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Blue Moon Reviews — The Devil’s Trill

The Devil’s Trill
By Sooyeon Won
NETCOMICS, 248 pp.
Rating: 13+

Score: B-

The Devil’s Trill collects two supernatural stories by Sooyeon Won, creator of the more well-known manhwa, Let Dai. In the title story, we follow a vampire named Eichner over several hundred years as he encounters various reincarnations of his true love. In the second story, “Magic Box,” a man devotes decades to creating the perfect diamond but is offered another chance to recapture his youth, with one very important condition.

“The Devil’s Trill” is perhaps the most melodramatic story I’ve ever read and takes up the bulk of the volume. We begin in Germany somewhere in the 1800s. Eichner—or should I say Count Wittgenstein?—fully looks the part of a stereotypical vampire, with the frilly shirt, high-collared cape, manservant, and castle. We soon learn that he’s a pretty good guy, as his manservant presents his master with dossiers of villains who might make good meals. He’s lonely, though, and is prone to saying incomprehensible things like, “The ones who have seen beauty are already handed over to death, and unbecoming of the life of this world. They no longer are the objects of this sweet blood.”

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Blue Moon Reviews – 20th Century Boys, Vol. 1

Here’s Michelle! – BC

Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, Vol. 1

By Naoki Urasawa
Viz, 216 pp.
Rating: Older Teen

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Blue Moon Reviews — The Quest for the Missing Girl

Today we debut a new recurring feature from another great manga critic, to join Danielle Leigh’s Manga Before Flowers (which is awesome, in case you don’t follow it). To crib from her Manga Recon bio, Michelle Smith has been a contributor to Manga Recon since 2008, and began serving as Senior Manga Editor in January 2009. She has also been writing manga reviews on her blog Soliloquy in Blue since 2006 and has amassed a diverse and extensive manga collection. She’s a musician, a math person, a voracious reader, a competent cook, and a new homeowner. Basara tops her list of favorite manga, and she shamelessly exploits all opportunities to urge people to read it (she also often comments on Manga Before Flowers as “jun”).

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