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31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 1 – JLA Classified #1-3

Perhaps because I am insane, I thought I would try to break down each issue of Seven Soldiers, the recently-completed epic that has already been broken down in every corner of the blogaxy.  As December has 31 days, and there are 30 issues of SS, plus the prologue, what better time than now?  It’s not like I have any other pressing issues, right?  I mean, the kids are old enough to raise themselves.  Why should I have any responsibility for them past their first year, right?

I’m not sure what form these reviews will take.  I thought about doing annotations for each issue, but other, smarter people than I have already done it, so unless something really strikes my fancy, I’ll leave that be.  As for actually reviewing these, well, like I said, others have done it, and probably better, and if you haven’t already bought these, you’re probably not going to and nothing I say will change your mind.  But I do want to look at what this epic means, in both the context of simply existing as a story and in the context of the DC Universe, as well as how the issues relate to each other.  And that’s something we can all get behind, right?

I will say that I was ultimately a bit disappointed with the epic, but not enough to say it was a failure.  But that’s down the line a bit.  So if you’re sick of Morrison and all things related to him, you can just skip these posts.  That’s fine and dandy!  Oh, and there will be SPOILERS, naturally.  You should have already read these issues!
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