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A Twisted April Fool’s Day Treat From Paolo Rivera…

Remember how I was just telling you about Paolo Rivera’s “Wacky References” series on his blog, The Self-Absorbing Man? About how he goes to great lengths to get just the right photos to use as reference for his (really awesome) artwork?

Well, today, in honor of April Fool’s Day, Paolo shares with us something that is could certainly be described as a bit foolish….and it involves lighting himself on fire.

Check it out here – the pictures are amazing.

Paolo Rivera’s Wacky References #100!!

Over on his cool blog, The Self-Absorbing Man, Paolo Rivera has been doing a really brilliant regular feature on the site called “Wacky References.”

Basically, Rivera shares with us some of the wacky poses that he photographs so that he can later reference them when he produces his artwork (and if you’ve seen his artwork, you know that the end result is very awesome).

He’s now come to the 100th installment, which is a good time to link to it, especially with such a crazy 100th installment! Rivera shows the FIFTY photographs he used to produce a double-page spread for Captain America: Mythos featuring Captain America and the Avengers!

Here’s a glimpse…

Now check it out here to see it in all of its glory!

And be sure to keep checking his site out for new Wacky References. He’s 100 installments in and there’s no sign of stopping!

Congrats on the 100 installments, Paolo!

Scott Harris’ Quest for FFF!

Scott Harris, who is a great commenter on the blog and has his own nifty blog, The Vault, is trying to fulfill something he began years ago – reach every one of the “Hallowed Ranks of Marveldom” from Marvel’s first official fan club, the Merry Marvel Marching Society.

Only Fearless Front Facer remains, so join Scott as he tries to gain this very rare honor!

Click here to check out the beginning of his quest for FFF!

Time to Burn Your Retinas, People!

Mike Sterling, of the always entertaining Progressive Ruin, has made the move from Blogger to WordPress and now has a new design for his site. It is really, really bright white.

I mention this only because, hey, it’s an excuse to link to a fun comic book site, so why not, right?

Welcome to WordPress, Mike!

Victor von Doom reviews Joe the Barbarian!

I hate to link to something that picks on one of my fellow bloggers here, but I have a feeling MarkAndrew won’t mind if I link to Doctor Doom “reviewing” Joe the Barbarian. Doom’s words might sound strangely familiar …

Speaking of Dusty Abell…

And I just was, check out this amazing piece Abell did of the various television stars of science fiction and fantasy during the 1970s!

Click on the image to go to Abell’s deviantART page where you can see the full image (it’s yooooooooooge)!

Speaking of Congratulations…

(which I just was, in case you missed it)

Congratulations, of a sort, to Greg Burgas for reaching his fifth anniversary with his solo blog, Delenda Est Carthago, at which point he decided to bow out from the solo blogging game.

Delenda Est Carthago is the blog Greg was doing when I asked him to blog here (he blogged about comics there, as well as history and popular culture).

So congrats, Greg! We’ll miss the site!

Check out J.M. DeMatteis’ New Blog!

J.M. DeMatteis has a (fairly) new blog up that he started last month, called J.M. DeMatteis’s Creation Point: Semi-Regular Musings from the Semi-Regular Mind of Writer J.M. DeMatteis.

If you have any interest in DeMatteis (and you should, because he’s a heck of a writer), then you’ll get a kick out of this site.

For Abadazad fans, J.M. just did a little retrospective on the series on his blog. Well worth a read!

Check out the blog here.

The wonderful world of remixed comics!

Chris Sims wins the Internet once again! Or does he?

(I like doing these posts after a post gets everyone’s hackles up. Don’t we need the levity, people?!?!?!?)

Bad comics vs. HILARIOUSLY bad comics

Bad comics come and go and are usually forgotten by the next week, because there’s another bad comic or two coming out soon enough. HILARIOUSLY bad comics, however, like a certain comic featuring Oliver Queen weirdly declaring his undying love for a guy who once destroyed the universe and then blamed an giant bug for it, are classic, because they inspire … Photoshopping!

First, there’s Douglas Wolk’s excellent Promethea homage. Next, Caleb realizes that if Hal is quoting Glenn Danzig, the book makes a lot more sense. Finally, Cheryl Lynn gives us a certain Man of Steel figuratively bitch-slapping every Leaguer. Because he’s, you know, Superman. (Thanks to Tim for pointing out the last one, or I might have missed it.)

More from the comments: The Mutt couldn’t resist pointing out how hard it is keeping track of who’s wearing what costume these days, while Mxy goes ahead and makes the faux title official. Thanks, guys!

Have you seen any others, good readers, as you peruse the web which spans the wide world? Let me know – I’ll edit them in!

Speaking of Superhero Catch Phrases

King Oblivion sent me a link this piece a little while ago, and oddly enough, it was NOT the impetus for Catch Phrase Week at the Year of Cool Comic Book Moments, but still, it’s a funny bit nonetheless!

So here are “10 Superheroes Who Need New Catch Phrases” (along with suggestions for new phrases).

Let’s Also Welcome David Campbell Back, Too!

David has a new blog up as a sort of sequel to Dave’s Long Box. It is called The Society for the Advancement of Dave.

You can check it out here.

He started it at Christmas time. It’s been fun so far! Be sure to give it a read!

A Big Welcome to Robot 6!

They’ve been online for a couple of days now, but I wanted to wait until they were “officially” online before welcoming them (didn’t want to spoil any surprise!).

So welcome Robot 6 to Comic Book Resources! Robot 6 is the comic blog made up of the former members of Blog@Newsarama!

Check them out here.

Chris Mautner has the first installment of the (soon to be) regular Robot 6 feature – “What are you reading?” Each week they’ll ask different comic folks. This week, they asked a few CBR staffers for their opinions, including me. Check that out here.

One of the Coolest Comic Art Websites Ever

Steven Gettis has a website where he posts drawings he has accumulated over the past decade where he asks comic book artists to draw their favorite literary author/creator/character.

He has well over a hundred drawings on the site, and let me tell you, it is fascinating.

Click here to see the site (which is amusingly titled, “Hey Oscar Wilde, It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!”, and read more for a few samples that I picked to show y’all from the artists already featured on A Month of Comic Art Stars. Continue Reading »

Fatal Attractions in Six Panels!

Sandy Bilus is at it again, now with an attempt to make heads or tails out of Fatal Attractions in six panels!

For what it’s worth, I think I would have gone with the panel of Xavier mind-wiping Magneto then a panel with Wolverine’s bone claws (yes, it is a full page, but it’s still a panel, right?), or SOMEthing making clear what happened to Wolverine, as the two most notable events of Fatal Attractions – Xavier mind-wiping Magneto and Magneto tearing the metal out of Wolverine – were not really in Sandy’s panels (although with the latter, he did try).


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