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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 16 – The Manhattan Guardian #4

Man, this is a cool issue.  And it explains quite a bit, not only about this series, but about the saga as a whole.  So if you think there won’t be SPOILERS, you are sadly mistaken.  Because there will be!  SPOILERS, that is.  Don’t coming crying to me if you ignore the warning!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 15 – Shining Knight #4

Hey – the first of the mini-series to finish!  I’m sure there won’t be any surprises in this one, right?  Well, if there are, I’m here to SPOIL them for you!  So watch out, because there are lots of SPOILERS below!  That’s if, you know, there’s anything surprising in this issue.
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 14 – Klarion #3

Apparently, I was remiss by not picking up the latest issue of Robin, drawn by Frazer Irving and starring our favorite little witch-boy himself!  I doubt if it will disappear too quickly from the shelves, but if you’re interested, go find it today!

We learn a LOT about the saga in this issue, so I will do my best to SPOIL it for y’all.  Don’t be like Klarion on the cover, all shocked at what you find!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 13 – Zatanna #3

Ah, the weird “no butt” cover.  What’s up with that?  This is issue brings our heroes together even more, and our old friend Neh-buh-loh shows up.  Who doesn’t love our favorite grown-up universe????

Oops.  Was that a SPOILER?  Well, even if it wasn’t, there are plenty of SPOILERS ahead!  I mean, can you believe what happens to … but that would be SPOILING!  Read on!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 12 – The Manhattan Guardian #3

So here I am, trying to keep up with this ridiculous schedule I have set for myself, and Earthlink, Qwest, and Dell all suck.  Apparently something happened to the DSL lines yesterday, and now my wireless router is screwed up, and I didn’t have the Internets for a good 20 hours or so.  What the crap?  I was almost done with this post, too, which ticked me off even more.  So I will try to get back on schedule with two posts in one day coming up soon, but I beg your forgiveness for falling behind!  But let’s move on! 

You know what?  This was kind of a disappointing issue.  The whole robot thing is just not terribly interesting.  It gives us some nice character development, but overall, it’s kind of dull.  It sets up the very good final issue, however, so I guess that’s something.  But you’re here for trenchant insight, not my whining!  So what are you waiting for!

Hey, guess what?  SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!!!!  You know the drill!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 11 – Shining Knight #3

As we move into the endgame of the first batch of mini-series, we live in hope for resolutions.  Will we get them?  Ha!  It’s Grant Morrison, people!

This issue, like all before them, contains massive SPOILERS!  I mean, remember who shows up on the last page?????  SPOILERS aplenty, people!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 10 – Klarion #2

So I’m about a third of the way through this thing.  Have I lost my mind yet?  Some people would say I lost it years ago!  But I feel sane, and isn’t that what’s important????

Hey, what do you know?  SPOILERS lurk within.  SPOILERS, say I!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 9 – Zatanna #2

The kookiness kontinues!  Zatanna has problems, bad guys are everywhere, and a cat speaks in hieroglyphics!  And, of course, I will SPOIL everything I can, past, present, and future!  Read on – if you dare!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 8 – The Manhattan Guardian #2

You know what?  This project might be even more insane than I thought.  But am I daunted?  No I am not!

There are some interesting things popping up in this issue of The Manhattan Guardian, so needless to say (but I still must say it!), here be SPOILERS!  You know they’re out there, lurking!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 7 – Shining Knight #2

Come on, we’re moving on the second issues of the first round of mini-series!  Keep up!

It’s time for the disclaimer: SPOILERS abound in these posts!  And as we get more into the stories and meet more characters, I will make more and more connections with the future issues.  Please believe me!  I loves me some SPOILERS!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 6 – Klarion #1

Here’s my contribution to Fred van Lente Day: Buy Action Philosophers!  Seriously, it’s a great comic book.  And then maybe Fred and Ryan Dunlavey will make enough money so Fred can pay Ryan the ten bucks he owes him.

Okay, moving on to what might be the most important mini-series.  Why?  Well, when I SPOIL it for you, you’ll see why.  Seriously, people.  SPOILERS abound, including SPOILERS for future issues!

I don’t see how I can make it any clearer.
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 5 – Zatanna #1

Oh, Zatanna – that little vixen!  Yes, it’s time for the first issue of the next mini-series, as Morrison sticks his tongue out at Alan Moore and says, “Anything you can do I can do better!”  Let’s gear up for the weirdness!

Oh, by the way: SPOILERS!!!!!  One of our fine commenters pointed out that I’m not too specific with the warning – if it’s relevant, I will talk about future issues in the mega-epic, so I might SPOIL those too!  I had forgotten that DC’s policy of releasing trade paperbacks is glacially slow, so I hadn’t considered that these wouldn’t be all collected yet.  How many are out?  Is Seven Soldiers #1 going into a collection any time soon?  I will try to be careful, but you’ve been warned!  As usual with Morrison books, some things that take place in an early issue only make sense when you read the later ones.  Blame him, not me! 
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 4 – The Manhattan Guardian #1

Moving on with the reviews, we end up at the first issue of The Manhattan Guardian.  Why not Shining Knight #2, you might ask?  Well, I figure I should read these in the order in which they were published, and, apparently, it’s the official way to read them, according to The God of All Comics.  It’s actually funner to read them this way, if you must know.  So follow along!

Have I mentioned that there will be SPOILERS in these posts?  Oh, I have?  Well, there it is again! Continue Reading »

31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 3 – Shining Knight #1

If you’re going to start your mini-series off with a bang, you might as well start with Lancelot rallying the troops of the Round Table!  Such is the opening splash page of Shining Knight #1, which gets the seven mini-series of Seven Soldiers off with a rousing start.  So let’s dive in!  As usual, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!  I can’t stress it enough!
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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 2 – Seven Soldiers of Victory #0

There is a big problem with Seven Soldiers of Victory #0: it’s too good.  It is, in fact, probably the best single issue of the entire Seven Soldiers epic.  And that’s not good when it is, in fact, the first issue of the entire Seven Soldiers epic.  How does that work?  Shouldn’t The God of All Comics have been able to build on what he wrote here and reach greater heights?  Ah, but that’s the rub.  Today we’ll examine why this is the best issue of the epic, and in later issues we’ll examine why it went downhill (granted, it wasn’t a steep slope, but still).  Won’t that be fun?

As I mentioned, SPOILERS abound in these posts.  Seriously.  Don’t read them unless you know what happens or are prepared to have the ending ruined.  BEWARE!
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