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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Six!

img597 (2)

DC cranked out two more “Rebirth” titles this week, and I’m beginning to get worried. I have less than half the store credit I started with, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get all of them for free, especially as they’re seemingly stretching this thing out to infinity. What will I do?!?!? I’ll worry about it later – for now, these comics aren’t going to review themselves!
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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Five!


So this week, DC ramped things up with … two (2) official “Rebirth” titles and one (1) new #1! It’s a smorgasbord of comics!!!
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Review time! with Horizon #1 and 2


There’s a new comic coming out tomorrow, so why don’t I let you know if it’s something you might like to read? We all dig that, right?
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Are Hanna-Barbera execs a bunch of cool people, or do they really not pay attention to comics?


The fourth Hanna-Barbera/DC comics collaboration, The Flintstones, came out this week, and like the other three offerings, it’s a truly odd comic. I really can’t answer my question that forms the title of this post – I want to believe that the people who licensed these characters to DC are just awesome people, but I really wonder if they paid attention to DC when they were told, “Yeah, we’re going to mash up a bunch of characters into a Jonny Quest story, put Scooby-Doo and the gang into a post-apocalyptic world, turn Wacky Races into Mad Max, and that’s even before we get to the Flintstones!” Maybe they just said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, who reads comics anyway?” and went back to whatever it is Hanna-Barbera execs do for fun. But hey, we’ve gotten some interesting comics out of it!
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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Four!


After two weeks in which DC released zero (0) actual “Rebirth” titles or #1 issues of new series (some series aren’t cool enough to get “Rebirth” titles, I guess), this week we have … one such title (1). Sigh. Come on, DC, step up your scheduling game!
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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Three!

img510 (2)

One is the loneliest number this week, as one shalt be the number of DC Rebirth titles thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be one. It’s better than next week, I suppose, when there are none. Let’s get to it!
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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Two!

img502 (2)

It’s the second week of DC‘s latest Great Rebirthening, and if you thought I was going to bail on these posts after one week of fairly mediocre comics, you thought wrong! I have store credit and I’m not afraid to use it, so let’s check out the shiny new books that DC unleashed upon us this week!
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The gloriously insane hot mess that is Wacky Raceland #1


Run, don’t walk, to your favorite neighborhood comics shoppe and get a copy of Wacky Raceland #1. Or, if you’re a godawful Millennial (you young’uns with your complicated hair and your fancy vests), download it onto your phone so you have to squint to read it. What’s wrong with you people? What the hell is wrong with good old-fashioned paper, which is how Ike read a comic, damn it! However you read it, you must read it. It’s just that important!!!!
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Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week One!

img439 (2)

Much like I did with the “New 52,” I’m using my store credit to check out the “DC Rebirth” titles. As they’re being released on a staggered schedule instead all in one month, I figured I’ll do them week-by-week rather than all at once. But after one week, will I really feel like getting the rest? Let’s find out!
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Page-by-page with DC Universe: Rebirth


I have some credit at my comics shoppe, so of course I had to get this! Join me under the cut!
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Travis reviews Heavy Metal #280

heavy_metal_280_smile (2)

Why would anyone review Heavy Metal #280? Because it’s the first issue edited by everyone’s favorite God of All Comics, so famed commenter and Previews-post contributor Travis Pelkie picked it up and checked it out, and now he’s going to write about it! Join me under the cut for everything you want to know about nekkid sci-fi weirdness!
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Review time! with Dark Corridor, Four Eyes: Hearts of Fire, Gutter Magic, Limbo, and Mayday

darkcorridor7 (2)

You may have caught the fact that we’re planning on moving because we’ve outgrown our house – the kids are 13 and 10, and my older one needs bigger equipment if we’re going to move her around, and our house is just too small. So we’re staying in Arizona but moving into a bigger house. April was busy already, and it didn’t get any better toward the end of the month, so I couldn’t really do a big review post with all the trades I read during the month, but several mini-series ended, so I figured I’d check those out. So here we go!
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Bill vs. Comics: Wonder Woman, Cursed Pirate Girl

In which Bill remembers his WordPress password…

I still buy an unhealthy amount of comics. By unhealthy, I mean it would be hazardous to my health if the pile of comics were to topple onto me. The problem is compounded by the fact that while I may be buying plenty of comics, I’m not reading very many of them. To wit, here is but a small sample of my “To Be Read” pile:

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Princeless Book 5: Make Yourself #1

Tomorrow, Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless series continues with the release of the first issue of the fifth book of the Princeless series, with art by Emily Martin and colorist Brett Grunig. The way the series continues is a bit of a novel one, as the “book” approach is an apt description, as this really is very much a continued narrative, just split into short “books,” which it an approach that I fully support, as #1s tend to work well as jump-on points for new readers (even more so than your typical “series of mini-series,” Princeless is really just one long story).

If you’re unfamiliar about Princeless, it about a young princess who frees herself (along with the dragon that was guarding here) and goes to free her sisters from THEIR guarded towers (she’s helped on the journey by a half-dwarf armor maker named Bedelia). The great Kelly Sue DeConnick recommended Princeless last year when I did my month of recommendations by cool comic creators.

Book 5 of the series opens with an intriguing expansion to the cast of characters, as well as an interesting consolidation of the plots of a couple of the book’s supporting characters.
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Black Panther #1 Review

This week saw the debut of Ta-Nehisi Coates, Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin’s new Black Panther series, a bold new addition to the Black Panther mythos that both embraces the history of the character while taking a unique approach to that history. Stelfreeze’s design work is exemplary, as he strikes that balance that many Black Panther artists have to work between making Wakanda embraces its past but while still looking futuristic. In a lot of ways, Stelfreeze’s design work is like Coates’ writing – honoring the past while looking forward at the same time. Martin is one of the best colorists in the business, so you better believe that she added a striking lushness to Stelfreeze’s art.

Read on for some more detailed thoughts on the issue…
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