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“I pass boats and the Kingdome …”: It’s all about Emerald City Comic-Con!

DSC02729 (2)

I spent the weekend in Seattle going to the Emerald City Comic-Con, seeing old friends, and generally having a grand time. And now I’m going to write about it!
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My post about the Rose City Comic Convention may feature a lot of food

11233501_855098707877673_5704886875370239609_n (2)

That’s just the way it is, people. I had a grand time at the convention, but Portland is full of great restaurants!!!!
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3 Days in the (Willamette) Valley

DSC02322 (2)

Or; how to piss your wife off simply by going away!
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What I bought – SDCC edition (plus some other more-or-less random comics and observations)

AtomicYeti1001 (2)

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive. (C. S. Lewis)
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The ECCC report nobody asked for, but which you’re getting anyway!

You know, Greg Hatcher’s post about the Emerald City Comic Con will probably be more interesting because he’ll write about his students and how awesome they are and everyone who reads it will suddenly realize they’re sitting in a dusty room. Sonia’s post about the con will probably be more interesting because everyone knows Sonia and she knows everyone and she can write really knowledgeably about the cool design shit at the convention. But this post will have a singular advantage: It will be posted first! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Take that, Other Greg and Cool British Bird!
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Comic-Con 2011: I am described as “persnickety” and other anecdotes from San Diego

Yes, it’s time for the Mother of All Con Reports! No panel coverage, no breaking news, no fascinating interviews – just stories from the convention trenches! See: Superheroes struggle to text! Read about: The man with no sunglasses! Behold: Your humble author’s clothing! Nothing is sacred, not even the reputation of our newly-minted Eisner-award-winning Grand Poobah!
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The San Diego convention isn’t over until I file a report about it!

So let’s get to it! Who needs all those other convention stories? Do those reports have jumping killer whales? DO THEY????? Is there an account of puking in other convention tales? (Okay, maybe.) Do those other reports have the dark secret of what makes Jamie McKelvie happy? I THINK NOT!!!! Read on … if you dare!!!!!
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Greg’s long day at the San Diego comic book convention, at which he manages to avoid getting punched in the nose (with bonus Warren Ellis goodness!)

You may think you have heard all there is to hear about the San Diego Con this past weekend.  You may think that Kelson did a good enough job (and, let’s be honest, he did a great job showing us the wackiness that is the Con, plus he took a buttload of pictures).  You may think that Bully talking about his obsession with Jane Wiedlin is enough for you (his other convention reports are entertaining, too, by the way).  But you would be wrong, my friends.  Because none of those reports discuss what happens when the intrepid reporter braves getting punched in the nose.  Only here can you find such intrepidness!  Only here can you find – dare I say it? – such heroism to bring you the real story of Friday at the San Diego Comic-Con.  I, good readers, am that hero.  Read on to discover the whole story! Continue Reading »

Comics Should Be Good @ Comic Con International – Day Four

Here’s Kelson, with his experiences at the last day of Comic Con International in San Diego! For his first day’s report, click here. For his report on the second day, click here. For day three, click here. Continue Reading »

Did They Get Through the Loophole?

Hot on the tails of 20th Century Fox getting in trouble for their Silver Surfer marketing (placing Silver Surfer pics on the back of quarters), Warner Bros. followed it up with their own currency marketing at Comic Con, placing Joker faces on numerous one dollar bills along with the phrase “Why so serious?” (Here is an article about the other wacky things they did to promote Dark Knight at ComicCon).

Note that they specifically did NOT put the web address, www.whysoserious.com, so do you think that creates a good enough loophole? Click “Read the Rest” to see the pertaining federal statute and play lawyer yourself!! Continue Reading »

Still More Responses to CCI News

Unsurprisingly, more cool news for us to discuss!

Including the announcement of the Amazing Spider-Man (almost) weekly creative team! Continue Reading »

Comics Should Be Good @ Comic Con International – Day Three

Here’s Kelson, with his experiences at the third day of Comic Con International in San Diego! For his first day’s report, click here. For his report on the second day, click here.
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