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Review time! with Templar

10-26-2013 04;04;17PM

“Love, if you’re there come save me from all this cold despair; I can hang when you’re around, but I’ll surely die if you’re not there”
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Review time! with 7 Against Chaos

10-20-2013 05;06;47PM

“The atom display is not mindless illusion / At master control, assessment will not be by humans / There’s no turning back”
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Ecce liber cum pictoris: Letter 44 #1

10-16-2013 05;18;45PM

“I thought that they were angels, but much to my surprise, we climbed aboard their starship, we headed for the skies”
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Review time! with Persia Blues volume 1: Leaving Home

10-15-2013 12;49;36PM

“And if you make me your religion / I’ll give you all the room you need / I’ll be the drawing of your breath / I’ll be the cup if you should bleed”
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Review time! with Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?

This is a prose book, but it’s about superheroes, so I figured our readers might be interested in it. If you’re not, you can just skip this post! See how easy it all is?
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Review time! with Domovoi

10-06-2013 02;33;03PM

“All I need is one fine moment / Of intuition and clarity / Just one fine, fine moment / That’s all I’ll ever need in this life for me”
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Review time! with Crater XV

10-03-2013 05;37;22PM

“Wake up and she’s still with you / Even though you left her way across town / You’re wondering to yourself / Hey, what’ve I found”
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Trade paperbacks, older editions, and miscellaneous for September 2013

LegendofLutherStrode (2)

“A fool tried to sweat me, actin’ like he was hard / I stuck him twice in the neck and left him dead in the yard”
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Review time! with The Secret Origin of the Dust Elves #1

09-27-2013 02;18;32PM (2)

“Mine’s a tale that can’t be told, my freedom I hold dear / How years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air”
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Review time! with Super! #1

09-22-2013 10;46;46AM

“I looked in the mirror at my pigeon chest / I had to put on my clothes because it made me depressed”
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Ecce liber cum pictoris: Kiss Me, Satan #1

09-19-2013 04;45;52PM

“Don’t need reason / Don’t need rhyme / Ain’t nothin’ that I’d rather do / Goin’ down / Party time / My friends are gonna be there too”
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Review time! with Mumbai Confidential

09-16-2013 08;34;03PM

“Who’s been overlooked … and who’s been rooked? Who’s left to die … and who’s left to cry?”
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Review time! with Cyborg 009

09-12-2013 11;51;51AM

“My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain IBM”
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Review time! with Angel Falling

09-10-2013 01;33;18PM

Let’s see what’s what with this comic, shall we?
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Page-by-page with Forever Evil #1

09-06-2013 03;10;00PM

Well, I did this with Infinity, so I figured I’d take a look at the big event from DC, Forever Evil. Yes, it’s another minutiae-filled page-turning of a comic book! Oh, those are so much fun! And yes, I’m doing this in “real time.” I haven’t opened the book yet, so I’ll write about things as I turn the pages! Whoo-hoooooooo!!!!!
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