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Happy Halloween From Comics Should Be Good!

I had a funny idea after writing about Ben Cooper Inc. Halloween costumes this week. I told Nick Perks about it and he brought my idea to life beautifully. Go check out his website here! Happy Halloween, everyone!


Hey, here’s another Kickstarter you might be interested in

BellwoodIllustrated (2)

We’re all about crowdfunding here at the blog, apparently!
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Let’s Give the Hatchers a Hand

As you might very well know if you have been following Greg Hatcher’s columns the last few months, he and his wife Julie have been going through some tough times as of late. He had a good line in his latest column about a friend sympathizing with him over the death of Leonard Nimoy:

My first indication that this was going to be a thing was when a co-worker came up to me on Friday and said, “I’m so sorry.”

My initial reaction was that she was talking about one of the several household disasters we have had to deal with in the last three weeks– I won’t bore you with the litany of car trouble and medical crap and so on we’ve been dealing with since Julie got laid off at the end of January, but our run of bad luck recently has been such that sympathy from someone at work was not unreasonable.

But then she added, “I heard Leonard Nimoy died.”

I’ll level with you: my first response, that I had to really work hard to bite back, was Are you kidding me? THAT’S what you came to express sympathy over? Where the hell were you when Julie was in the hospital, or…

But I didn’t say it, because the woman was absolutely NOT kidding. She was sure I was devastated and she genuinely wanted to be helpful.

So let’s do a bit more than just sympathize with Greg and help him and his wife out a little financially.

Some friends of Greg have set up a GoFundMe campaign for the Hatchers here. We’re talking a very little amount of money being requested. If the regular readers of Greg’s columns each gave, like, five-ten bucks each, we’d be done in no time.

In addition, there is a Facebook group for Help the Hatchers where donated items are being raffled off to people who have donated at least $25 to the GoFundMe campaign. So not only can you do a good thing for a good guy, you can WIN stuff, too!

I’e been asking some artists who know the Hatchers and how awesome they are if they’re willing to donate some artwork, but if anyone else is willing to donate stuff, feel free to drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.

Check out Brian Clevinger’s new comic on Kickstarter!

IA01_int1-8_high-3 (2)

Why spend money on a comic after it comes out when you can spend money on it before it comes out????
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Tenth Time Around

Yep, so it’s come to this…TEN years of Comics Should Be Good! Ten years ago today this little ol’ blog was started up.

This year, I thought something sort of special would be to have new pieces by the other three guys who formed the blog with me back then – Joe Rice, Alex Cox and Paul Teel.

In addition, in honor of the types of pieces we did back in the earliest days, I did a new “This Comic Is Good” piece, as well.

Click on any piece to read it!

Brian Cronin – This Comic Is Good “Sisters”

Joe Rice – Mission Accomplished

Alex Cox – How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Ignore the Internet

Paul Teel – A Review of Manhattan Projects in Exchange for Chex Mix

Thanks a lot for the blast from the past, guys!

And, of course, thanks to our CURRENT writers, as well! Our two Gregs (Burgas and Hatcher), Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Sonia Harris, Melissa K., Mark Ginocchio, Alec Berry, and Matt Derman.

Plus past contributions from Kaitlin Tremblay, Bill Reed, MarkAndrew, Ken H., Connie C., Scott, Brad Curran, Danielle Leigh, Alex, Joe, Megan Parker, Michelle, Melinda, Paul Teel, Pol, Paul McEnery, Tadhg, Tom, Chad, Christopher, Harvey and Marionette.

Plus, of course, the features we host here (or have hosted), like Sean and Brandon’s Comic Critics, Kelly and Sue’s 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast, Dean Trippe’s The Good Stuff, John Seavey’s Storytelling Engines, Kethylia’s Manga Mondays, Lorendiac’s Lists, The Line it is Drawn and Al and Paul’s House to Astonish!

Thanks to Jonah for hosting the blog at Comic Book Resources and to Stephen, Albert, Kiel, Rob and Steve for keeping everything running smoothly (and thanks to Andys Khouri and Liegl for their past efforts)!

Thanks to our readers and, of course, on a personal note, thanks to the folks who bought both my first and my second book!

And thanks to anyone else that I forgot to thank!

These past ten years have been a blast, and I hope…okay, I’m pretty darn certain that the fun will not stop any time soon.

The Line it is Drawn – 2014 Call to Artists!

Hey everybody, it’s that time again! We’re having try-outs for new artists for the Line it is Drawn. I’m looking to add five new artists to the Line.

The try-out period is going to be two weeks long, with pieces being posted on December 15th and December 22nd. So if you’re interested in being a Line it is Drawn artist, just send me a jpg drawing (preferably at least 615 pixels wide) to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (“Line it is Drawn Try-Out” should be your subject heading) based on the following choices that I will list below. Along with your drawing, include your name and your website if you have one. The pieces don’t have to be colored, but I won’t lie, there’s a decent chance that colored pieces might stand out more when it comes to decision-time.

On December 15th, I will post the first batch of drawings from this week. Then I’ll give you a new set of choices. You draw one of them, as well, and then on the 22nd, after I post the second set of drawings, I’ll have a poll where people will vote for their favorites and the top two picks of the public will automatically make it and then I’ll pick three more artists by myself (maybe with an anonymous panel of experts helping out, as well). The new artists will start in January.

Being a part of the Line it is Drawn is for artists who are willing to do a drawing every week in about 5 days time. Being part of the Line is not a paid gig. I’m certainly fine with people missing a week or two, but if you don’t think you can meet that schedule, please don’t try out. Most of our artists are here every week, so it is certainly a doable achievement, but please be realistic with your abilities to hit a deadline before you offer yourself up as a possible addition to the Line it is Drawn. For instance, this try-out is for two weeks. If you don’t show up both weeks, you’re not going to be eligible to be picked.

I welcome your try-outs! This should be a lot of fun to see a bunch of new faces! Remember, if you think you can hit the deadlines and you want to do this, pick a choice from below, draw it and then e-mail it to me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com by 9am Pacific time on December 15th.

Read on for the choices!
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Why Did You Vote For Your Favorite Writers and Artists?

I’m in the midst of tabulating the votes for the Top 100 Writers and Artists countdown, but I thought something interesting for when I start revealing the results (which could be tomorrow, but there is a decent chance that I’ll do double-duty on Friday with the first group of artists AND the first group of writers – the end result will be the same, it is either both on Friday or one on Thursday and one on Friday) if I include some of your own thoughts on why you picked who you picked.

So if you want me to include a little bit about why you chose that particular writer or artist, feel free to drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your reasons for whichever artist or writer on your list that you feel like giving your reasons for voting for them.

Use “Top 100 Creator Thoughts” as your subject line so it’ll be easier for me to identify the correct e-mails out from all the spam I get (when you publish your e-mail on the internet practically every day, you get a LOT of spam).

Chat With Fred Van Lente on Thursday!

It is almost Fred Van Lente Day!

This year, I’ll be having a public chat with Van Lente that everyone can join in on on Thursday, December 4th at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern time. The transcript of the chat will then go up on Saturday for this year’s Fred Van Lente Day!

Just come by CSBG on Thursday, December 4th at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern and I’ll post the link to the chat room here.

Help Fantagraphics Out!

I totally understand the apprehension many people have about crowdfunding when the thing that is being funded is something like Fantagraphics needing an influx of cash right now to help with their operating costs. I totally get it. However, at the same token, if you think it is not worth helping out one of the world’s best comic book companies, then that’s fair enough – just don’t do it.

I, for one, think it is worth helping these folks out, especially when your help simply amounts to pre-paying for some awesome comic books.

READ: Fantagraphics Publisher Gary Groth talks Kickstarter Initiative with CBR

For instance, I just pre-ordered a signed copy of the upcoming paperback edition of one of my favorite comic books, Michael Kupperman’s brilliant Tales Designed to Thrizzle. I would have also pre-ordered a signed copy of Jaime Hernandez’s upcoming Love Bunglers collection but it literally sold out as I was about to click on it.

So, in other words, there is some cool shit that you can get from Fantagraphics and at the same time you can help them out during a difficult period. I think it’s worth doing. If you do, as well, then go for it. If you don’t, then you don’t have to do it. We live in a wonderful world where you have that freedom.

Here‘s the Kickstarter page for Fantagraphics. Check it out to see if there’s anything you’d like to pre-order.

Only Nine Hours Left to Vote for CSBG’s Top 100 Storylines!

The deadline for voting for this year’s Top 100 Countdown is at midnight tonight (Pacific time), so that’s less than 9 hours away!

Get to voting, people!

Click here to cast your ballot.

Let’s All Lend Steve Niles a Hand!

It occurred to me that while this was covered on other places at CBR, I had not actually mentioned it here yet. So I figured it only right to mention that Steve Niles, the great creator of 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre suffered a flood at his home that really wrecked things.

Belinda Fernandez has organized a PayPal fund to help Niles. If you wish to send him some money, you can use the address HelpSteveNiles@gmail.com

Anything would be appreciated. A couple of bucks, whatever you can spare. If you can’t spare anything, then that’s fair enough. I always like that the comic book community tries to take care of our own and Niles in the past has been quite generous of his own money, so I thought it worthwhile to send him some money. But obviously no judgment if you think otherwise. I know some people get really weird when people suggest donating money to help out others.

The Line it is…Drunk?

This Friday, at 7:30 PM, I’ll be meeting up with Line it is Drawn artists John Trumbull and Bill Walko at a bar in Manhattan called O’Flaherty’s at 334 W 46th St. If you folks would like to stop by and have a drink with us, feel free. Here’s me drinking a beer so that you can recognize me at the bar….


Come See Liners John Trumbull and Bill Walko at New York Comic Con!

John Trumbull and Bill Walko will have a table at New York Comic Con this weekend. They will be booth #1262.

Here is their listing on the NYCC website so you can see where it is in the con’s floor plan!

John has a piece on his site here showing which prints he’ll have available this year and feel free to contact Bill here if you’d like to get a commission from him at the show.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversaries of the Avengers and the X-Men

As September is the “official” celebration month for the Avengers and X-Men’s 50th anniversaries (comic book companies tend to go by the listed date on comic books, rather than their actual release date, for whatever reason, and Avengers #1 and X-Men #1 both said September 1963 on their covers), I’ve decided to celebrate these two teams all month-long with a pair of daily features. And YOU can help determine what features you’ll see each day. I’ll be doing a month of Avengers/X-Men Cool Comic Book Moments and a month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives.

I figure I’ll do it where I’ll alternate each day, so if one day has an Avengers cool moment it’ll also have an X-Men Top Five and vice versa.

So you can help by sending in your suggestions for cool comic book moments you’d like to see and Top Five lists you’d like to see.

E-mail suggestions to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. I’m turning off comments on this piece so you won’t be tempted to leave your suggestions in the comments section.


Review Copies

Comics Should Be Good accepts review copies. Anything sent to us will (for better or for worse) end up reviewed on the blog. See where to send the review copies.

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