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Why comics are awesome: Odds ‘n’ sods from this week’s releases

07-03-2013 05;34;52PM

No reviews this week, just some little things that made me smile, because comics are awesome.
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Committed, I should be: The Great After Christmas Comic Book Sale!

I’m stealing the name from Sonia’s awesome column because it fits. Deal with it!
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Comics Are Awesome #36

Sunday Brunch will not be served today. Instead, viddy this, o my brothers:

The secret origin of Grant Morrison!

Comics: The most versatile art form?

I was going to call this “Comics are awesome,” but I guess Bill Reed has already cornered the market on that title! Oh, and SPOILERS below, in case spoilering things bothers you. And some minor NSFW work stuff, too. Man, I’m out of control!
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Comics Are Awesome #35

Uncanny Tales 8

The future of Botox.

Comics Are Awesome #34

Tales of Suspense 29

No jokes this week. This is just plain awesome.

Comics Are Awesome #33

Fat and Slat 4

One of these days, I’ll get back to writing actual content. Until then? Octopus heads.

Comics Are Awesome #32

Spaceman 6

Yeah, that happened.

Comics Are Awesome #31

Panic 9

Clearly, Smilin’ Jack is a fan of natural male enhancement.

Comics Are Awesome #30

Triple feature!

Saddle Romances 9Saddle Romances 10Saddle Romances 11

Sorry, Western Romance Genre, readers did know how to quit you.

Comics Are Awesome #29

Adventures in Electricity 1 of 7

This lasted two more issues than S.W.O.R.D. Don Geiss knew his comics!

Comics Are Awesome #28

Captain America Comics 26

I dare you to find a busier, more exciting comic book cover than this.

Comics Are Awesome #27

Tales of Suspense 19


Comics Are Awesome #900

Advanced numbering’s the cool new thing to do, right?

Rex 11

Subtitles for the visually impaired: This is a comic book in which Rex the Wonder Dog, the world’s smartest, most capable canine, battles a pink Tyrannosaurus Rex during what appears to be a nuclear explosion. It is the most awesome image ever conceived by man.

Comics Are Awesome: Exhibit Z

Psychoanalysis 1

Coming soon: Proctology! An entirely novel and unique kind of reading experience! With butts!


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