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Blogathon 2010 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (July 17), starting at 9am, this year’s blogathon will begin at GraphiContent. That means I will be posting every 30 minutes for a full 24 hours (49 posts in total). This year, I will be discussing pretty much all of the Hellblazer comics I own (list here) and will be doing so to raise money for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. You can sponsor me by donating the CBLDF at the link there (or by clicking on the picture at the top of the page on my blog); give whatever amount you feel appropriate, just be sure to let me know you have so I can keep track of the money raised — and give out proper thank yous. The past two times I’ve done this, it’s been fantastic and this year should be as well. I’ve got a few surprise topics to throw in with the established list and, well, it’s always fun to see what I’ll wind up writing when we hit four in the morning and I’m desperate for a little bit of sleep.

Some people have asked how I do this and it’s simple. None of the posts are written in advance. They’ll all be scheduled to go up on the hour/half-hour, but all of them will be written during the half-hour period following the previous post. Sometimes, I’ll get a little ahead to afford me time to prepare food or run to the store for something, but, in those cases, I always leave part of the post to be written after I return to keep in the spirit of things. I’m doing this for charity, so I’m not about to cheat — I just bend things a little so I can, well, eat. I’ll be responding to comments as I go and posting on Twitter most likely. I hope people can give some money to a good cause and also tune in to lend moral support since 24 hours is a long time to be stuck at your computer writing about comics. It’s a fun 24 hours, but long.

So, tune in tomorrow at 9 am on GraphiContent where I’ll be discussing Hellblazer and raising money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


More Fun With Twitter

Okay, I have not paid enough attention to Comics Should Be Good’s Twitter account. I will try to rectify this.

First off – you folks with Twitter should follow us on Twitter – http://twitter.com/csbg

The Twitter account updates whenever a new post is put up on the blog, so it’s an easy way to keep up with the blog. Plus, starting today, I will try to post daily original content on the twitter account, as well. I will start with ten reviews of comics that came out last week, and hopefully (no promises, of course) then do a review a day (while sprinkling in stuff I did before like the Comic Theme Game).

And I just thought of an incentive to follow us – if we reach 3,000 followers, I will do another Month of Greatest Stories Ever Told! You folks loved the first Greatest Stories Ever Told, so go follow us on Twitter and you can get another month of it!

While we’re at it, be sure to follow the Comics Should Be Good writers who are on Twitter (the links go to the person’s Twitter account) – myself, Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith!

If other writers for the blog have twitter accounts, let me know and I’ll add you here (I know Sonia has to have one, I just can’t find it).

Also, I think we can take it for granted that a portion of you do not like Twitter, so I will post a few comments for you now so you can just skip commenting on this post:

1. “I don’t like Twitter.”

2. “Twitter is dumb”

3. “New social media angers me”

4. “Twitter is not cool.”

5. “What is Twitter?”

Free Comic Book Day at Heavy Ink!

Online comic book retailer Heavy Ink is celebrating Free Comic Book Day… and if you have the internet, you’re invited! Those shopless among us, or unable to visit their local comick booke establishment on the fateful day (which is tomorrow, Saturday, May 1st), but who still want to snag a free comic or three such as Atomic Robo & Friends, Iron Man/Thor, Toy Story, Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock, Atomic Robo & Friends, Bongo Comics, Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter, Atomic Robo & Friends, Irredeemable/Incorruptible, Green Hornet, The Tick, Owly, Atomic Robo & Friends, etc., look no further!

Full details under the cut.

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Maybe a few more people will actually buy it this time!

Casanova is back, baby! And it’s at Marvel, through their Icon imprint. Whoo-bleepin’-hoo!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, it will probably sell many, many, many more copies even though the original was $1.99 per issue and this … won’t be (to be fair, the issues will be combined, so the price won’t be too prohibitive). But damn, this is a great comic book. I already own the damned issues and I may have to buy them again. Seriously – I’m so freakin’ stoked for this.

Steve Bryant needs your help!

Steve Bryant, creator of Athena Voltaire, a fun, pulpy comic set in the 1930s, has been trying to work on the latest chapter for a few years. With that in mind, he has set up a web site where you can donate money to allow him to work on the book exclusively until it’s finished. Plus, he has all sorts of extras for people who donate – you can see what they are at the site. You may think it’s silly to help fund a comic, but for such a small book, it’s not a bad idea. I’m used to this – my favorite band, Marillion, has been doing this for years, and it’s pretty keen to think that you’re part of the reason why something creative exists. Athena Voltaire is a fun read, with a great main character, lots of Nazis (and Nazi-killin’!), and all sorts of odd monsters and fabulous science. Bryant’s campaign to fund the book has a little less than two months to go and he’s a little less than halfway there (he’s trying to raise $7,000). If you’re at all interested, I encourage you to check it out. Here’s the web site, where you read (and hear) more about it. It won’t hurt to give it a look!

CBR Accepting Nominations for their 2009 Reader-Voted Comics Awards!

Every year, the Comic Book Resources forum has the “Corries,” a series of awards by CBR forum posters.

Well, the nomination process has begun for this past year’s Best Comics (Best Writer, Best Artist, etc.) and nominations are currently taking place here (you can have to log into the CBR forum – if you don’t have a log-in name, feel free to sign up for a new one here).

Go nominate some stuff now! After all, it’s always more fun to complain about the results if you actually take part in the voting process!!

My pal Brandon is running the awards, so please give him a lot of votes to count!

Welcome, Sonia Harris!

Let’s have a big welcome to Sonia Harris, who is going to be doing a new regular column every Wednesday for the blog.

Sonia is a writer and a designer (you can see her design work at her company’s site, Soyabean Design) who has been writing a column about comics on iFanboy since 2008. Here is an archive of her past columns and here is a longer bio, courtesy of iFanboy.

Sonia’s column is called “Committed,” and it will mostly be about Sonia looking at life through the lens of comic books.

Welcome, Sonia!

Just Like Keith Giffen’s Legion…

It’s now five years later.

Yep, so it’s come to this…FIVE years of Comics Should Be Good! Five years ago today this little ol’ blog was started up by Alex, Joe, two Pauls, Tadhg and myself (with a super cool name picked out by Joe). Thanks guys, for starting this place up with me!

Thanks to all of our regular folks – our two Gregs (Burgas and Hatcher), Brad Curran, Bill Reed, MarkAndrew, Danielle Leigh, Scott and our two latest contributors, Chad Nevett and Kelly Thompson!

Plus, semi-frequent reviews from Michelle and Melinda!

Not to mention contributions from Alex, Joe, Paul Teel, Pol, Paul McEnery, Tadhg, Tom, Chad, Christopher, Harvey and Marionette.

Plus, of course, the features we host here (or have hosted), like Sean and Brandon’s Comic Critics, John Seavey’s Storytelling Engines, Kethylia’s Manga Mondays and Lorendiac’s Lists.

Thanks to Jonah for hosting the blog at Comic Book Resources and to Stephen for keeping everything running smoothly (and for our awesome new fifth anniversary logo!)!

Thanks, also, to all those folks who come by to read our ramblings!

Thanks to the sites that link to us.

Oh, thanks to those folks who bought my book!

And thanks to anyone else that I forgot to thank!

These past five years have been a blast, and I hope…okay, I’m pretty darn certain that the fun will not stop any time soon.

Welcome, Kelly Thompson!

Let’s have a big welcome to Kelly Thompson, who is going to be doing a new regular column for the blog.

Kelly is a writer and artist who has a neat blog called 1979 Semi-Finalist. She also writes for the TV review blog, The Best Shows You’re Not Watching.

Kelly’s column is called “She Has No Head!” and mostly centers on women in comics. It will run on Mondays!

Welcome, Kelly!

We’re just all about congratulations this week!

Rock on Christine Valada! She’s been tearing it up on Jeopardy! since Monday.

Julie and I are huge nerds and we love Jeopardy! so it’s been really fun for us watching Mrs. Len Wein continue to hammer her opposition… especially since a three-day total of around $36,000 will probably go a long way towards restoring their home after the disastrous fire not too long ago. Check your local listings and tune in tonight, and let’s hope her winning streak continues!

In other news, we’re taking some students along to the upcoming Seattle Comic-Card show and we will be seeing Mr. Wein there, which should be a lot of fun. I’m rooting around in the archives to see if I have anything on this list. I need to thin the herd anyway and this is certainly a good cause. I encourage you folks out there to do the same.

Coming Soon*

Sandwich Enthusiast

* Not really.

Where everybody curses your name

Wow, we’ve sure had some fiery debates spring up in the comments threads recently! From how much gay should be allowed in comics, to the cost/benefit analysis of dead celebrities’ contributions to mankind versus their more nefarious proclivities,  to the apparent mob mentality that springs up whenever certain comic creators’ names are mentioned in conversation– well, it’s been an incendiary few days. We’ve all said some things we shouldn’t have– bad jokes, in my case, but that’s a habit that’s unlikely to fade.

Finally, though, there’s a place for our fine commenters (commentators?) to go when they can’t agree to disagree in polite, civilized tones. I present to you The Almighty Bitching Thread, at our very own forum, where one may continue exercising their free speech well after the originating entry has fallen off the first page and all order and sanity has left the building. And that way, everyone’s in one place when the building eventually burns down.

Well, that, or we can all calm down and make nice. I enjoy seeing massive amounts of comments, but I prefer said comments to be jovial in nature. Comics should be good, and so should their readers. After all, we don’t want Overlord Cronin to nuke us all from orbit.

The Book is Finally Out!

Was Superman a Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed comes out today!

Again, here is the cover by Mickey Duzyj, who rocks (click to enlarge)…

Should be fun.

I hope all of you who pick up the book dig it! All those who’ve read it, feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad, in the comments!

New Legends Revealed Web Site!

In anticipation of the release of Was Superman a Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed at the end of the month, I’ve set up a brand new site for legends from the world of sports and entertainment (my pal Brandon Hanvey created the logos for me)!

It’s called Legends Revealed, and you can visit it at legendsrevealed.com (which has links to Sports Legends Revealed and Entertainment Legends Revealed). Both sites will have (week) daily updates!


Welcome, Chad!

This here blog has a new addition – Chad Nevett is going to be contributing posts. You may recognize Chad from his reviews for Comic Book Resources or his own comic book blog, GraphiContent or maybe his various bits he has done with Tim Callahan over the years.

He’s good, so it’s good that he will be sharing his goodness with us at Comics Should Be Good.


Review Copies

Comics Should Be Good accepts review copies. Anything sent to us will (for better or for worse) end up reviewed on the blog. See where to send the review copies.

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