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Help Fantagraphics Out!

I totally understand the apprehension many people have about crowdfunding when the thing that is being funded is something like Fantagraphics needing an influx of cash right now to help with their operating costs. I totally get it. However, at the same token, if you think it is not worth helping out one of the world’s best comic book companies, then that’s fair enough – just don’t do it.

I, for one, think it is worth helping these folks out, especially when your help simply amounts to pre-paying for some awesome comic books.

READ: Fantagraphics Publisher Gary Groth talks Kickstarter Initiative with CBR

For instance, I just pre-ordered a signed copy of the upcoming paperback edition of one of my favorite comic books, Michael Kupperman’s brilliant Tales Designed to Thrizzle. I would have also pre-ordered a signed copy of Jaime Hernandez’s upcoming Love Bunglers collection but it literally sold out as I was about to click on it.

So, in other words, there is some cool shit that you can get from Fantagraphics and at the same time you can help them out during a difficult period. I think it’s worth doing. If you do, as well, then go for it. If you don’t, then you don’t have to do it. We live in a wonderful world where you have that freedom.

Here‘s the Kickstarter page for Fantagraphics. Check it out to see if there’s anything you’d like to pre-order.

Only Nine Hours Left to Vote for CSBG’s Top 100 Storylines!

The deadline for voting for this year’s Top 100 Countdown is at midnight tonight (Pacific time), so that’s less than 9 hours away!

Get to voting, people!

Click here to cast your ballot.

Let’s All Lend Steve Niles a Hand!

It occurred to me that while this was covered on other places at CBR, I had not actually mentioned it here yet. So I figured it only right to mention that Steve Niles, the great creator of 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre suffered a flood at his home that really wrecked things.

Belinda Fernandez has organized a PayPal fund to help Niles. If you wish to send him some money, you can use the address HelpSteveNiles@gmail.com

Anything would be appreciated. A couple of bucks, whatever you can spare. If you can’t spare anything, then that’s fair enough. I always like that the comic book community tries to take care of our own and Niles in the past has been quite generous of his own money, so I thought it worthwhile to send him some money. But obviously no judgment if you think otherwise. I know some people get really weird when people suggest donating money to help out others.

The Line it is…Drunk?

This Friday, at 7:30 PM, I’ll be meeting up with Line it is Drawn artists John Trumbull and Bill Walko at a bar in Manhattan called O’Flaherty’s at 334 W 46th St. If you folks would like to stop by and have a drink with us, feel free. Here’s me drinking a beer so that you can recognize me at the bar….


Come See Liners John Trumbull and Bill Walko at New York Comic Con!

John Trumbull and Bill Walko will have a table at New York Comic Con this weekend. They will be booth #1262.

Here is their listing on the NYCC website so you can see where it is in the con’s floor plan!

John has a piece on his site here showing which prints he’ll have available this year and feel free to contact Bill here if you’d like to get a commission from him at the show.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversaries of the Avengers and the X-Men

As September is the “official” celebration month for the Avengers and X-Men’s 50th anniversaries (comic book companies tend to go by the listed date on comic books, rather than their actual release date, for whatever reason, and Avengers #1 and X-Men #1 both said September 1963 on their covers), I’ve decided to celebrate these two teams all month-long with a pair of daily features. And YOU can help determine what features you’ll see each day. I’ll be doing a month of Avengers/X-Men Cool Comic Book Moments and a month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives.

I figure I’ll do it where I’ll alternate each day, so if one day has an Avengers cool moment it’ll also have an X-Men Top Five and vice versa.

So you can help by sending in your suggestions for cool comic book moments you’d like to see and Top Five lists you’d like to see.

E-mail suggestions to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. I’m turning off comments on this piece so you won’t be tempted to leave your suggestions in the comments section.

There’s a new book about Transmetropolitan out!

Why should any of you care? Well, because Transmetropolitan is pretty keen, that’s why. Plus, our very own Canadian ex-blogger, Chad Nevett, edited it. Plus, it has a bunch of essays by smart people like Julian Darius, Patrick Meaney, Ryan K. Lindsay, Sean Witzke, Johanna Draper Carlson, Sara K. Ellis, Jason Michelitch, and a few others whose work I’m unfamiliar with (sorry!). Oh, and … well, me. Yes, I have an essay in the book, but I imagine it’s only in there because of those compromising photos I have of Chad. I mean, there can’t be any other reason! I wrote something that I’m sure will cause everyone to realize that everyone else’s essays are really, really good, and I encourage you to go buy the book, even though I haven’t actually read it yet. I will bet money that it’s quite awesome! Here it is on Amazon! So if you’re interested in reading a lot about Warren Ellis’s and Darick Robertson’s nifty cyberpunk-ish classic, go check it out! [Edit: As noted in the comments, you can get the book on Kindle, too - here's that link!]

Last Day to Vote for Your Favorite Avengers Stories of All-Time!

Today is the last day for voting in our Greatest Avengers Stories of All-Time poll!

Click here to vote before 11:59 PM Pacific tonight!

The Blogathon Has Begun!

Over at GraphiContent, the Blogathon has begun! All of the details are there. In half an hour, I kick off my discussion with Tim Callahan on Jack Kirby’s comics work in the 1970s. In an hour, I will be back here with my #10 book of 2012.

24 Hours until the 2013 24-Hour Blogathon!

In 24 hours, my fifth Blogathon will begin over at GraphiContent. For 24 hours, I will post every 30 minutes there — and every 90 here on Comics Should be Good — to raise money for the Hero Initiative. So far, $229 has been raised. You can donate and sponsor the Blogathon in a variety of ways:

* Direct donations to the Hero Initiative (click on the Pay Pal link)
* Purchasing products from their site, including annual memberships
* Purchasing products from their eBay store
* Donating funds to Peter David and his family through the Hero Initiative

This year, I will be joined by 15 other writers to discuss a variety of topics. The line-up: Tim Callahan, Tucker Stone, David Brothers, Alec Berry, Brian Cronin, Graeme McMillan, Jeff Lester, Tim O’Neil, Ryan K. Lindsay, Adam Langton, Matt Brady, Ales Kot, Shawn Starr, Kaitlin Tremblay, and Augie de Blieck, Jr.

At this point, I think that says it all. 24 hours of great writing about comics, all for a fantastic cause. If you choose to sponsor us, send me an e-mail at chevett13[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca so I can keep track. And join us one day from now, 9am EST, for my fifth and final Blogathon.


Blogathon 2013 is Five Days Away!

We are five days away from the 2013 Blogathon over at GraphiContent where I and 15 other writers will discuss a wide range of topics over the course of 24 straight hours with new posts every 30 minutes. Like the 2011 Blogathon, my charity of choice this time is the Hero Initiative. Last year, we raised over $500 dollars for the Hero Initiative and, so far, we’ve gotten $144 in sponsorship for this year’s Blogathon. If you would like to donate, there are several ways:

* Direct donations to the Hero Initiative (click on the Pay Pal link
* Purchasing products from their site, including annual memberships
* Purchasing products from their eBay store
* Donating funds to Peter David and his family through the Hero Initiative

I have added the Peter David link, because he and his family could use the support — and because it is a perfect example of what the Hero Initiative does. Most of us are aware that the organisation exists and have an idea of what it’s intended to do, but we don’t necessarily get a glimpse of what the Hero Initiative actually does. Well, this is one of those things. Peter David suffered a stroke over the holidays and the Hero Initiative is helping to provide funds to him and his family as he recovers. It’s a very direct and easy to see demonstration of what your money will be doing if you choose to donate and sponsor us in the Blogathon.

If you do choose to do so, drop me an e-mail at chevett13[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca so I can record you contribution.

This year’s Blogathon is going to be a bit different than my four previous Blogathons. Instead of simply writing by myself all day, I have enlisted 15 talented writers to join me. We have selected topics and they will each provide a post on their specific topic with me writing two bookend posts — the second one being a response of some kind to what they wrote (and to keep things lively and fresh, I won’t be reading any of the other posts until I post them). The stellar line-up is:

Tim Callahan (he will kick things off and conclude things, writing two posts on two different topics), Tucker Stone, David Brothers, Alec Berry, Brian Cronin, Graeme McMillan, Jeff Lester, Tim O’Neil, Ryan K. Lindsay, Adam Langton, Matt Brady, Ales Kot, Shawn Starr, Kaitlin Tremblay, and Augie de Blieck, Jr. Some of the topics being discussed: Kirby’s ’70s work, the idea of keeping up with other critics, Dreadstar #1-12, when the best time to have given up superhero comics was, Identity Crisis, and favourite Peter David Star Trek novels.

In addition to that part of the Blogathon, I will also be writing 16 posts here on Comics Should be Good during the same half-hour period when the other writers' posts go up here. I will be counting down my top 10 comics of 2012, my top five comics from before 2012 that I read in 2012, and some other 'best of 2012' post that I haven't quite figured out yet.

The whole thing begins on Saturday January 26 at 9am EST. I hope you will drop by and, hopefully, donate some money to a worthy cause, the Hero Initiative.

Thank you

Blogathon 2013

It’s taken some time to plan, but I am doing a fifth and final Blogathon on January 26, beginning at 9 am EST. For 24 hours, I will post something on my blog GraphiContent every half hour for charity. Once again, my charity of choice is the Hero Initiative. Except, there is one small change this time: I won’t be alone. Instead of my usual 49 posts, this year, I will be joined by 15 other writers to discuss topics of our choosing. The line-up of talented, caring writers joining me to help raise money for a great cause:

Tim Callahan, Tucker Stone, David Brothers, Alec Berry, Brian Cronin, Graeme McMillan, Jeff Lester, Tim O’Neil, Ryan K. Lindsay, Adam Langton, Matt Brady, Ales Kot, Shawn Starr, Kaitlin Tremblay, and Augie de Blieck, Jr.

Most of those names you probably recognise and the ones that don’t, you should. It’s a pleasure to have them all aboard for this insane scheme with me. Basically, how it will work is, each writer and I will decide on a topic. They will write their posts ahead of time. During the Blogathon, I will kick off discussion of the topic, follow that up with their post, and then do another post in response to what they wrote (I won’t read their posts until they are posted by me, either). Additionally, for all of the Splash Page fans out there, Tim Callahan has agreed to do two posts, so the Blogathon will begin and end with the two of us discussing Jack Kirby’s ’70s work and the Joe Casey remix/rewrite Youngblood hardcover.

Now, you may think that by bringing in 15 writers to do 16 posts, that means I’ll be taking it a bit easier this time. You would be wrong. For those half-hour periods, I will be doing a series of posts here at Comics Should be Good on the best of 2012. It’s not just a bigger Blogathon in contributors, but in blogs.

That brings us to the most important thing in all of this: the Hero Initiative. It’s a charity that provides financial assistance to comic professionals that require it. It’s an organisation that I have a large amount of respect for and one that, sadly, the comics industry desperately needs. You can sponsor my co-bloggers and myself in a number of ways:

* Direct donations to the Hero Initiative (click on the Pay Pal link
* Purchasing products from their site, including annual memberships
* Purchasing products from their eBay store

Last year, we raised over $500 for this great cause and it would be amazing if we could not only match that, but somehow surpass it. If you do wish to sponsor us in the Blogathon, please make sure to shoot me an e-mail at chevett13[at]yahoo[dot]ca and let me know what you contributed. I know, charity is best when done privately and it feels weird to ‘brag’ about it, but it’s the only way to keep track of how much money was raised.

Stop by GraphiContent and here on Saturday January 26, beginning at 9 am EST to read some smart writing on comics every half an hour. It’s all for a great cause and promises to be a lot of fun.

Thank you

Happy Fourth Anniversary to Robot 6!

Our sister blog, Robot 6, is celebrating their fourth anniversary today!

Congrats, guys and gals!

Time is a Jet Plane, it Moves Too Fast

Yep, so it’s come to this…EIGHT years of Comics Should Be Good! Eight years ago today this little ol’ blog was started up by Alex, Joe, two Pauls, Tadhg and myself (with a super cool name picked out by Joe). Thanks guys, for starting this place up with me! We’ve come a long way from being a blog just devoted to Joe Rice’s drunken reviews of the films of Roddy Piper!

Thanks to all of our regular folks – our two Gregs (Burgas and Hatcher), Bill Reed, MarkAndrew, , Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Sonia Harris, Ken H., Connie C. and Melissa K.!

Plus past contributions from ScottBrad Curran, Danielle Leigh, Alex, Joe, Megan Parker, Michelle, Melinda, Paul Teel, Pol, Paul McEnery, Tadhg, Tom, Chad, Christopher, Harvey and Marionette.

Plus, of course, the features we host here (or have hosted), like Sean and Brandon’s Comic Critics, Kelly, Sue and Maddy’s 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast, Dean Trippe’s The Good Stuff, John Seavey’s Storytelling Engines, Kethylia’s Manga Mondays, Lorendiac’s Lists, The Line it is Drawn and Al and Paul’s House to Astonish!

Thanks to Jonah for hosting the blog at Comic Book Resources and to Stephen for keeping everything running smoothly!

Thanks, also, to all those folks who come by to read our ramblings!

Thanks to the sites that link to us.

Oh, thanks to those folks who bought my first book! Please buy my NEW book, Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent and Other Amazing Comic Trivia!

And thanks to anyone else that I forgot to thank!

These past eight years have been a blast, and I hope…okay, I’m pretty darn certain that the fun will not stop any time soon.

Legends at ESPN.com!

This is pretty neat news.

My (from Sports Legends Revealed) will also be featured at ESPN.com in their Playbook section.

The first one went up today. It is about whether Richard Nixon actually called a play in a Washington Redskins playoff game. Check it out here.


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