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Comic Book Idol 3 Contest!

Here’s a new contest!

If you have not been following Comic Book Idol 3, it begins officially today, Thursday, October 11th.

Here is a list of the ten finalists, with a link to their websites.

The contest is a simple one – post in the comments section to this entry who you think the two finalists will be. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a random drawing, with the winner receiving a bunch of free stuff, including autographed comics courtesy of Comic Book Idol 3’s host, J Torres!!

So make your guesses! I’ll stop accepting guesses next Wednesday, at 11am Eastern time.

Chris Ryall Q & A Up!

The second Q & A with Comic Book Idol 3 judges are up at the Comic Book Idol 3 blog. Here is a Q & A with IDW Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall.

Snark Free Corner for 10/8

Welcome to the latest installment of your breath of snark free air!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

James Lucas Jones Q & A Up!

The first of three Q & As with the three main Comic Book Idol 3 judges is up! Click here for a Q & A with Oni Press Editor-in-Chief, James Lucas Jones.

Q & A with Comic Book Idol 2’s Billy Penn

Here is a sample of the sort of things you’d find on the Comic Book Idol 3 blog, a question and answer with Comic Book Idol 2 contestant (one of eight former contestants who have returned to determine which of this year’s entrants make it to the top ten) Billy Penn. Continue Reading »

Comic Book Idol 3 Finalists Named!

The ten finalists who will be competing in the five rounds of Comic Book Idol 3 have been named! Also, the third judge has been named – with Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri joining Oni’s James Lucas Jones and IDW’s Chris Ryall as the permanent judging panel. Silvestri will also be putting in play for the winner of Comic Book Idol 3 the chance to draw a cover for Witchblade! That’s pretty darn high profile! Click here for the list of finalists.

Snark Free Corner for 9/10

Welcome to the latest installment of your breath of snark free air!

Enjoy! Continue Reading »

Idol Thoughts 9/9

Figured I’d give you a glimpse of the daily coverage I’m putting up at the Comic Book Idol blog here.

A mixed bag this time around, including a link to a great interview with one of this year’s judges. Continue Reading »

Comic Book Idol Is Open for Submissions!

So get submitting, people!!! Click here for more information!

By the by, at the Comic Book Idol blog, I’ll be doing a (hopefully) daily update on the contest!

ETA: The first “Idol Thoughts” is up! Check it out here!

Jonathan Hickman on “Comic Book Idol… what!?!”

When Comics Should Be Good, Uber-Mensch, Brian Cronin asked me to write a bit about the pleasant experience that is Comic Book Idol, I said, Oh no – forget that – we’re doing train wrecks.

Big drama.

Flame outs.

People losing it in the Idol forum.

Here in western society (specifically Estados Unidos), in this little thunderdome of competition we like to call the free market economy, people have a tendency to only remember the winner… that means I should introduce myself.

So, hi, my name is Jonathan Hickman – first loser of CBI: season one. Continue Reading »

Comic Book Idol Is Good – and BACK!!

Wow! This is awesome news! Comic Book Idol is coming back September 4th!

This is J. Torres’ brainchild, and we haven’t seen one in a few years, so it’s great to see it return!

Past Comic Book Idols have started the comic book careers of artists like season one winner Patrick Scherberger and season two winner Carlos Rodriguez, as well as season one runner-up Jonathan Hickman (my fav’rit).

Click “read the rest” to see some sample works from the three.

This is going to be so cool! Continue Reading »


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