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Fred Van Lente Answers Your Questions!

Here is this year’s Fred Van Lente chat, where I asked Fred reader-submitted questions!


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Mark Waid Chat Transcript

Mark Waid sat down with me Tuesday night for a very long chat where I tried to ask as many reader-submitted questions as I could, but you folks sent in sooo many that there were still a whole lot of questions that I did not get a chance to ask – I guess we’ll just have to do this again in the future!

Anyhow, here is the chat transcript! When a question is in quotes, it is a direct quote of a reader-submitted question!

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Fred Van Lente Chat Transcript!

Let’s celebrate Fred Van Lente Days Past now, with a transcript of the ultra-cool online chat Fred had with readers this past Fred Van Lente Day (otherwise known as this past Saturday). One bit from the chat that I wanted to spotlight first before you begin reading – Fred and artist Dennis Calero will be signing copies of X-Men Noir at Jim Hanley’s on 33rd Street in Manhattan, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 6-8pm. That’s tomorrow, people!

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Celebrate Fred Van Lente Day With a Live Fred Van Lente Chat!

For this year’s fourth annual celebration of Fred Van Lente Day (December 6th, for those ignorant to this magnificent holiday), we will be sharing the man, the myth, the legend, Fred Van Lente himself with you good folks!

Fred will do a live online chat this Fred Van Lente Day starting at 3:30 pm Eastern time!

(Although I’m sure you already know) Fred is the co-writer of Incredible Hercules, writer of Marvel Zombies 3, Wolverine First Class, Comic Book Comics, Action Philosophers, and a bunch of other comics!

So stop by the blog at 3:25pm to get a link to the chat room!

Your Chance to Ask Mark Waid Questions!

Mark Waid, Editor-in-Chief of Boom! Studios and writer of tons of notable past comic book work(including a current story arc in Amazing Spider-Man), has been generous enough to agree to do a chat with me where I will ask him questions submitted to me by you, the fans.

Mostly anything goes, question-wise. The only criteria is whether I like the question or not, so don’t bother asking belligerent questions or anything like that, because I won’t be passing those along.

Everyone else, send your questions to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do note – send your questions via e-mail! Questions in the comments will not be asked.

You have until December 9th to submit your question!

Steve Wacker Chat Transcript!

Yesterday, Amazing Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker had a chat with me where I worked in most of the reader-submitted questions you folks sent in! Tom Brevoort also stopped by and chatted, as well, which was a nice surprise.

To see the transcript, read on!

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Alex Robinson Chat Transcript!

On Thursday, September 4th, Alex Robinson, writer/artist of the acclaimed graphic novels Box Office Poison and Tricked, as well as his most recent work, Too Cool to be Forgotten (about a man traveling back in time to his high school years), stopped by to chat with our readers.

The following is an edited (for easier reading) transcript of the chat!

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