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Thoughts on the Next Ten Announced DC Comics #1’s

DC has announced their next ten titles (launching with new #1s) and they’re an interesting mixed bag of creators.

Let’s see what we have!
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Grant Morrison to Write Ongoing Superman Title

See, now this is why I can’t really care about re-numbering titles. If it results in us getting a Grant Morrison-penned ongoing Superman title (which, as CBR’s Kiel Phegley reports here, we are), does it matter what the number on the cover of the book is? Great news (if thirteen years after DC should have given Morrison the Superman books. In fact, doesn’t this whole re-numbering thing just basically read as “Oh yeah, we should have just done Morrison/Waid/Millar/Peyer’s thing from thirteen years ago”).

DC Confirms Company-Wide All-New #1s in September

DC Comics has confirmed that they are, indeed, relaunching their comics with new #1’s in September, including Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee (with the “Big Seven” as the team).

As I’ve said before, I really don’t care what the number says on the comic so long as it is good, so while I certainly would be a bit sad to see Action Comics, Detective Comics and Batman be re-numbered for the first time in those titles’ histories, if the end result is a push for a bunch of good new comic books, it is all good by me. And DC could really use a bunch of good new comic books. In addition, they only say “50 All-New #1s,” so I suppose that could mean Action, Detective, Batman and Superman won’t get re-numbered. That’d be a nice way to throw a bit of a bone to those fans who really hate re-numbering (as you can’t really complain about JLA being re-numbered when it was re-numbered just five years ago).

Honestly, the only part of this news that concerns me at all is that Jim Lee is re-designing/tweaking the costumes of a bunch of DC characters. That could be problematic (although hopefully we’re only talking minor changes), although the Superman and Wonder Woman re-designs above are decent enough.

The part about the comics now being released online the day of their in-store release was also pretty darn significant.

You know you’re a comic book nerd …

When the first thing you notice and the only reason you buy a CD is because you can recognize Jamie McKelvie’s artwork almost from across the record store:

Dang, McKelvie rocks

It’s not a bad CD, either. It’s very “English,” and the lead singer doesn’t have the greatest voice (not that that’s every stopped great bands from existing, I know), but the lyrics are pretty keen and the music is good, so there’s that. But yes, I bought a CD strictly because of the cover art. I didn’t know McKelvie was doing the artwork for it (he’s been promoting it on his tumblr, but I didn’t see it), but it was enough to get me to buy the recording! Yay, comic book artists!

Two Notable Eisner Nomination Congratulations!

The 2011 Eisner Nominations are out, and while they seemed like a nice batch of nominees, I felt it worth spotlighting a couple of particularly notable congratulations.

First, congrats to Comic Book Resources for getting a Comic Book Journalism nomination.

But also, congratulations to our Line It Is Drawn artist, Caanan Grall, who was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic for his great web series, Max Overacts (which you can read here).

Congrats, Caanan and CBR and to all the other nominees!

I Like Marvel’s Re-Numbering Plan

I think Marvel’s current re-numbering plan, which continues with today’s announcement that Captain America will be re-titled Captain America and Bucky with #620, while Captain America gets a new #1, is a really clever and smart idea.

I mean, let’s forget for a moment that having a book co-written by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko with art by Chris Samnee while also having a book written by Ed Brubaker with art by Steve McNiven is a surplus of awesome talent on two comic books. Let’s ignore that.

Even without the news of, in effect, a new book with a cool creative team (Brubaker, Andreyko and Samnee? Wow!), I think Marvel’s numbering system makes a lot of sense.

We all know that books sell better with #1s. But at the same time, there is a significant part of fandom that hates books being re-numbered, because you lose the “history” of the original title. Marvel’s new numbering system gives you basically the best of both worlds.

You get Black Panther, Man Without Fear keeping up the numbering on Daredevil while Daredevil gets his own new title.

You get Captain America and Bucky keeping up with the numbering on Captain America while Captain America gets his own new title.

You get Loki (or whoever – I guess Tales of Asgard would be a good description, right?) keeping up the numbering on Thor while Thor gets his own new title.

Then, almost certainly, at some point in the future (likely when the new books have reached a number where they no longer make sense as sales incentives (#38? #54? #64? I have no idea), then you return them to their original titles and pick up the numbering.

Then the other character hopefully has gotten enough attention that perhaps they could get their own title. It worked with Incredible Hulk and Hercules – it could happen with Black Panther or Tales of Asgard!

It’s really a clever solution. Keeps the people who just want cool comics happy (Daredevil with Waid and Rivera? Wow! Thor with Fraction and Coipel? Wow! Cap with Brubaker and McNiven? Wow!) and it keeps the people who don’t like to see those numbers “lost” happy. Clever stuff, Marvel!!

I Like the Wonder Woman TV Costume

Entertainment Weekly has the first photo of the new Wonder Woman costume for the upcoming TV series, and I think it looks good on Adrianne Palicki.

I think is a costume that works better in real life than on the comic page.

Read on to take a look and let us know what you think…

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RIP Dwayne McDuffie

I am sure that many of you are just as stunned as I am to learn that Dwayne McDuffie has passed away due to complications from a surgical procedure Monday night.

Obviously, McDuffie has left behind a great legacy of characters from his Milestone work as well as his tremendously acclaimed Justice League Unlimited work (not to mention all of his other comic book work).

This is such a sad day.

On Twitter, Davis Sims mentioned an old piece of social satire by McDuffie that I once featured in a Comic Book Legends Revealed, and I recommend you check it out to reflect on what kind of keen comic book observer we have lost.

Glyph Award Nominees Are Out!

The nominees for Rich Watson’s annual Glyph Awards (created to recognize the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color, which will be presented in May at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philadelphia) are out and our own Chad Nevett was part of the nomination committee. I felt that last year’s committee (of which I was a part of, along with David Brothers) did a great job, so I was eagerly awaiting what Chad and his group decided on, and they, too, did a very nice job!

Read on for the nominees!
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Wow, Early Shipping Worked as Planned for Two Whole Weeks!

When Diamond Comics announced their plans for comic book stores having Tuesday delivery for comics that went on sale on Wednesday, here is what they said:

Please Note: The current industrywide Wednesday new release day will remain unchanged, and retailers who do not wish to use the new option may continue to receive their shipments on Wednesdays.

This new program went into effect last week.

Today, Diamond announces (here‘s CBR’s story on it):

Due to the expected mass media attention scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th, Marvel is allowing retailers who have received copies of Fantastic Four #587 to make it available that day. No other new Marvel titles with an on-sale of 1/26/11 may be made available that day.

This unexpected opportunity is a result of both the new earlier shipping schedule and worldwide mass media coverage. Marvel cannot guarantee the secured press placement will hit on 1/25 (as other breaking news may bump it), though if it does, retailers who have received the issue may sell their copies. For retailers who don’t receive early shipments, or have customers calling in advance of the shipment arrival, Marvel encourages them to take down customer information and inform them when copies do arrive.

I am sure those retailers will be pleased to know that they can take customer information down.

I totally get why Marvel would want to do this, but boy does it put those non-early release retailers in a bind.

The Death Knell of the Comics Code?

So, DC Comics announced today that they are going the way of Marvel Comics and just doing their own rating system (by the way, DC, I like E for Everyone better than Marvel’s A for All, well done).

Is this it for the Comics Code Authority?

It was pretty much just DC Comics and Archie Comics keeping it afloat, and DC was obviously the bigger of the two. Now that DC is pulling out, is that it for the group? Archie Comics might as well just do their own ratings, as well.

By the way, it’s interesting to note that Vertigo will just remain “For Mature Readers.”

So, Bane and Catwoman in the Next Batman Movie?

Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman and Tom Hardy will play Bane.

I am sure that Christopher Nolan will have his own particular twist on these two characters, and both Hathaway and Hardy are strong actors.

But of all the Batman villains to pick from, choosing Bane seems fairly odd.

I guess Nolan is just going to totally revamp him to the point where he’s barely recognizable. And “Venom” WAS a cool storyline from Legends of the Dark Knight, so I can see that being adapted. Otherwise, I don’t know what the idea would be. I guess you just have to trust that Nolan knows what he’s doing, as it worked with the first two films (although Two-Face and Joker are so much cooler than Bane I don’t know if it is a fair comparison).

Then again, I certainly expect to see the following two comics adapted (not really, but it would amuse me if it happened)…

Congrats to Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort!

Man, when you have a day with as big of a news story as Flex Mentallo being collected into a deluxe hardcover, Marvel would be hard pressed to come up with a news story to beat that, and yet they almost certainly did, with the announcement that Axel Alonso will succeed Joe Quesada as Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief and Tom Brevoort will be the new Senior Vice President of Publishing.

Quesada will stay on as Chief Creative Officer.

Major news!

Congrats to Axel and Tom, both clearly deserving of their promotions.

And yeah, I forget who mentioned it (was it Graeme?), but it IS a pretty cool piece of synchronicity that Alonso was the editor of Flex Mentallo!

J.M. DeMatteis Splits From Ardden Entertainment

J.M. DeMatteis has been the Editor-in-Chief of Ardden Entertainment the past couple of years, helping to shape their Casper and Flash Gordon comic book revivals. Today, though, DeMatteis has announced that he is leaving Ardden Entertainment, who has recently announced they are doing an Atlas Comics revival, as well.

Here‘s his announcement on his blog – it sounds like pretty straightforward “creative differences.”

It’s too bad to see DeMatteis go, as his involvement with Ardden Entertainment was one of the reasons I was looking forward to seeing what they were doing with their Atlas revival, but they have other strong writers involved, as well, so there is still reason to be hopeful about Atlas Comics.

As for DeMatteis, whatever his next move is, I’m sure we’ll see more strong comic book writing from him (he’s currently doing really good work on Booster Gold with Keith Giffen for DC Comics and for Marvel he has an upcoming two-part series tying into the Chaos War and an upcoming Thor one-shot).


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