make.  Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 4/2/07

Hey, guess what!  As an elementary school teacher, guess who has the next week-plus off!  It’s me!  I do!  Who’s still sitting in his PJs without a care in the world?  Also me!  Who has a gigantic stack of comics to review?  That one is not me.  I have a few, though, and even a movie!  And this week, 66% fewer potshots at Greg Burgas–GUARANTEED! Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 3/22/07

Now this was a damned varied week.  From content to style to genre to format, my comic purchases were all over the place.  And, thankfully, no weird middle-aged nerd fantasies about men in tights valiantly trying to resist the advances of young girls in tights.  I thought Peter David was the writer of that stuff . . . Continue Reading »

Things Needed and Things Unneeded

Thing we need: Unseen Peanuts on Free Comic Book Day. Hot dang! Free previously-unreprinted strips from one of the world’s greatest comics ever! I heart you Fantagraphics!

Thing we don’t need: Green Lantern’s inner monologue about trying not to want to do it with underage Supergirl. I know he had that teenage alien girlfriend, but this is ridiculous. Could they MORE explicitly make Supergirl a lust object for middle-aged superhero fans?

UPDATE – Oh: Just no.

New York Comicon Myspace Video w/ Olive

Olive Panter’s a great friend to Rocketship, a great friend to comics, and an overall good kid.  Part one of her videos from NYCC is now up at Myspace.


Joe Rice Media Review 3/16/07

It’s another Joe Rice Media Review and I’m actually going to earn the “media” part of the title this time.  Well, maybe not “earn” it but come closer than in recent weeks.  Months, really.  See, as a younger, singler man I often went out to plays, movies, concerts . . .and bought new albums, books, artwork . . .I was pretty active in this world.  But I’m married now, so I’m not allowed to do most of that with anything bordering on frequency.  I might see a movie every now and then, but between husbandly duties and early teacher bedtimes, I don’t go see that much anymore.  Welcome to the saddest opening paragraph of a Joe Rice Media Review ever! Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 3/8/07

Holy butt crap I got a lot of books this week.  It’s kind of intimidating looking at this stack just thinking about writing something about everything here.  I suppose some will be easier than others . . .not a lot can be said about some of these books.  Maybe I’ll spread the writing of this out over a couple of days.  AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW, READERS!!!!  Unless I tell you.

Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 3/3/07

Mostly superhero comics again this week, but certainly a wider variety in quality than last week.  A few very-well done books that take the genre and tell stories with interesting twists or characters you can actually feel.  And two more of increasingly bad quality.  And the best book of the week may be a surprise.

Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 2/26/07

A decidedly mainstream selection of books I got this week, but when it’s good mainstream work, what’s the difference?  The question, of course, is, “Is it good mainstream work?”  And blah blah blah introductory paragraph nonsense hoooba hooba heeba hee! Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 2/19/07

Ah, and welcome to an All-British-Writers-Take-On-Mainstream-Superhero-Story Joe Rice Media Review.  We’ve got a couple of Ennises, a couple of Ellises, and a Morrison.  And you can’t get much more mainstream superhero than Batman.  But the questions are “Do these men still have something to say about these characters?” and “Can they still entertain with them?”  It’d be nice to get a “yes” for both, but I’ll happily settle for either. Continue Reading »

Joe Rice Media Review 2/12/07

Well, here we go.  After making such a fuss about raising our standards both as readers and writers here at CSBG, I couldn’t very well let my very next column just fart out like they usually do.  If I’m going to do this right, it’s going to take a bit more time.  I suppose it’s unlikely there’s anyone who was actually saying, “Hey, where’s the Joe Rice Media Review?” anyway.  But, well, here it is, and I hope it’s closer to what it could be than what it has been. 

Continue Reading »


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